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Love is in the Air!


Spring has come again-

Wafting on the wind
Is that familiar ache-
Of loving and yearning…
That poignant hush
That brings with it a sweetness.


Hearts meet, hope and build
Nests, in the wildernesses of dreams!
Couched in the same certainty;
The security of togetherness-

Where, yet again, I and you
Meet and melt, into us…
into that circle of completeness…

29 March, 2010

For Devesh and Bindya, and all those in love 🙂 May God keep your nest safe, warm, and loving always 🙂

Pic. Courtsey: http://www.collecto-mania.com/Circle%20of%20Love/486930.jpg


Life… less

If life this be…
Endless yet tunnelled
Into a claustrophobic
Vortex of existence;

Am I?
Or better yet…

Will I ever be?

The cranium floods
With nerve ends tingling
Arcs over synapses

Terrifying me.

Life, I must admit
Shall be
My undoing.

Online, on a silly line of thought 🙂
13 September, 2009


Words, for you and you… :)

Words when I want them
Wander away, whisper softer
Wait on the edge of the consciousness
Wanton in their wisdom
Waiting – for me to walk away!

Not today, I cannot-
I assert.
Oh? They look knowingly;
Knowing this day I’d want to
Knowing I have to-
Knowing something more,
As they always do, more,
Than I can fathom, of myself.

So today, I clench my quill
While the words wiggle their brows
Dancing playfully, around the
Pot of ink, wherein are the
Notes I must play, and let sing
Through spidery scrawls and lines-
My thoughts – nay… their notions.
The Words, I mean!

Yet today, my heart burgeons
With blessing and benediction
For I know such ones
Who, though they say not,
And stay not – will ever be with me.

To them, I write.
Of them, I write.

Waves of warmth she brings-
Guileless and gullible
Oh so innocently so!
Dramatic flair, a dreamy person
Dauntless in her beliefs,
Mature in her meditations
A darling, ever!
Daughter of my soul
And comrade of my heart
For you, this paean my dear
For you…
Keep safe! And stay the same!
Miss you, dear Sashu!

And another- seemingly of my childhood
My youth- my every yesterday
That came into a today
As a sudden burst of stardust!

As a quirky angel, shaking her mane
Dispensing the glitter of her words-
Frolicking, gambolling words
That she sets rolling, as only she can-
Streaming smiles, splendrously,
Sashaying through reams and dreams-
Unstoppable, indomitable, her spirit
Inviolate the purity of her notions
And unguarded, her heart-
Ready to reach out
Envelop and cosset;

A true lioness, no less is she
Never a dull moment – they all, but flee
In the sunny warmth of her this gurl, – Meggie
Who, by now, will probably be rolling – hehehe… :D!

For, in the words she writes
In the laughter she shares
Ins the feelings she inspires

Not just her kids at school,
But us too, are touched by her Grace
Learn much, in simple wisdom
Question, search and seek to know!

That alone, sets her apart-
As a rare jewel, the rarest yet
The beauty with the brains (Lol!)
The one who can take it all (to rhyme with Lol!)
And hand it right back
With a laugh, a giggle and
A Charming Smile!

Happy Birthday, dear Indygurl
May God Bless you infinitely!!

31 July, 2009

I miss Sashu, and I just wanted to share that here 🙂
Also, a round of Wondrous Birthday Wishes, for another special person.. Indyeah! Reading her latest post, just this moment, makes me realize nothing and no one quite compare with the sterling qualities this young lady envinces. Way to go Indygurl 🙂 Solilo, you beat me to it though 🙂

And finally, this is a tentative foray into this sphere again… for as long as I can… 🙂


A Full Circle!

The first time we met,
Didn’t seem that way!

A lifetime before,
But how does
The time elapsed
seem so little?

How we seemed
to just pick up
from where we
left off-

When Fate perhaps
dealt a heavy hand-
That we found difficult
to play!

And so, the Carousel
stops here, this lifetime-
And we meet – again.

Funny, isn’t it?
How life always
comes round-
A full circle!

7 October, ‘07

Sort of connected mildly to the earlier post 🙂 Something that came as a sort of sequel, if you wish 🙂



How could Fate
have been so cruel?
I wondered…

Not for myself
but for them,
Who so devoutedly
gave of themselves
and asked only
for blessings in
not for themselves
but for their own.

How could this be?

There are no answers,
some said sagely;
Things have a way
of happening,
others said, knowingly.

Neat, ambiguous answers
to console the
grieving hearts
whose pain is
the only unresolved
resolute and
undying residue

How can one ever
console them?

Even He cannot,
then who am I to
even try?

20 April, ’02


A re-post. Just thought of this, after a visit to a family bereaved of their mother, who passed on, peacefully at the age of 90+. The time spent there, was filled with touching moments of grief, really, in the way all her grown up children, grand children and great grand children were moved beyond words with grief. There was peace, and there was grief, each in its proper place. But sometimes I wonder. I always have…
Ever since, that day, I have been wanting to repost this, just to share…