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The Ogre is Charmed :D

Quite seriously. You see, like the now famous Shrek, she does not even have the excuse of being banished, being green, big, and ‘un’easy on the eye. To make matters worse, she’s in human form. There. And yet, each day, whether or not she wanted it, the ogre in her would somehow make itself known, and the resultant fall-out would always make her wonder at days like she had today, or rather yesterday 🙂

But should she have been so surprised? Her kids, the ones who see her almost daily, are clever, indeed, verrryyyy clever. They’ve learnt to apply what they pick up in class. They collaborate. They research effectively. They are getting better and better at divergent thinking and delighting with their creativity. And they have such great timing 😀

Day: 14 August, 2013
Time, 3.45pm, thereabouts, special class for them, about to begin

The ogre is busy getting the ‘smart class’ video ready for them, having given them a small story to read while she works.
A loud cough is heard, very very loud, and very very painful. She decides to ignore it, knowing them 😆
Suddenly, clapping, and the words of the Sanskrit Birthday song (will edit and add later, as I had not recorded this as it unfolded :D) fill the room, and the shell-shocked ogre, who cannot stop grinning, and blushing at the same time turns to face them. She’s wearing red, and is sure her face is just as red. (Have to ask the kids about it 😛 )

This had to be a first. For her, at least 🙂
A young lad, A., comes up and hands her a card, hand-made, with a verse he had written, and a gift wrapped book. She is persuaded to read, and to open her ‘gift’. Richard Bach’s ‘Bridge Across Forever’. Woah. Woah. She’s super-overwhelmed and speechless. She is. (You see that was what was meant earlier, their researching skills, and collaboration :D)

The verse, the book, the gift wrapping :)

The verse, the book, the gift wrapping 🙂


And she is enchanted, charmed no end. She knows that her heart holds much more than the words she has spoken, in deep affection, for them. For she’s shared, here, more on them. They are a Class Apart, truly. And one whose affection is seen in this Rich Harvest. She’s been three times lucky to have them, and while this may be the last year they are together, with her, she knows they will be added to the ever growing list of really special people who have touched her heart.

She wants them to know this. She wants everyone to know 🙂

Heck. Enough of sounding like an imbecile, talking in the third person. I think I ought to do the actual thank-yous myself.

Thank you, endlessly and infinitely, you marvellous  XD kids. You’re awesome. Truly. I mean, I give you all something close to verbal overdoses quite regularly, and yet you do this. Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart 🙂 (Interesting trivia: a couple of years ago, another XD class gave me the most wonderful ‘farewell’, the picture of which I’ve shared on one of the albums on FB 🙂 ) Yeah. (and my own two kids would underscore this – XD is awesome :D)

And, to top it all, my phone rings, while I am out with Kiran, and N., and the voice asks me to come out, for he has a surprise for me 😀 I have to explain I’m not home. Undettered, Karthik pops up at where we are, with a bagful of goodies: candies and chocolates! And yet another a belated wish 🙂 And a certain young girl,K.,  of the above mentioned class – she was the surprise 🙂 🙂 My day is made. Thank you, both!

15 August, 2013

I want to wish you all for the Independence Day, but coming away from the tragic news of the INS Sindhurakshak, and her missing crew of 18 (as of writing this), I find a heaviness inside that prevents me from rejoicing for the nation. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the crew as they pass through this difficult time.

And while I’m at it, all of you kids, and others who are here, please do take a look at this link that warns us about our use of smartphones. You might want to change certain settings, if this gets you worried.




Incentives :)




Why do we do what we do?

“We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do” James Farmer Sr. – “The Great Debaters”

(Note (Wiki link): The Great Debaters is a 2007 film about the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College in Texas who, in 1935, inspired students to form the school’s first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship.

Directed by Denzel Washington. Written by Robert EiseleWhen the nation was in need, he inspired them to give us hope.)

If you haven’t seen that movie, please do. And another one called “Finding Forrester” 🙂

 Makes sense, I think, to a great extent. Sometimes, the what what we need and want become the same thing. That is joy. That is fruition of a hope, a dream. Sometimes, it is a miracle, especially in this jaded world.

I think of the endless times I’ve cursed where I’m at, especially career-wise, and I wonder what the heck I’m doing here in a world where nothing seems to go down well, from either side of the Teacher’s Table; when kids become aliens and colleagues are no different. Lest I sound defeated, I must assure you this here is just a vent, at the end of a long haul of paper correction combined with a challenging number of marklists to be prepared in the new CCE Format of the CBSE Board. Sibal’s 100 days wala brainchild. It’s good enough, but with the forbidding class strength and the norms to follow, it becomes a nightmare, especially towards the end of the year. It’s also this way because some wonderful workers like me have Procrastination for their worshipful deity. 😛

So, back to my first question. Why am I doing what I do? Apart from the fact that I am ‘trained’ to, (doesn’t that bring that performing trick monkey to mind? 😀 ), and I ‘need’ to, for purely survival reasons, I find reasons. I find incentives, and once I’ve had them for a bit, I find it’s hard to give up this sort of thing. (Hrishi is the one who gave me this idea for the title :D! Thanks Hrishikesh!)

Inspiration, pure and simple. That’s the first one. Whether it’s your usual sixth standard kid who persistently wants to know your birthday, or amazes you with a fully grammatical and awesomely sensible answer to a complicated question; or a tenth standard student who writes, in a composition ( a bio sketch about a teacher), details that you find are so YOU (:D – it was the ‘active on social networking’ and ‘has dogs’ amongst other details), whether it’s the naughtiest kid in class telling your own child, years later, after finishing school, that the only reason he reads is because I hounded him in class to do so… the way that living asset you deal with inspires you is like nothing else.

Affection. In the form of cards, at Christmas and New Year time (I found out that not every teacher got cards :D), little notes at the end of the year, confidences shared, when they are about to leave school, there is so much. You sow very little, you think, till the rich harvest tells you how much you can be proud of… for how they grew themselves up! 🙂

And there comes along a child, someone you were so fond of, but tried hard not to be too obvious about so that the others did not pick on him/her and felt that you were partial – who comes up and gives you a note, nervously, on the last day of school, telling you that what she wanted to say was right there… 🙂 You suddenly feel that ogre-ish is ok too 🙂 🙂 Shrek has seen to that anyway!

sreelakshmi letter 1

sreelakshmi letter 2

At the end of 7th March, when it was officially the last working day for the kids, before they went in for their study holidays, S, from Class VIII came up to me with this letter, shyly 🙂

The Leo in me is flattered no end, and the head says this is just something to perhaps make me value her paper a bit generously. The cynic in me says that. But she’s anyway going to cream the paper, I know, being an outstanding student, and at the end of the year, there is no need to tell me anything at all … except good riddance… 😛 but this really touched me. Have been waiting to share this from that day. It IS inspiration, incentive and the needing and wanting overlapping, for me.(And yes, I did reply. With a Thank You Card, and a Bookmark 🙂 Forgot to scan those!)

And that is how I know, the incentives hereabouts in the job profile in very very undefined and inarticulate ways are powerful. I know I’m where I want to be. For now that is enough. 🙂

31 March, 2013
Online (And thank you Hrishikesh :D)


Twinkle toes :D

Life’s too short..
And there’s only a rainbow
After it rains;

So why do you still want
To be a wallflower
Dying to turn to the Sun
And gaily toss your pert little
Beautiful head,
Giggle away, and forget
Your nerves… 🙂

You’ve got twinkle toes,
You have…
Didn’t you just see?

And don’t you worry
You’ll find them again
When your eyes twinkle too
On that special day,
You bring home love 🙂

All I shall say now is…
Get on it, Girl!
My twinkle toes are tapping too!
Impatiently, I might add
To do that two-step
Or just let my hair down…
In all those steps… 😀

So here’s to us
And here’s to fun
And here’s to all of you
Who love your
Twinkle Toes… 🙂

10 February, 2013

Post-Reception where Omana and I had a great time 😀
And plotted for the next time we would 😀
(Sadly the pic to go with this one will have to wait 🙂 )


A quiet hour…

A silent place
Murmurs of gentleness
Wrapped in lashes
Brushing soft on cheeks
Slowly reaching out…


Just being.

I am blessed. 🙂

9 January 2013

(Had to. Espcially after reading this from Shail Mohan’s FB status update 😀
Shail Mohan:‎”The desire to write grows with writing.” ~ Desiderius Erasmus”

And to all those who are here, New Year Wishes! Please do excuse me for being absent from your blogs (and mine 🙂 ) for a long long long time now, and please also allow me to be absent a while more :). I shall pick up the threads, and gorge on your writing… I cannot not 🙂
Thank you for your patience too!


The Unbearable Lightness… (due apologies to Milan Kundera :) )

The trembling within
Knowing, just across the room
You look at me
With smoky warm eyes
Oh! Oh my!
Why does it feel like
I’m mere molten mass?

It’s like our fingers simply brushed
Walking alongside;
Whisper soft brushing,
A sleeve here, a wrist there
And fingers – Oh! Oh my!

And then we stop
Together – unplanned
Seemingly deliberately.

The world fades
Into that poetic moment
That the mad crave
That delicate, perfect solitude.
Of us.

And I don’t need more
Just the cloak of your arms-
As I do – you.
Toes touching
Wrapped in feeling feather soft

And we become
This poem.


21 September 2012

(Mush and goo; blame it on a playlist that made it happen :D)
And the icing was that wonderful link that Shilpa shared that says more than this write will!