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The tunnelled vision never
Expected such light.
I looked deep into
Your heart, not knowing…
I simply looked, for
I needed to.

On emotional crutches myself,
Laggardly, haphazardly
Perched on the edge of sanity
A hair’s breadth away from oblivion

I would have given in.
Had I not looked for you.
Had I not met you.
Had I not found me, in you.

There, deep within, shone brilliantly
A mosaic of a million lifetimes
A thousand tendernesses
A bounty of breathlessness
An intrinsic pattern of many

Shards of me and you
Imprinted upon the soul, recalled instantly!
Disparate, separate, a moment,
Changing to visions of ephemeral entwining


And when the world turns upside down
And the combinations change
I for one, am glad that the
Kaleidoscope I found in you
Still stays the same…

Bits of me, lots of you…

And…Always Us.

11 December, 2010

0006 hrs 🙂

On an offchance here, formed from a prompt from Soumya Sinha’s poetry… reading from him and meeting a Kaleidoscope therein, triggered this one off! Thanks Soumya!


*Conditions Apply

The invitation was clear
In that look we shared;
And mesmerized, we made
That Deal.

And yes, we were, and have been
And still are, all that we could be…

But to each other?
That look, we look, yet again, for it
Hoping against hope…

For when we scripted,
While we enacted…
We overlooked the line
Between lines…

*Conditions Apply

Online, 1 pm, 20 June, 2010


Eternally Timeless

I shall ever be The Outsider.
Looking on, Looking within.
Never to come home.
Never to slip into the warmth
Unaffected, blissfully blithe, bold.
Never to loudly claim possession.
Or gleefully discard with shouts of laughter.

For I may be sure of You, and Me
Us, for sure!
But not the vagrant devil, Time.
How it plays, teases, promises
And then shatters.

Into the space of being-
Of the breath indrawn
Are the million shards of emptiness…
Sent out by time, to hurt into awareness-
The knowledge that I have grown out.
Out, of myself-
To have lost myself.
In time.

9 February, 2010


Meeting Me

The sea calls out to me-
As I walk beside its waves;
Washing away imprints I leave-
Temporal, I know I am, yet still…?

In my arrogance, I wait
And as the tide ebbs-
I walk again, pressing close,

Digging in my heels, causing
Tiny wells and pools-

I gloat, and look in askance
At the sea.
It still calls, unperturbed.
It calls, mesmerizing,
Melting away my dregs of self.

And I surrender.
As I knew I would.

The sea calls-
As I step in,
From the water’s edge…

To meet the endless, limitless me.

15 May 2009

Pic Courtsey: http://thehighsign.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/humoresque153.gif


Me? Or I?

Coiled within, deep down
Unwilling to unravel
Is me.Is me; or, is it I?
It must be me-
Subdued, subjugated
Submerged, subservient…Not I, when I have been
Above all that, which dared
To subject, to assail,
To undermine, to negate.

Indeed, I was,
Had been, the One
Who’d seen it all.
All? Hollow laughter escapes
My heart, laden with
Molten emotion.

Like those drops of mercury
They curiously cohere-
Gathering within, drowning
Filling, but never spilling.

Oh no! They’re too guarded,
Too careful, to ever despoil-
To be so uncouth, as to bare themselves.

Me. Blanketed-
Waiting for I, with You.
To stir me. Energize. Vibrate.
And will, into that
Ultimate Union- when I and me
Become You.

9 February, 2010