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Homeward Bound

Chugging past a distant memory
Of childhood fun and frolic
Playing in puddles, formed of mischief
Hiding under big banana leaves
From prying eyes of grown-ups!

An aeon hence I find that metaphor again
In the splatter of rain on my window
The blurred vision the yellow sign
Beckoning as it used to
Unhesitant in the welcome, in the warmth
That comforts this aching heart.

They said, you can never go home again.
But each raindrop I’ve met, since I left
Had a different story to tell – no, stories…
Of that time, when rain was life,
Before Life came along, and rained responsibilities.

All it takes is this rain splattered window
And that blurred yellow sign
My heart, it sings,
Revels in rain – and I know
I’m home again!

Inspired, entirely by a poem of a picture (as Govind has put it 🙂 ) by Shail Mohan in the way she bent rules while receiving the Inspiring blogger award from  Sumana  (oops sorry Shail and Suranga and Sumana! ) 🙂

19 September, 2012
Online 🙂
(Picture courtesy, Shail Mohan )

Psst… another of Shail’s wonderful photographs found a Haiku here… 🙂 Or rather the Haiku came out of the photograph there… 🙂


Tintin! Nostalgia so strong!

Each time you read a book, or even a comic where the pictures add to the heightened sense of the fanciful thoughts that abound in the realms of imagination, have you not wished for yourself to be caught up in those delightful moments? Have you not wished that you could SEE and almost touch those heartwarming and lovable characters? Hugged them, or held hands, or pranced around like carefree children. Especially, the books and comics of your childhood? Willingly you suspend disbelief, just as Coleridge asked you to, a few centuries ago, and let yourself wallow in indescribable joy.

That joy is what I felt when I saw The Adventures of Tintin – the Secret of the Unicorn. In 3D. In a hopelessly inadequate theatre, that had such a lousy sound system (no Dolby Digital, or any of its clones here!) with people in the lower deck howling and hooting at all and sundry animation, obviously with no rhyme and reason! All of that did not matter in the least! Right from the time the certificate showed it was time for the movie, the opening credits with Tintin and Snowy in constant motion racing, in 3D, careening all over the screen were enough to hook me. This is what, it seemed, I had been waiting to see, with every Comic of theirs I had read. For a moment I was plagued by amnesia, forgetting the intrepid Captain’s name, till it suddenly jogged back into memory. The last time I had read a Tintin comic was perhaps fifteen years ago, to say the least.

The characterization, the fleshing out, so to speak of all the characters, was on the spot. Most endearing of them all were the twosome of Tintin and Snowy. Snowy! Sigh!!! *Puppy love in my eyes* That is one smart, faithful, loyal, intelligent friend! KHEFZHH <Kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai> takes on real meaning here! 😀

The animation, as I had put up in a mini-post-film-euphoric-moment FB status update, is superb. Extraordinary. The editing is seamless. And particularly a chase down winding roads, chasing after the villian and his hawk who has stolen the parchment bits had us all literally holding our sides laughing, and at the same time holding our breath, collectively, that the good guys get it! Is that possible you ask? Is, I say. Watch that part, and tell me about it 🙂 🙂 I have not laughed and forgotten myself so completely in a long long LONG time!

What follows  the scene above is just so so so impossibly, excuciatingly exciting too!! From upturned capsized boat to being pilot, to crashlanding in the middle of the desert, to memory returning …. to …. 🙂 🙂 Watch it, DO! If you haven’t already!

Captain Haddock, who Tintin befriends, is the early Haddock, one who had not found his riches and still is a bumbling alcoholic sailor, for whom only his Rum and Whiskey bottles matter. Till he sobers up, and … 🙂 All for the secret of the Unicorn, the great vessel his great grandaddy owned and sailed, till… 🙂

This is a model of the Unicorn, that started the whole adventure rolling, when Tintin purchases a model just like the one above, which gets him slap-bang in middle of the mystery that enthralls us for the hour and something you are in the theatre!

Salutes to Steven Spielberg for giving a lot of us that slice of nostalgia, so real, so wonderfully created, so easily believable, in that we have finally got to live a fantasy that played itself out in our heads so far.

I touched that moment back there, in that theatre, when the child I unashamedly am applauded endlessly. I hope you found yours too.

13 November, 2011

(Happy Children’s Day 🙂 We are all children, deep inside, and even if we do not think so, please know so, for it is only with a child’s eyes, and curiosity, and heart that we truly live 🙂 )

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