A Quest on Overdrive … :)

An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)



Why is it that the heavy heart

Never slows down, despite my willing it?

Why does that indefinable, infinitesimal

Infernal lump in my throat still allow me to breathe?

Why, even when I drown in self inflicted silence,

Do words impinge, float, escape, and express themselves?

Even as my heart, my soul curl themselves back

Into the fetal form, closing themselves

Turning inward, why do I still go on

And move, and find myself open



Why cannot I let that period define

And close a labouring life?

Curl my whole self, tightly

Airlessly, compacting myself

Implode, to that zing.


Pulling the plug, within.


26 April, 2012



What takes perhaps
Momentary lapses of time
To learn, adopt and
Make one’s own-

Takes an aeon or beyond
To unlearn-
If at all it can be.

Most especially if one carries
The habit, the memory,
The potential
Deep within the cell memory-

Coursing in the vein;
Tunnelled through the
Umbilical cord-
Aeons, generations down.

Learning has always been easy.
And Unlearning just that, the greatest challenge.

12 October, 2011