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Why friends weren’t born in the family
And family didn’t all turn out to be friends.

How laughter and tears are just the same;
Most times, even anger and love!

How people listen, but seldom understand;
But some understand, even if nothing is said.

How words hurt, and silences heal.
But silences gouge, yet words never heal.

And Life. The biggest of them all.

5 March, 2013
Seriously on the way to being an absurdity 😀




Of freedom,
Bound within

Not, let free
In typecast stereotypes.

I’ve wondered
Ever so often
What defines me-

The willingness to be me;
Or the obligation otherwise

Answers elude.

Till then I’m bound to be

Free, to be pigeonholed.


4 March, 2011



What takes perhaps
Momentary lapses of time
To learn, adopt and
Make one’s own-

Takes an aeon or beyond
To unlearn-
If at all it can be.

Most especially if one carries
The habit, the memory,
The potential
Deep within the cell memory-

Coursing in the vein;
Tunnelled through the
Umbilical cord-
Aeons, generations down.

Learning has always been easy.
And Unlearning just that, the greatest challenge.

12 October, 2011


Waxing and Waning

Am I here, or there

Nowhere? Yet everywhere?

Around you, in the scent,
Irresolute, and indefinable,
A whiff, that comes upon the
Light breeze of memories?

Or the heaviness of reality?

The tides turn, tuned to
A testy treacle moon
As you do, and I…

Awash, washed away,
Smothered, cloying

The fragrance of love
Is overpowering.

I am, therefore,
Waxing poetic,
In the light of the
Waning moon.

Still, longing,
Yearning, as that
Fox… Unrequited.


12 July, 2011




As with Kundera’s

Unbearable lightness of being
So with the openness

That begets such heaviness
I face blankness

The vastness of a suddenly vacant consciousness
The vanished vanquished vanity
Of an arrogant artful me
All knowing I was
Oh How I Was

Till this dot of time
A Period
To punctuate a life that flowed
Unhesitatingly, unbeknown to lightness
Of heart, Of feeling, Of being.

Lighter of my excess emotional baggage
I sag. Not lift.
I lag. And drift.

Seeking closure. That which
Will never be, seeing that
I could never
Never let you go.

19 January, 2011
Online. Assaying antithetical presumptuous nonsense 😀