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A Woman …

Am I, am I.
And glad of it.

I’m Daddy’s Girl, still Growing Up
And I wonder if I’ll ever be
The Right Age 🙂

I’m that Little Girl yet
Who hasn’t given up on dreams,
And Carousel Rides 🙂

I wish I was stronger.
But then I might give
Mr. World a run for his money.
Thank you. I am happy this way 😀
For now. 😛

I’ve lived Sepia Dreams
And coloured them bright 🙂
I have my reasons and seasons 
And most times, I am defiant 😀

Today, too, like other days
I celebrate me. And you….
All of you, who be humane
Who loves and respects another,
Especially a woman; for then,

You truly live.

8 March, 2013
Wishing every reader here, both men and women the best of the day, and of life, as you walk through the world, sharing your respect for everyone, especially women. Happy Women’s Day.
And for a change, I shall not excuse myself for a self-aggrandizing post, linky linky one at that 😀

Listened to, as the first song of the day, “Woman” by John Lennon. Magic 🙂



The Coming Together

From a speck where it all started
Blossoming – an amalgam of a spectrum
Exploding into existence,
Then shrinking into familiarity
The colours vivid, the emotions livid,
What’s within, and what’s without
All there, and none at all!

Contradictions abound.
I am you, and you Me!
I soak in that Wonder-
That we have enriched
Each other- through the
Memories our cells carry
Back to the womb of Creation!

Her Thought! Are we That?
From the maturity of perfection in creation
Do we degenerate into the immaturity of a life?

Each cell we posses, not ours
Each person, Her own, hers alone?
Of isolation, of belonging
Of coming together, in That Heaven
Parts of whole, whence we came
To where we

Never can return?

8 July, 2010

Edited to add 🙂
After re reading Siddharth’s comment, I came back to a few posts I had here, much earlier 🙂 Just to share an uncanny (maybe not so much, after all… 🙂 cell memory :D!)


Homing In


Tickled Pink!

Beguilingly beckoning
Me, in
Unspoken invitations;

You didn’t move;
Just a knowing smile
Played upon your lips.

Hesitant, yet certain,
I ventured out, shed
The garment of Doubt!

My heart, bare of disguise,
Drawn to that self same me,
Only its me, in you!

No other way would I have it,
No other miracle was there so true!
No other – just me, and you; just us!

Vain I might sound – it doesn’t matter.
My life is drawn with your ink.
In that heaven, me; tickled pink!!

4 August, ’07

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Just thought of flooding this week with mushy gooey writes – Solilo’s suggestions being followed, a week in advance 🙂 🙂 in order to spread as much love as possible 🙂 :), leading up to Val day:) So am scheduling one for each day:) When you get sick of it, just skip this page… :D!!!