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Intermission :)

Since my last post there has hardly been any activity in generating new posts here, as any, if any at all 😛, regular here will have made out. It’s not because I’m busy (though I AM :D), or the workplace (which is just as terrible, as always :D), but it’s what holds me up that is letting me down. LOL. (I like that new Levi’s advertisement, about the thread that holds it together 😀 – the previous sentence is entirely inspired by that!)

What holds most of us up(right) is of course, the vertebral column. Well mine has put paid to plans to hold steady for sometime now, and I need to sort it out. Therefore. Hence.

It’s time for the intermission, before the show goes on here. Fear not- in the most cliched way I’d like to tell you – picture abhi baaki hai!!!

Take care all of you, and keep well. Keep smiling too! Shall be back in a month’s time 🙂 God Bless!

29 October, 2012


From inveterate to itinerant :D

Was a time, once upon a time, when I arrogantly announced a resolution to blog, at least each Sunday! And happily believed in the intention, the resolution, with such fascination, that it now leads to the desolation of having fallen off the pedestal I placed myself upon 😀 :D! Serves me right for having all those grandiose notions about the inveterate blogger I thought myself to be… 😆 😆

And so, to a sometime blogger, which is all because of hardware problems. And no, I don’t mean myself 😛 😛

The spirit is willing, the flesh, as yet survives, and is healthy enough, but the darned computer crashed… silly goose that it is! So, I become this itinerant blogger instead. Sigh.

*Shaking herself mentally, out of the rut :P* But AHA! You do not get let off so easy :D. The moment I sort out my hardware problems, errrm…. I mean the computer’s… 😆 …. I’ll be back, like I never left!

Till then, thank you for the visits, and do send up a prayer that the faithful computer may be restored to new glory, so that I can restore myself to some sort of whatever 😀 😀

To all those who have come through with your Class X and XII results, a huge round of Congratulations! Best wishes for the upcoming round of admissions too!

To all the kids/adults who go back to school and college… 😦 sigh, I’m with you with all those blues! Empathy!

To all those who are enjoying your vacations, well, I will not mince words- I dislike the notion that you are having a ball, while we go back, bonded to the grindstone again! Hmmmphrrrrffffffff! 😆

Seeyainawhile. That isn’t just a promise. Oh yes! It’s a threat alright! 😛

28 May, 2012

Please do excuse my absence on your blogs. I hope to get there real soon 🙂

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In the backseat…

Time there will always be

We know… 🙂

But now? Maybe not…

And so I take
from this world..

a little leaf
a little feather
a few drops of ink
a few cosy thoughts
warm memories…

Into hibernation, in my soul…
As I rest, and delve
Into the sea of consciousness…

To find myself… 🙂

I relinquish the wheel, for now,
And replenish the heart

For that is what matters, isn’t it?


31 May, 2009


Impromptu, silly verse, just to say that I shall be going into hibernation for a while till time lends itself to me again, unconditionally 🙂 If ever 🙂

Thank you for being here, and for having shared in sentiments and words here 🙂 It has, and will always mean the world to me 🙂 Thank you and God Bless!

Alert: Comments turned off 🙂 Thank you in advance 🙂


On a break….

but, try and keep me away for long… grrrr… 🙂

On a two week vacation, with my younger son, to meet the Elder one, and my brothers 🙂 Wl be back to being fully operational only after the 24th.

But… I have the sneaky feeling that I shall keep peeking in now and then, as and when opportunity presents itself 🙂

Happy Easter, and Happy Vishu, and Happy LONNNNG weekend to everyone 🙂

Take care and God Bless!

Psss… I might be back sooner than you think.. Lol:) Don’t look surprised then 🙂 I’m a confessed blogaddict, so I have my excuses 🙂

9 April, 2009