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This here silly rhyme is a mental wrecks

For I was looking for words starting with ‘x’

Too many (really!!! 😛 ) obfuscating, annoying and plain unreal

So, I went with a Roman (numeral, errr, 😀 ) feel

‘Cos here, (and only here! )  can I, words, rhymes, nonsense, blissfully annexe! 😛

26 April, 2018, Day#24 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

I sympathise, it IS getting sillier 😛 But the upside is that it’s getting done! 😀



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Wreak Wonder

If at all you must

(And I hope you will)

Consider your bounded duty

To cause mayhem, around you,

I hope you know that you could

You can, most certainly

Instigate, provoke, percolate

Mischief-  of your warmth,

Your love and sweetness

All of which you have within

Even if you deny, most vociferously

And watch the world aglow

Your world, your universe

Watch it burn, in steadfast flames

Singe your heart, and sear your soul

With the salve born of that…

The wonder of YOU, being YOU.



26 April, 2018, Day#23 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

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She writes.

I’d say her words sing

In notes that come together,

Never jarring

Or soothing either.

She gives that edge to them.

Them words make

You catch your breath,

Shake your head in awe

Draw you in

Recognizing, this is you too.

She touches that perfect note,

Her verse, I know for sure,

Is a score that fills you

With an unnameable joy.

That it was made.

That you read it.

That it is there.

A resonance, if you wish,

Of your own heart!

She doesn’t just write.

She breathes life, into words.

25 April, 2018, Day#22 of #NaPoWriMo, 2018

Happy belated birthday, Malavika (LINK to her blog)


A sample of her writes on Instagram

You are inspiration, through and through!



Undaunted, she ploughs.

Unbeatable, seemingly;

Yet, unabashed ambiguity maybe, yet

(Unanimous view? Hell yeah, no maybe about it!)

Unflagging, spirits.

Understanding the unadulterated

Unreal, unsullied 😂 nonsense-

Unflappable too, her demeanour-

Un-enamoured of uncomprehending looks 😎

Utilising every stray thought

(Unfortunate to pass this way 😋)

Unveiling it in never an ultra crisp way

Understatements, she makes

Upbeat always…

Underlining it ‘verse’ – HAH!!!

Unstoppable (she wishes, this month 😛)

Ushus 🙈😀😂

23 April, 2018, Day#21 of #NaPoWriMo 🙂 Self-aggrandizement it’s Zenith 😎😂