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Excuses, Excuses

Every time I think of the word “excuses”, it is this poem  (Excuses, Excuses by Gareth Owen) that comes to mind!

However, the excuses I mean to give, for my prolonged absence from each of your blogs, will, I hope, be better received :D!

I just went through the list of posts, from the recent past, and the recentest (LOL, how I love inventing words.. a blogger’s literary license! ) serious piece of writing must be the book (non) reviews I had done, and a bit of versiful  ( 😀 ) thinking…








To re-word, with a heart full of gratitude to Gareth Owen who wrote the Original, here is my

“Excuses, Excuses”  😛

Late again, lady?
My blog’s been waiting for you
What’s the excuse this time?

Not my fault, folks!

Whose fault is it then?

My back, folks, it kinda gave up!

OH! What did it do?

It started popping discs, folks!!

CRIPES! Seriously?

Seriously  all right folks!

That’s a repeat of the excuse last year this time too!
And this, when we have so many lovely posts to share!!!

I know, dear folks. It’s very upsetting, truly it is!

How many discs did pop out this time?

None all that bad, folks,
Just sounds more dramatic when I say it that way!! 😛
But well, it is pretty bad! (Still is, a wee bit!)

None? We’re confused! But we’ll take your word on it!

What about recently, girl?
Where’ve you been?
We heard you were back in December!
And it’s February now! *frowns in place*

You missed some awesome posts
Fresh from a thought oven of the
Choicest Bloggers Minds!

That was another thing, folks!
You see, I had a wedding to attend!

For two whole months?

Well of course, folks. It was my son’s! 😀
I couldn’t just go to it.
I had to plan it first! 😀

Oh. Ok then, but that got done a while ago, right?
Two weeks on from that aren’t we?
So what’s the excuse now?

Uh. Oh. You’ve been keeping track of the FB pics, I see!
Then you would have read my latest one?
I work in a school, you see,
And there was this Annual Day Programme, just yesterday!
And there was this programme, Prabudhdha Bharatam..
And there were nearly 250 plus children we managed to get on stage
And there was-

Alright, alright… we get the picture (we’ll have to see it too, soon, I guess!)
Till then, we have very little choice, we suppose
Except perhaps to excuse you, or just not wait for you!

Oh please, oh please, I’d like to say
How wonderful you’ve all been, always…
And till the next time
My back troubles (not anytime soon, definitely :D)
Or I have a wedding to plan (another 25 years,min. :P)
Or another Annual Day to help put up (uh-oh..another year)

Do please, pretty please, excuse me 🙂

You will, won’t you?

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Do read the original poem by Gareth Owen, from the link posted, or else, if you’re rushed, here it is:

Excuses, Excuses

Late again, Blenkinsop?
What’s the excuse this time?
Not my fault, sir.
Whose fault is it then?
Grandma’s.What did she do?
She died,sir.
She’s seriously dead all right,sir.
That makes four grandmothers this term
And all on PE days, Blenkinsop.
I know. It’s very upsetting, sir.
How many grandmothers have you got, Blenkinsop?
Grandmothers, sir? None, sir.
All dead, sir.
And what about yesterday, Blenkinsop?
What about yesterday,sir?
You missed math.
That was the dentist, sir.
The dentist died?
No,sir. My teeth, sir.
You missed the test, Blenkinsop.
I’d been looking forward to it too, sir.
Right, line up for PE.
Can’t, sir.
No such word as can’t. Why can’t you?
No kit, sir.
Where is it?
Home, sir.
What’s it doing at home?
Not ironed,sir.
Couldn’t you iron it?
Can’t do it, sir.
Why not?
Bad hand,sir.
Who usually does it?
Grandma, sir.
Why couldn’t she do it?
Dead, sir.

Gareth Owen



Thank you very very much for being here, even when I have been absent. And do give me a bit more time to start afresh with my reading and appreciating of your blogs!
God Bless.

2 February, 2012


By way of Excuse… :)

It’s been an age since I sat at a page like this : Create New Post 🙂

And it makes me feel so good, because this is one, like the previous one, that I am typing directly into the blog post! *Pats herself on the back*! Excuse me for that 🙂

Now, to a bigger list of excuses:

I have been deeply remiss in not acknowledging the comments all of you have left here. This one, is just to remind you of the last comment I keyed in with the previous post. My feeble excuse of not being able to find time to spend here, and and on all your wonderful spaces too.

It’s that time of the year again. The tenth class Pre Boards have started. The deadline to return 51 corrected, and commented upon answer scripts is Monday, 22 December, and I have barely started!! Each day, from day before, I have been collecting bundles, of the Seventh Standard, Ninth Standard; and today I shall get the Sixth Standard’s, tomorrow the Eighth Standard!!!


The brighter part of life is that the Elder One is home on leave, *beaming* and I’m having such a good time, I forget to be guilty. Lol! I like that feeling. But then he is going to leave home on 26th 😦 Then, well.. I refuse to think of it just yet! But for sure, that day the tsunami will strike again, this time flooding me with misery, and Guilt-for-all-the-papers-ignored!!!

And with the elder offspring here, for the short duration of 3 weeks, family visits are a Must. Living in the native heartland which abounds with much glorious vegetation and scenic splendour, not to mention Hordes of Relatives [the collective noun is in place, as far as some are concerned, lol!!!], Visits are a ritual that cannot be ignored. And so time flies again…

Finally, it’s the fact that the Younger One has finished his Semester Exams, the Elder One is here, and there in only ONE computer at home, none of us having graduated to laptops yet ;), I’m always the one who gets no time on the machine. *Wistfully gazing*

So… do excuse me 🙂 I shall be back, that you can bet upon!!!

For now, it’s au revoir. The answer scripts of the tenth standard beckon… And to the grindstone goes this grinning gremlin of a teacher!! Kids, here I come…!! [I can actually visualize them cowering, lol]

Okies, am off, else I shall degenerate into worse witticisms of the wacky sort!!!
Have a great weekend, and a Merry Christmas, all you wonderful people!

[Time, and opportunity permitting, hopefully I shall be able to wish you all again, at Christmas too 🙂 Today is one such rare opportunity 🙂 Am on leave, hence the luxury of time!!! And with the Younger One off to college, and the Elder One washing the car, could not let this opportunity be!!!]

19 December, 2008