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Big on Hope…

…be it something with feathers, perching upon my Dickens of a soul, or a dangerous thing, as famously opined in a famous movie, where Hope won! 😛


That, up there, is page out of this little book where I’ve scribbled, randomly, words, strung on sudden thoughts, pooling them here, before they disappeared. The book itself is a gift from a darling lass, whose daughter is yet another grandottie, in addition of my N-Dotties 🙂 This one’s Advaita, whose mom gave me this lovely little book with handmade pages and a charming inscription at the back. It begged me to put my heart down there, in words, if I could, ever. I know that the words in these pages are the closest to honesty about myself I’ll get, and since I’m venturing more, out of my comfort zone, these days, I thought, heck! this is a month to muse, for Musings, and what better than to pick this one up and share a few tidbits from here 🙂

That book. 🙂 Thank you Sneha and Rajesh!

I wrote to me, thus. (On 4th of October, two years ago. It was a great year, with the uppest of ups and downest of downs 🙂 )

Life isn’t all you want, but it is all you have’; so have it”

Is that fatalistic? To think like that? A universe of compromise lurks beneath that innocuous, preachy line. And, yet again, it makes me wonder! Duh 😛 , obviously!

Looking, peering really, into that which is unsaid, a haze, it would seem, of possibilities. I am struck by this one – how it lends a sorst of peace, from the things you fight, rebel against, in life. There are always things that are going to be “bad” for you – people, toxic relationships, closed doors, windows that are stuck, a claustrophobic situation you simply cannot escape. What if you simply let it be?

What if? Depends, of course!

A world of experiences tell me how often I’ve found myself in that very rut. Accept. Accept. Accept. 


Because you can’t change anything. Because it is meaninglless to change it. Because it is easier to let it be. 

Emotional exhaustion is more debilitating than its physical counterpart. Most times life is about what you let go, and what you keep. Keep after, too 🙂 No magic formulas exist to help decide, but you muddle through, find what it takes, make a few (several? 😛 ) mistakes and simply carry on. 

You decide you’d like to “have” life. On your terms. 

Good for you!

5th period, XI F, 4th October, 2016″

Ruchi, (she has invited us for a month long blogging challenge 🙂 )my musing is getting quirkier, I know, but the one thing that I am glad about, is that I am musing, even it if means getting confessional 😛

3 September, 2018, Day#3 of        received_246327922693605.png



Ramblings In February – Mission Accomplished!

february ramblings

Ramblings. That’s what I do awesomely. At home. To my babies. To Kuttan and Mia. My friends. In class – so much so, I’ve even get kids to remind me in a bit (if they’re awake 😀 , “Teacher, back to topic, back to topic” (seriously 😛 ) ( when I say I do it awesomely, you know what I mean – can you imagine someone rambling, awesomely?– but here, the rambler is eccentric and quite ignorant, deliberately so, of what people think of her rambling 😛 😛 )

I ramble and ramble, and even the tagline here has had it, ever since its inception as a humble blogspot blog, before moving, merging with my other blog, to wordpress.

So, Duh. What’s so special about it? You see, once upon a time, I was a pretty silent, sombre, sober person, who smiled a lot, but didn’t talk much. No Sireee…. even in class, except for what needed to be done. I would ramble in thoughts in my head, and prevent them from going out from there 😀 Till I chanced upon blogging, about 8 years ago. For an introvert, till then, it was like being Alice in Wonderland, only here everything was way more than I could have imagined!

The posts, thoughts, notions you shared bounced off others at times, resonated a lot, were in tandem, or sometimes sheer silliness spilled over, and at times a collective angst found expression. Sometimes grief found expression in ways sharing with another could not. Blogging has kept me sane, yes, but as with all things that keep us so, you begin to take them for granted 😀

Consequently, as the newness wore off from blogging, I began to do the one thing I’m accomplished in. Procrastinating. Postponing, delaying, keeping for another day, when I had things to write, slipping out of invites to blog challenges and lurking, reading from others, but not posting a blog. So, we’ve been together, my blog(s) and I these past eight lovely years, and with the bloggers of both blogspot and wordpress, readers of the blogs, and blogs I’ve visited, rambling there too, in the comments sections, when I would visit.

In fact over the past year or two, the fire, the urge, the ideas have run out, or so it seemed,  even with prompts like #MicroblogMondays, till suddenly, at the end of January, I thought that being the shortest month in the year, I could attempt a blog a day kinda thingy, for February. Almost as if she read my mind, Shail came up with the Ramblings in February icon and the idea for bloggers to join and simply ramble on, a post for a day, for the month. Perfect. Absobloominlootely perfect for me, for I know nothing else but Rambling 😀

So I began Imperfect(ly)
Keeping the Night at Bay
Blogging furiously 😛
Finding Velveteen reasons
Driving, and Driving myself crazy
When Happenstance, I got Stuck
And only a Fairy Tale could rescue the lost rambler 😛
Then the Love Week came along, and she wondered
To Say or Not, or simply
Go Love on the Ramble?
Or Equivocally state
In the Interest of Love, Now ,
How Textures of emotions,
Surprisingly, or not, induce a
Fever, while endlessly
Playing the Field, sometimes
Egged on by
The Loneliness of a Thought
The Survival Instinct
The Number Forty Seven ,
Holding a Will O’Wisp
While at the same time wondering
If your pet could talk what would it say about you?
Skipping days when I should have posted
But going on overdrive and getting in more than one
In one day 😛
Getting Nerve-Wrackingly Near to the deadline
Searching, sometimes cheating on posts 😛
Borrowing stuff from another endeavours, like,
Gender Sensitivity and its Import,
Going on a lark about
An Examination Teaser,
Through Testing Times, finally finally
Getting to the Pen-Ultimate post

And then this grand finale 🙂

The above is whachumacall a LINKY LINKY nonsense verse 😀 containing the names of each of the posts for the month of February, for the blog challenge 🙂 Click on the blue bold letters to be taken to the post 🙂

I izz done. I izz done in. Now I izz go and get one with Life 😛 😛

It’s been a lot of fun, this month, and even though I’ve cheated by not posting them day by day, but doing bulk posting at the end, much like the homework done in class the next day and all 😛 , it has been such an educative and motivating experience. I can do it! Not that I want to again, for sometime, but yeah! I can!

To be cheesy like that serial, Everest,I have scaled the Everest of my making, on the day that the character got to hers 😀 😀 (don’t watch it please, I do so only out of a morbid fascination as to how much worse it can get 😀 😀 – Also got Neeti, my DIL kinda stuck on it too – just whatsapped her the news of making the summit, not me, in the Serial that is 😛 😛 )

So, that’s it. Time to climb down from the Summit of 28 posts, for 28 days, though not one each day 😀 This one’s Day#28! *Drum roll* Thank you for your patience, especially those who follow the blog, and keep getting pinged in the inbox 😀 😀 God Bless y’all 🙂

28 February, 2015


A to Zee

Okay. I’m terribly envious. I’m on a roller-coaster of reads, and I wish, I so wish I could too. Do the A to Z April challenge. So I have decided, this day, I shall, and each of those 26 alphabets shall compress themselves into this one itty bitty mega post. Yes. I am an oxymoron. Today. Each day. More so since my little granddaughter has cast her magic spell over all of us 🙂

Let’s start at the very beginning
(I never claimed to be original, please to note 😛 )

A life is made, A word is welded, A blog post is imploding here
But wait, a bit, a wee bit, I promise, there be something more 😀
Catcalls you may make, this curiously empty write you may mock
Do what you will, I’ll take it all, so long as you read 😛
Eccentric and silly I am;  but exit not, till I’m done (I’m a beggin’ you, pwetty please?)
Feel the desperate madness of this blogger who cannot blog 😆
Give in to that plea, made in all earnestness
However nonsensical you think this here’s going to be 😀
I vow never again to bother you this way
Just this once? Pretty please?
Kill time, just like that… you never know what inspiration may strike!
Let these words simply soothe; let those urges to kill me be subdued 😀
Maybe you will, maybe you won’t; (My Meggie has by back, by the way! :D)maybe you’re still here? (Yayyy! *pumps fist* )
Needless to say, I’m honoured by your presence, your persistence, your generosity!
Overwhelmed, actually.
Perhaps your loyalty has been put to test – I assure you it’s
Quite by accident that this inspiration struck!
Reading all those A to Z posts, especially from
Shail whose posts always are thought-provoking, Count Santulan’s. that make you drool :D, Sashu’s that strum your heart strings!
Then there’s
Uma’s words that make a connect and
Vinay, whose stories mesmerize!
Wait, I have more names to mention, but sadly the letters all have been taken!!!
Xanadu is where I am (I got the best bodyguards there, incase you’re after me with stick and brick! 😛 ), now that I’m near the end of the silliest ramble EVER here 😛 ; but Hey!
You don’t have to drop in everyday, now that you’ve reached up till here!

Zee blogger of zis blog is ze very very happy, if you’ve reached here, and reading this line 😆

Take a bow! This is in honour of each an every blogger engaged in the A to Z April Challenge! You guys and gals are passionate writers! Keep ’em words a-coming! All good wishes to you all!

4 April, 2014
Blame it on the fact that I no longer have to be serious! My baby granddaughter has given me the license to talk nonsense 😀 😀