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I am twenty-five… :D!

What a liar! How can she go public with such a blatant untruth?!

Pssst… well, when you think of it, do you think…? Naah! How the heck?

Lol! The moment those familiar with this space read this blog post title, these must have been the thoughts that flitted through their minds? I’m just double-guessing, but I guess I probably would too… :D!

Well truth be told, this is true, you know. Maa kasam! (Pun intended :P- you’ll figure out the pun soon enough! 😆 ) I wrote about the first of the twenty-five birthdays on this very space, about a year ago. In fact that post still holds the record of the highest number of hits for a post, ever, on Overdrive :). I loved writing it, and also, this one, on A Quest, the other blog I am at 🙂

By now, hopefully, the truth of the title will have been accepted without doubt! I wanted to share this here, and today, because the FB has gone public on Facebook about this very event! (FB as in First Born, please note 🙂 )

The Sun Child write is very special one, for it worked magic 🙂 It was written years before the FB was born, and at that time, even the thought of marriage was far from my mind :P! The magic is that he turned out exactly the way I describe My Sun Child… not at all fussy, gregarious, pet lover, still dreamy… 🙂 Each time I read it, I am amazed at the way things turned out! He is an Arien, a Sun Child too!

He celebrated the occasion with his friends on Marine Drive, cake cutting and smashin and sploshing on his face… why they do this is beyond me, still! :o!

We, ie the SB and I celebrated too. We baked chocolate cakes and made it into a Black Forest (or so I like to call it… 😛 )… complete with whipped cream and cherries.. though we forgot the chocolate shavings… 🙂 Here’s how it happened:

Two chocolate cakes baked in a pressure cooker 🙂

Layered over each other, and slathered with whipped cream, on an overturned steel plate 🙂

Piping around the edges with Mehendi cone like apparatus made out of plastic covers, for lack of the real things :P!

More decorations… and finally…..


Now you will perhaps agree the blog post is not lying 🙂 🙂

12 April, 2010


Random Rambles (so what is new, anyway?? :P) on Being a Mother…

Finally. Lol.

I wonder though how many times I am going to be saying that over and over again. Running away, then returning. Highly irresponsible behaviour indeed, but then well, if you were to ask me, I should reply very honestly. Guilty as charged. There is also this sense of revelling in such behaviour of late. Perhaps I am now growing up 🙂 Whatever and however, I am back, most of me ie. With a lull in the work sphere, a breather is here, for a week or two, when I shall indulge in soaking in the blogosphere again. Thank you , dear friends for all your wishes, and for dropping in even when there was no new word here 🙂 So what now, I asked myself. And fell back on some homework given a long time ago, by IHM…who had  once upon a long time ago asked me to share my thoughts on being a mother.

So here goes:

Being a mother is discovering limitless patience, something you trashed, when you were a child.

Being a mother is being impatient with those who cannot smile, at a child.

Being amother is being happy and proud, sad and angry, all at once, when your little one comes home, having ridden his bicycle on his own, the first time, had a crash too, messed himself up, cut his brow, dripping blood, and hooting all the way to the clinic where they don’t let you hold his hand while they stitch him up, and he knowing that, ensures his six year self will not make a sound…

Being a mother is not sleeping for nights on end, being bleary eyed, red rimmed around the eyes,  and yet fresh as a daisy, energetic enough to stroll to the park when your offspring finally breaks his fever and wants “out”!

Being a mother is knowing you will worry, always; but will never share that worry, and keep it a guarded secret, which you later discover is quite an open secret. 😛

Being a mother is saying how much you love your kids by getting angry with them, and then, what the heck, telling them anyway! 😀

It is a proud moment being amother, theirs, when they take you around, young stripping lads, pillion riding on their new bikes, and better yet, proud sons, riding pillion behind their mother! Thank you guys, I know I’ll never live that one down! 🙂

Being amother, is something you will never grow out of, once you become one! No matter even if your kids are 40+… I know. Because of my mother !

Being amother, in the back of the beyond where convention and custom rule is rather fun, when one can shock a complacent and staid neighbourhood with one’s favourite attire of jeans… quite unthinkable for, well… A Mother! Lol!

But, sometimes, like IHM has shared, I don’t like being a mother…
…When I realize the world is so full of perverts and paedophiles…

…When I know the mother is worshipped ostentatiously , trampled under insidiously, and shoved into that pigeon hole she must never grow out of…

…When people assume that as a mother one must conform and then be idolized- and rarely, if ever, inspire…

Being a mother is even greater fun, when one can preen at astonished remarks-Oh? That is your mother? Rather than feeling weird, I revel in that!

Being amother – you can do anything! That is the faith your children repose in you- and that is what endlessly provokes and inspires. And even when they know otherwise, they would rather believe – moms can make it better!

I love being a mother, more so, today, when I had this conversation with my little one- the gangly six foot soon to be engineer :D!
He is the President of his Civil Engg Branch Association at college (ahem! Ahem! That is a darned proud mom sharing a tidbit, quite deliberately, one might add 😀 quite unnecessarily too :P!) He had streaked his hair (red), inspired others to follow suit, and took his best friend this evening  to get his done, blonde… Brought him home, soliticiously  offered him a cap (black) to escape detection at home (seeing as his mom might not be as accommodating), with a warning, that they could both return home sooner than I expected. Of course, being a mom I know, and they do too… but warnings must not be ignored either!
When he returned, alone, I remarked that he certainly was lucky to have me as his mother. He was not amused, but regarded me quizzically. I knew the look, and knew something was cooking. I continued to write, and ramble, this very piece, I must add 😀

“Amma, you know, my friends say that I’d look great with my ears pierced. Ear. Only one.”

(I knew he had already bought a pair of earrings, and mulled over ways to get it done :P)

“Sure” I replied, not even batting an eyelid, and continued writing.

Silence. I looked up. He looked exasperated.

“Amma, why can’t you say NO?”

“NO, if you want me to… “ grinning broadly now. Me, that is.

He joins. “Can’t you really refuse? It’s no fun doing it when you don’t oppose”


Talk of contradictions.

And then I remind him of a mutually favourite Calvin and Hobbes comic strip (we both discovered them this vacation, and are absolute fans :P) when Calvin’s mom allows him to smoke, which he does, finds out the real way whether to go on or not, and comes out with the Classic Note on parenting : (Scroll down and read it…:D!) Iloved it! And yes, I love being a mom. Just thought I’d clarify anyway.

calvin and hobbes

Need I add more? I think not. I do not want to give Indygurl a run for her money 🙂 And yes…. Happy Birthday Indygurl… and Happy Friendship Day too… 🙂 Solilo beat me to it, but what the heck… I shall just add one more wish and blessing to her lot 🙂

1 August, 2009


Dreamer, Visionary? :) :)

Read about this first, here, on IHM’s blog, about being an introvert or extrovert. Was rather enchanted by the thought of it all 🙂 And now I know why… Lol. Being a dreamer, visionary, as the test taken then reveals.

So here it is, the INFP me. The Dreamer, says the tag 🙂 I’m rather inclined to agree with most of the things listed here, along with the brief on the persona 🙂

Click to view my Personality Profile page


Edited to add.. a combined badge of Multiple Intelligences Test and the Personality type test

Click to view my Personality Profile page


INFP – The “Dreamer” Jungian Personality Types (Free Test)

INFPs are introspective, private, creative and highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values and seek peace. Empathetic and compassionate, they want to help others and humanity as a whole. INFPs are imaginative, artistic and often have a talent for language and writing. They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.

About the INFP
Expert Quotes

“INFPs are highly intuitive about people. They rely heavily on their intuitions to guide them, and use their discoveries to constantly search for value in life. They are on a continuous mission to find the truth and meaning underlying things. Every encounter and every piece of knowledge gained gets sifted through the INFP’s value system, and is evaluated to see if it has any potential to help the INFP define or refine their own path in life.”

Portrait of an INFP (The Personality Page)

“creative, smart, idealist, loner, attracted to sad things, disorganized, avoidant, can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings…”

INFP Jung Type Descriptions (similarminds.com)

“An INFP’s feelings form the foundations of the individual. They are sacred and binding, in the sense that their emergence requires no further justification. An INFP’s feelings are often guarded, kept safe from attack and ridicule. Only a few, close confidants are permitted entrance into this domain.”

INFP Profile (INFP Mailing List)

“Highly creative, artistic and spiritual, they can produce wonderful works of art, music and literature. INFPs are natural artists. They will find great satisfaction if they encourage and develop their artistic abilities. That doesn’t mean that an INFP has to be a famous writer or painter in order to be content. Simply the act of “creating” will be a fulfilling source of renewal and refreshment to the INFP. An INFP should allow himself or herself some artistic outlet, because it will add enrichment and positive energy to their life.”

INFP Personal Growth (The Personality Page)

“Their job must be fun, although not racous, and it must be meaningful to them. They need a strong purpose in their work. They want to be recognized and valued, without undue attention given to them. They may become embarrassed when make the center of attention. As a result, they may undersell their strengths in order to avoid being singled out and made to feel conspicuous. They would rather have their worth be noticed gradually over time.”
INFP – The Dreamer (Lifexplore)

It was a revelation 🙂 And I shall let it rest at that. With practically everyone having done it so far, I guess I wanted to catch up too… so I pulled out the draft and decided to air it:)

24 March, 2008


Randomly, Me!

Tagged by Surbhi , IHM and Deeps … [I hope I have not left out anyone else this time:) If I have just ping me, in the comments box and I shall certainly link you up :)], to *ahem* share more of myself, in 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about myself 🙂 25?? I guess I have to learn more of myself then. This should be a revelation to moi and meself too. Yes, they are one and the same, most times, but sometimes, I wonder, like I did, at the end of Clinical Psychology classes, in college :D! I was convinced there was more to me… and now I shall finally find out!

So here goes 🙂

1. I was born with my lower middle incisors [the broad flat teeth in the middle :)], peeking out of my gums. Gave a fright to my mother, when she discovered it the morning after, and it was a rather rare occasion for everyone at the hospital too.

2. Now that might make you think that I had a strong a sturdy set of pearly whites 🙂 Yup..! So strong were they, that my pre-molars refused to leave the gums when their time was up, and so every Saturday we made an appointment with the Dentist at AFCH, close to where we lived, to have one pre-m. extracted till all of of them were done. How many weeks you ask? I do not want to think about it, if you will excuse me, for now :D! How many pre-m.’s do we have anyway? Calling the med. students to please enlighten us 🙂

3. More toothy facts. My Dentist happened to describe my dental features very interestingly. He said I had my father’s jaws and mom’s teeth :P! Just his way of explaining why I had such gaps between my teeth, my front incisors [the same, only the upper ones as well!]. Wore braces, the removable ones.. closed the gap, then stopped a few years later, and well.. what do you expect, Dad’s jaws, mom’s teeth, went back to their original places 🙂 🙂 LOL.

4. Enough of teeth. The nose now. I have a Chinese pug nose. So said another paediatrician. No further comments on that please. It’s a sore point with me. Missed having that perfect profile because of it. *Sigh!! and *giggle giggle..:P

5. Narcissist aren’t I? So let us leave my gorgeous self, outer one, and delve a bit, into the recesses of the consciousness. I’ve already shared this, but it’s about my earliest memory. Dad carrying me, and me crying. Mom tells me, that they almost lost me to jaundice, before I turned two, and she sometimes still chokes up when she speaks of it 🙂 Precious I know life is!

6. Am a hoarder of stuff. Stuff. From scraps of paper that I jotted words on, to birthday cards, bookmarks, dog eared leaflets of something I like, newspaper cuttings, quotations and extracts from books I own, lol, to clothes of an age ago, just some, but then there it is 🙂 To marklists of the first class I taught, and all those badges I wore at different school functions, handouts from workshops. I mean how can you throw away something that might, someday come in handy? I am so scared to do it.

7. Point related to no. 6. I can never find what I am looking for in that treasure chest mentioned in 6. above!

8. I do find it eventually, when I am looking for something else!!!

9. And I still haven’t learnt the lesson from it. That I need to start hunting for something else to find the something!!! I had better stop blowing my own trumpet so much, hadn’t I?

10. I think I am paranoid. Sometimes. 🙂 But then why would anyone want to harm me? I immediately think that too. And then the world is fine!

11. I do not take calls from numbers I cannot place 🙂 And so, once when I was on leave, the Principal called endlessly to find out some information on an entry form that had to be sent that day, and I did not call back 🙂 Luckily for me, he understood. *Whew* Close call. But I did tell him, that was the reason; however, I saved his number for future use 🙂

12. I love animals. Even snakes. Not really in the sense of going ga ga over them, but that I hate to see them killed just because they are snakes. Most people do that here, the moment a snake is spotted, the first thing that is done, is to flush it out of where ever it has chosen to hide and then beat it to death. I mean, if one were to just let them be, they would simple leave, and not harm us, right? [Same point as IHM, has expressed too!]

13. Dogs and cats are my life too 🙂

14. I make friends slowly.

15. I’m rather reserved, by nature, I am told:) Sometimes, most times, yes, I would guess 🙂

16. I’m not too good at forgiving either myself or anyone else 🙂 I’d rather not meet/ talk to that person, at all, rather than be hypocritical and pretend all is well. Not a good thing at all, but I’m working on more positivity within and without 🙂 🙂

17. Hypocrites are very very off putting. I give them a wide berth.

18. I believe that dreams come true.

19. I believe that miracles are possible. The line from Alchemist, about wanting something badly enough… I subscribe to that view. Experience has taught me that 🙂 🙂

20. I was certain my second born was a girl, and refused to believe the Doctor when he told me otherwise. I sometimes do still wonder about it 🙂 He was a very polite person, else he would have hooted with laughter the way I went on and on… But I have no doubt he’s mine, the second born: too much of me in him 😀 :D!

21. I am a positive person, and like to look at the brighter side of things, no matter how desperate things seem to be!

22. I write down pluses and minuses, sometimes, when I have to make a difficult decision. I tell the kids to try it as well. Ever since I heard of PMI, Plus, Minus Interesting… it is something, that I do believe works, and works well. Do try it, but finally let your gut instinct also work with it 🙂

23. I trust my instincts. On most things.

24. I listen. I like listening, and rarely even feel bored at speeches.

25. Am an avid note taker at interesting meetings, speeches, seminars, whatever 🙂 Even classroom speeches, and debates so that I can place the person in context, so that I can take something from it, so that, like now, I can go on and on and on and on… 😀

Am I done? Wow! I actually found 25 random things about myself! *pats herself on the back!*

Moral of the write: There is always more to you, than you know 🙂 Know. And this too. That you are precious.

Take care, good folks. And if you have actually read till here, I must acknowledge your patience 🙂 🙂 Thanks IHM, Deeps and Surbhi. It has been an unexpected pleasure finding out some things along this post 🙂

Happy Woman’s Day to all the men and women who believe that Women are people too!

8 March, 2008

Edited to add : Silly me, forgot to tag others, and since this has been discovered late, I shall do what I have found to be the solution for the tetchy problem of hyperlinking :D!

All those who pass by, and would like to take the tag, are hereby tagged. Do drop a line and let me know, so that I can come over and share in it too 🙂 Thanks!

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