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Read ‘Em :)

Finally, the blogroll happened! Thank you so much Chirag!  Saved me from the endless tours to Blogger’s Dashboard, and also Google reader. At least it’s all now just a click away 🙂



3 thoughts on “Read ‘Em :)

  1. For a blogroll in your sidebar:

    Add the “Links” widget from: https://ushus.wordpress.com/wp-admin/widgets.php

    Then, to add links to your blogroll, add links (under the category “Blogroll”) here:

    I’m assuming the links I put in will be click-able, if not, copy paste them 🙂

    It worked, Aareet! Your instructions are so lucid, it couldn’t not. Initially I did wonder, as the Links widget says there is not option available, but I went ahead and just experimented, and now a lengthy blogroll graces the sidebar 🙂 All thanks to you!


  2. This is something I still need to try!!

    I think some of these links are outdated. Have to refresh the page again. Just followed Chirag’s instructions!


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