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Commemoration of Kargil Vijay Divas

… at my school, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir was a deeply moving experience this year. It is the fifteenth anniversary of that conflict, fought on the snow covered, harsh terrains of the mountainous regions of the Kargil, Drass and Batalik sectors of Kashmir. A period of time when we sat at home, glued to our TV sets, following what perhaps later came to be known as the the pioneering “live coverage” of such an event – a war to be precise. It was a time when we watched, hearts in our mouths, and experienced first hand, almost, the despair, the sorrow, and even the hardiest cynic doffed his hat in respect to our soldiers who lived that line of daring to go where the brave fear. A memory that is an unhealed sore, even though we have declared victory, especially if you had lost someone dear, or knew of someone who did.

July 26, 1999, when the conflict was done with, and victory was ours, unfolded even more horrors when the stories of battles and hardships began to pour in. What followed too has lifted our morale and our belief in our country and its defence services! In the next few years, there were greater numbers of young people, both boys and girls, wanting to recruit in the Armed Forces, in whatever capacity they could. Ten years after, on the tenth anniversary, the NDTV took families of the martyrs to spend some time at the spots of conflict; Capt Vikram Batra, PVC (Posthumous)- whose answer to a question put to him just before he died, taking down about five of the enemy “Yeh Dil Mange More”- had a twin brother, Vishal, who was one among those who did go, describes his brother, and his visit thus (click on link to read). This is only ONE story. What about the hundreds of others’ stories – soldier, or Officer, who perhaps were not as widely known?

At school, the planning of the Commemoration began a few weeks ago, and the idea of sharing a soldier’s life, his dreams, the family he leaves behind when he attains martyrdom, were some of the themes considered. Finally the Hindi Department, led by Smt. Vrinda Pradeep, conceptualized a short programme detailing it. The key to the success of reaching out to the young learner group in school lay in some hard work that the chosen students would have to undertake. Learn Drill. The Military Way. As luck would have it, in drops a former student at the right time – a young lady who was an exemplary NCC Cadet while in college too! The Act was coming together. Krishnaja, the young lady afore-mentioned- Senior Under Office Krishnaja K, to be precise was equally enthusiastic about working with the young students! She began her training, with her friend in tow, and within the hour of starting, the body language of the group had visibly and energetically improved! They looked up to her with the kind of respect that we teachers, who were present, envied. She coached them in the different steps and methods of drill, literally drilling posture, movement, leg and hand co-ordination into them! Also helping with the Slow March was Shri Prakash, of the 148 BN, BSF. He spent a couple of days with them too. At the end of about 5 days, they were a fine bunch of soldiers indeed! And dancers, and fighters, and actors! Having observed them, from the moment they were selected, to the moment of their performance, I am proud to have known them and learnt with them.  You readers also need to know that most of the boys selected were what a lot of “teachers” would call as the mischievous ones in class. They changed. In a week. At least for the performance. That was a lesson for me – the potential is there, and we need to tap into it, by inspiring them, not degrading and insulting and pushing them down!

A group of students from Class 10 were inspired to present a mime on the same theme.

Shri Prakash, 148BN, BSF, Thrissur, addressing the audience

Shri Prakash, 148BN, BSF, Thrissur, addressing the audience

As the day, Friday, 25th July approached, the skies grew darker, and the rain incessant. This was a problem as the whole programme needed to be done in the Assembly Ground, the quadrangle, which was spacious enough to accommodate the performers and the entire school, of more than 2500 students. Prayers were breathed, fingers crossed, but no one, not a single person spoke of Plan B. There simply wasn’t any. The words of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho worked that day. The deep deep wish, and prayer was granted, and it stopped raining about half an hour before the programme. The sun came OUT. Shone and blessed the show. And after the last command was done, simply let loose heavy heavy sudden rain. A Miracle. Duh. What else? 🙂

The Sun Shone. And on the ground the Stars of the Day shone in the brilliance of their dedication in their performance. It was one of the most moving performances ever, and the audience, gathered around the quadrangle, were one, in the way they responded, muting their usual over-the-top inappropriate cheering , and going on to give us a lesson on how to watch with absorption of the spirit. Truly a moment to cherish.

As the heavens poured, at the end of the performance, the Guests shifted to the corridor, and a special occasion followed, with the distribution of the letters of Appreciation, sent by the HRD Minister, Smriti Irani to the Children With Special Needs (CWSN), applauding their efforts and reminding them that they should continue to show their committment to their learning. Three students of Class 10 last year, received the letters.

At last the programme was done, but the appreciation for the participants and the teachers who worked behind scenes continued to pour.

Later in the day, I collected pictures, and three videos – one by our school photographer Mr. Bastian, one taken by a student who was instructed to do so, with his own handycam – Neeraj Namboodirippad, of Class 10, and the third taken by our School’s Man Friday, Mr. Kuppuswamy. Armed with this collection, I set out, on Saturday to make it into a movie, using Windows Movie Maker, which refused to work on my system 😀

Plan B (yes, here I did have one!) – to call on my nephew Kiran’s cousin, Abhay Krishnan (also in Class 10 there), who is rather fantastic in photography and makes tasteful videos, all in sync, to help out. So, on Sunday, between about 12 noon and 10.30 at night, we worked, with appropriate meal breaks, and power cut breaks :P, to produce this film, shared herewith. This here is an awesome picture of us hard at work, taken by Kiran 😀

Abhay and I, at his house, working on the video


Many many thanks to the Hindi Dept. for their creativity, the Principal and Vice Principal for their support to the teachers and students who were involved in it, and the most of all to each of those thirty odd students who help us to constantly learn and understand – life really is simple, provided you make it so 🙂

I would like to acknowledge at this point, very sincere thanks, to even my nephew and niece Kiran,and  his sister, Lakshmi, for their valuable inputs. It was great fun learning and working on the video – my contribution to the actual structuring is the captions mainly – apart from the PJs and the stories and anecdotes on the side while working. But Abhay sat through the whole thing, despite his cold and cough, to enable me to wrap it up asap 🙂 Here’s a huge round of thanks, with applause to you, young man. You do have great talent, one I hope will find more expression and reach a wider audience 🙂 No more pictures are being shared, for the obvious reason that the entire video is here! It runs to about 26 minutes, and well worth each second it contains! And no, I am NOT biased! Please remember it is the effort of a young lad, an old teacher, and a heart full of enthusiasm and deep respect to all those who guard our borders!

For those who simply want the link, here it is:

I know for sure that it will be a great motivation to not just Abhay, but other students with such talents too, to have your words, and comments here at the blog, or at the video link that is going to be shared. It is a heartfelt attempt, amateur maybe, but presented here with our hearts and head held high – in regard for the brave soldiers who have, time and again, shown us the way in not hesitating to go beyond the call of duty.

Jai Hind

27 July – 28 July, 2014
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Love, and More… :)

I’m a die-hard romantic. Dyed-in-the-wool mush and goo addict that I even have a category for it 😀 And this is why. Each time Love finds a way. Each time I’ve seen love at work, I know it’s just another miracle, living out it’s daily routine. But a miracle, nonetheless 🙂

There is this guy. He is a romantic as well, but hides it well. He had the words, the heart, and sometimes I’ve felt, so very much, the need to be loved, just for himself, for what he is, not what he can be. And found it. Just like that. Love found a way. 🙂 🙂

And she? Just another girl-next-door, you might think. Or a paragon of all-that-it-takes-to-make-dreams-come-true? Way beyond 🙂 But I shall not pigeon-hole her; suffice to say she’s a beauty, inside and out 🙂 🙂

The story? Now, that’s straight out of the Romantic Comedies, and the Mush and Goo he loves, just like I do 😀 Imagine this: her brother’s marriage; he’s the best man. (Oh yeah. Right. You KNOW). He’s at their residence a week in advance, DDLJ ishtyle. Helping with the preparations, ferrying the groom’s dad and his friends around the place. Taking ‘her’ around to do shopping/ beauty parlour visits. He’s generally the Man Friday. And people are ‘talking’ about him and her. Everyone pooh poohs the idea. Her mother, her brother, the groom ie… 😛 And of course, the two. I mean, seriously. And that was not a cover-up. Sounds like that film you saw?

Ok. The wedding is done. The relatives departing. Friends also. And he. But once he’s back at work, even before that, when he spends quality time with his other best friend, Jyo, and his brother, he, while talking, makes THE REALIZATION. This is it. And calls the groom-turned-new-husband. Her brother. Then her parents.  After speaking to her 😀

And she? Well, errrmmmm…. she too. It grows on her, what she is missing. Who, rather 🙂 He calls, after her brother speaks to her. They talk. There is still, of course, the matter of asking her father. That too, soon enough. And, all the while his mother wonders :D, what’s happening! Is it the sane choice? It’s Two States playing out. Only this time, it’s the South Indian Bwoy and the North Indian Gal. But what the heck, she revels in that sorta thing. As does her other offspring 😀 😀

He doesn’t call his mother. His friend does. Her brother, to give the ‘good news’, his privilege he calls it. The mother is rather puzzled, confused, and dying to talk to her son. At that very point in time, her son loses his mobile phone. Dang it! She, the mother that is, is NOT going to say anything till she’s spoken to the lover boy. No sireee! Within half an hour, she gets a call from a new number, from, of course, her son. She says she’ll get back, as she’s in the middle of work, and cannot talk.

Nail-biting nervous hours later, they talk. He talks rather. She queries as to the state of the ’emotion’. Love she believes in. Infatuation? She knows that too.

Knowing, soon enough, that it’s the real thing, she’s at peace. But no matter what she might have thought, no matter at all, it is their life, she knows, and knows too that they would take what decision they did, responsibly.

They did.

And with all of our blessings, they got married. Last year, today. 29 June.


29 June, 2012

Today, they celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The first, I know, of the many they are going to count. As they will the blessings and prayers that come to them from all of us. Me mostly. 😛 And Ashwin and Neeti, and their granparents, Ammai, G’amman, Kiran, Lakshmi, Appu, Paru, Kuttan, Chinnu (from Pet’s Paradise 🙂 ), other family, friends, and all those who love. 🙂

Ammumz, Mush, Viju n Anu, Vinu n Trips , and of course, Ash, with Me :D

Ammumz, Mush, Viju n Anu, Vinu n Trips , and of course, Ash, with Me 😀

With younger two, too - who had a few more months to go :) Ashwin and Neeti :)

With younger two, too – who had a few more months to go 🙂 Ashwin and Neeti 🙂

That’s the US 🙂 above.


With Kiran and Lakshmi

Ammai n Gopimman :)

Ammai n Gopimman 🙂

Arjun, my first born, and Pratibha, my Parukutty, here’s the biggest, most lovingest hug ever, from me. And yet another never-ending stream of prayers and wishes, to flood your life with love, joy, togethernesses 🙂

Arjun has been sailing since the first week of June, and has just returned in time, just in time, to be with Paru for their first 🙂 How glad we are for that!


At Ashwin and Neeti’s Reception 🙂

My darling Paru and Arjun, you are so dearly loved. Stay blessed. And lead each other as you have in your relationship, with equanimity, scaffolding each other, walking side-by-side, with the sun shining out on you always 🙂 Or at least soon after any squall that comes 🙂 🙂

May you be the best you can, to each other. God Bless, always.

28 June, 2013 for 29 June 2013


Incentives :)




Why do we do what we do?

“We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do” James Farmer Sr. – “The Great Debaters”

(Note (Wiki link): The Great Debaters is a 2007 film about the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College in Texas who, in 1935, inspired students to form the school’s first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship.

Directed by Denzel Washington. Written by Robert EiseleWhen the nation was in need, he inspired them to give us hope.)

If you haven’t seen that movie, please do. And another one called “Finding Forrester” 🙂

 Makes sense, I think, to a great extent. Sometimes, the what what we need and want become the same thing. That is joy. That is fruition of a hope, a dream. Sometimes, it is a miracle, especially in this jaded world.

I think of the endless times I’ve cursed where I’m at, especially career-wise, and I wonder what the heck I’m doing here in a world where nothing seems to go down well, from either side of the Teacher’s Table; when kids become aliens and colleagues are no different. Lest I sound defeated, I must assure you this here is just a vent, at the end of a long haul of paper correction combined with a challenging number of marklists to be prepared in the new CCE Format of the CBSE Board. Sibal’s 100 days wala brainchild. It’s good enough, but with the forbidding class strength and the norms to follow, it becomes a nightmare, especially towards the end of the year. It’s also this way because some wonderful workers like me have Procrastination for their worshipful deity. 😛

So, back to my first question. Why am I doing what I do? Apart from the fact that I am ‘trained’ to, (doesn’t that bring that performing trick monkey to mind? 😀 ), and I ‘need’ to, for purely survival reasons, I find reasons. I find incentives, and once I’ve had them for a bit, I find it’s hard to give up this sort of thing. (Hrishi is the one who gave me this idea for the title :D! Thanks Hrishikesh!)

Inspiration, pure and simple. That’s the first one. Whether it’s your usual sixth standard kid who persistently wants to know your birthday, or amazes you with a fully grammatical and awesomely sensible answer to a complicated question; or a tenth standard student who writes, in a composition ( a bio sketch about a teacher), details that you find are so YOU (:D – it was the ‘active on social networking’ and ‘has dogs’ amongst other details), whether it’s the naughtiest kid in class telling your own child, years later, after finishing school, that the only reason he reads is because I hounded him in class to do so… the way that living asset you deal with inspires you is like nothing else.

Affection. In the form of cards, at Christmas and New Year time (I found out that not every teacher got cards :D), little notes at the end of the year, confidences shared, when they are about to leave school, there is so much. You sow very little, you think, till the rich harvest tells you how much you can be proud of… for how they grew themselves up! 🙂

And there comes along a child, someone you were so fond of, but tried hard not to be too obvious about so that the others did not pick on him/her and felt that you were partial – who comes up and gives you a note, nervously, on the last day of school, telling you that what she wanted to say was right there… 🙂 You suddenly feel that ogre-ish is ok too 🙂 🙂 Shrek has seen to that anyway!

sreelakshmi letter 1

sreelakshmi letter 2

At the end of 7th March, when it was officially the last working day for the kids, before they went in for their study holidays, S, from Class VIII came up to me with this letter, shyly 🙂

The Leo in me is flattered no end, and the head says this is just something to perhaps make me value her paper a bit generously. The cynic in me says that. But she’s anyway going to cream the paper, I know, being an outstanding student, and at the end of the year, there is no need to tell me anything at all … except good riddance… 😛 but this really touched me. Have been waiting to share this from that day. It IS inspiration, incentive and the needing and wanting overlapping, for me.(And yes, I did reply. With a Thank You Card, and a Bookmark 🙂 Forgot to scan those!)

And that is how I know, the incentives hereabouts in the job profile in very very undefined and inarticulate ways are powerful. I know I’m where I want to be. For now that is enough. 🙂

31 March, 2013
Online (And thank you Hrishikesh :D)


Dr. T. I. Radhakrishnan, Remembered

dr ti

A yogi is what he would like to be remembered as, I think. And that he was, to a great extent, as described by fellow participants in his endeavours in Science, Medicine, the study of Vedas, the scriptures, and his deep involvement in the Arts and the spiritual engagements that benefit mankind. For one person to be able to cover that breadth is next to impossible, but then, Dr. T. I. Radhakrishnan always seemed to live the impossible.

Such was the influence he had on us, members of the staff, I find myself wanting to share a bit, the tiniest, littlest bit of yet another passionate soul, for in my limited knowledge of and interaction with Dr T I, as we used to refer to him, that is all I can, but all that I must. The urge has been there, since last evening, after I returned home, having paid obeisance to the mortal remains, and prayed for the peace of his soul, earlier in the afternoon.

Dr T I Radhakrishnan passed away yesterday, 25 Februray, 2013, early in the morning. He was 74. No, I shall go into biographical details, for I know so little. What I would like to share is the reason I want to share this. Dr T I was one of those persons who made a difference. Just that. A champion of the undervalued, social worker, culture aficionado, Kathakali expert, an organizer of ‘Athiraathram’ s , an activist for a just cause, a relentless champion of Science and Spirituality, of the Vedic Heritage, and of Sanskrit, and a voracious reader. An admirer of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam too, whom he would refer to as a ‘living rishi’. He had been part of the Bhavan’s family, as parent, initially, and later as part of the Management, an advisor, a counsellor too, for the staff. He was, also, a Doctor of Medicine.

I had been in awe of Dr T I, even before I met him, for his reputation preceded him. I’ve already described a paragon of virtue above, so you would understand how I felt. This larger than life personality was something I had no clue about, till a lot later. What I had been told was the exacting nature he possessed –  perfectionist, an idealist, and a possessor of a vast vast amount of knowledge! Added to it was the information I received that he had very little patience with those who were not prepared and ready with answers, when asked questions pertaining to their own fields. And that he deservedly had an arrogance of that knowledge. I’m not sure how I could accept that – he was probably among the very few I knew who refused to be modest about what he knew! Enough to have us quaking in our shoes!! Me, certainly!

Owing to personal loss, I had a year’s service break, from school, and was assured of a job back, when I returned in exactly 360 days, having found that I was comfortable only in the environs of a school, being with the students there. My vocation rescued me. But I digress. This is about Dr T I.

I was assured of the job alright, but had to go through the entire screening process, down to the final interview and demo class; and the learned panel had his presence. Death was the topic, after I had spoken about my loss, when asked why I had the break. Morbid, this would have been, if someone else handled it. Not the good Doctor. He quoted poetry, and asked about John Donne’s poem, ‘Death, be not proud’ – gauging my response. I held up :D. I spoke of having done PGCTE, at CIEFL, now EFLU. He wanted to know more. So I told him about the methodology, the psycho-lingual aspects, the… – there he interrupted me, and wanted an an example. The only thing I could think of at that point was something about the conundrum in language. Did thought come first, or language? When one thinks, does language play a part? Thinks,as against dreams. And then the discussion went on to dreams. And he asked me a question, tongue-in-cheek, which I remember even today- “Do you dream in colour, Usha Pisharody?” I think I stammered a ‘yes’, as a reply. Why this should be a standout memory, I do not know, except that during the discussion somewhere, I recognized an exhilaration, a seriously curious mind, always absorbing like a sponge. I am certain that he did know more than he let on, but that again, at this point is conjecture. In fact, even as I type this in, I am overwhelmed by a subtle guilt, in case I have got something wrong somewhere, and a subtle anxiety too, that he might just radiate a question or clarification from the other world. 🙂

The next three years, after that point where I got back to being a teacher again, I was part of the SMC (the School Managing Committe, comprising of the Management members, the Principal, a Principal of another school, two teacher representatives, two parent representative etc), and guess who the Chairman of the SMC was! Ummm… right, it was DR T I himself. Oh dear! I never missed a single meeting, even though it would be in the evening, and lasted quite long most days. And never ever stopped feeling anxious each time I had to go for it. Dr T I was a great democrat. 😀 He would insist participation of ALL; 😀 😀 which meant that at meetings, the mike would pass around to EVERYONE who had to share something, or answer a question or give an opinion! And this was also the case for the Staff Meetings he attended. I would, most times, with the audacity of a fool 😆  who should know better, offer responses, because I would be harangued by my neighbours, that he soon learnt my name! After that, meetings became lonely, because no one would want to sit next to me, just in case the good Doctor noticed that he could get some, any, response from me, and the mike may pass to the next teacher! When I look back, I still feel the adrenalin rush. And the wonderful feeling if/when I got an answer right. It was just like being back in class and looking forward to the teacher’s words of appreciation. In fact, if one got an answer right, he would ask the name, make the teacher stand up, and come to the front 🙂

At this point in this long ramble I begin to wonder, am I romanticizing the whole thing?  Am I making Dr T I out to be something he probably would blanch at? And then I pause, and I go back over each of those incidents / the interactions, and I realize, that angry as I might have been on occasion when I thought that something could have been worded differently or expressed diplomatically, by him, it could not have been otherwise. The almost-arrogance that many pointed out, in the way he shared his knowledge, or his opinion, or his perspective, and expected that others would also subscribe to it, came from a very self assured and determined and absolutely instinctive inner self. He had an answer in mind, and almost always it would be true, though there might have been other perspectives. But he was inflexible in that; however, given all that he had within, and shared with us, it is, at this point an excusable shortcoming. For what he said, stood good.

At the last staff meeting I attended, on Teachers’ Day, 5th of September, when the Managing Committee wanted to spend time with us, Dr T I was there, with all the mischief and determination of wanting to set the cat among the pigeons :D. It was, of course, a namesake’s birthday being observed as Teachers’ Day – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s,- and therefore, he had a whole load of questions to ply on us, as we valiantly braved the onslaught of the rapid fire round 🙂 We even had a Dr. S. Radhakrishanan in our midst 🙂 A young Master from our sister school, run by the same Kendra, who held a Sanskrit doctorate 🙂 After the usual ribbing, about his name, Dr T I got to the nitty gritty, asking for names of books that he had written, wanting specific answers, ALL the time. Radhakrishnan Master (I keep wanting to call him Dr. S Radhakrishnan, but owing to the confusion it will create – as if to say I have not already, in this long long ramble- when lay persons confuse the great soul, and the happening soul :D, I shall not!) was called upon to stand in front, once he had given a correct answer, and asked other answers; the questions were then passed ‘democratically’ to us, in the main audience :P! Thanks to a thoughtful first born, I had a Blackberry, with a data plan, and the speed was fairly good 🙂 So, at the next question, regarding a great historical figure he had written about (Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, ie), I googled, got the answer, and said it aloud. Not loud enough. But Dr. T.I. got wind of it… 🙂 He was certainly appreciative, and I felt very guilty, for it was not my knowledge, but google’s vast compendium that helped! I had been wanting to tell him about it, and now I cannot. I do hope he understands! What is the saving grace is that I did learn, and so did many others, and that, finally, is the lesson. Google if you can, ask, if you cannot. Share your knowledge!

At one of the many nail-biting staff meetings, he told us of the five “I”‘s we need to sustain: I’ve even written this down in my little notepad, from years and years ago. :

Intellect, Interest, Information, Intuition and Imagination!

Other gems he oft quoted, were from Charaka :

“What is known is infinitely smaller that what is unknown…”
“We must learn from the sages and the shepherds…”

And his favourite had to be from the introduction to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s “Wings of Fire”, about the divine fire which is there within all of us. And how teachers played the most important of roles in shaping an individual.

He was involved with the Arts, the Cultural Scenario, especially Kathakali, and other forms of art, and of course, with the Literary World. I am an ignoramus, when it comes to the wealth of literature in my mother tongue; Dr T I was a close associate of many of the contemporary and great writers of the time. In fact, when we went to pay our respects, on the afternoon of 25th Feb., the great Malayalam poet, Akkitham, was just leaving after having condoled his passing. But, perhaps a passion with Dr T I, was the Vedas, and the Athiraathram. One of my previous posts, from about two years ago gives a brief understanding of this vedic yagna. Dr T I was the President of the Organizing Committee of the Athiraathram that took place in his native village, in Kundoor, in 1990. He writes about his interaction with a yogi that touched him in this article.  It was a success, as was the Vedic Exhibition he organized a few years earlier, in Thrissur District.

A question on the Vedas would always be directed at the Science teachers; for they were the favourite targets. A Spiritual Scientist, is what he was. Right from the aerodynamic principle to the evolution of species, to the IVF processes we have nowadays, he would say that all of these were in our scriptures those thousands of years ago! We just did not capitalize on it. Therein lay his desire for us to go back and learn, and re invent, and instill that drive and curiosity in the young minds today.

But most of all, the staff at our school share a deep and personal loss in his passing. He was ever the advocate and counsellor and a strong support in our skirmishes and ‘discussions’ with the management on almost all the issues. His guidance and his moral support were invaluable. In a condolence meeting today, at school, it was still difficult for us to come to terms with the fact that we could never again go to Dr. T. I. to air and seek guidance on the problems we had- be it personal, or official. A void. That is all that is left in that space he occupied. My deep condolences to his family, his wife, Dr Nalini, and his three beautiful daughters, the younger two having been former students of our school, all of whom are married now.

And yes. He was doctor. An honest to goodness doctor who treated patients in the most cost effective and generous way possible. Any and every poor man or woman and their family was sure to be treated, and that is something he did almost to the very end. At least till the early part of January, when I visited him to invite him for my younger son’s wedding, and he was in the middle of ‘seeing’ patients. He had a mischievous question – “Is it Kuwait ‘premam’?” I replied no, not at all… very much naadan premam! (premam – love; naadan – a native, countryside, very much here type)

“To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die.”
~Thomas Campbell, “Hallowed Ground”

And so it is with Dr. T. I. Each meeting we shall have he will still participate; each doubt that surfaces in our minds, we shall still go to his memory and excavate; and with each obstacle we face, we shall remember the determination and integrity he stood for, and soldier on.

Rest in peace, Dr. T. I. Radhakrishnan.

26 February, 2013

The newspapers in Kerala were full of tributes to Dr. T I Radhakrishnan. A few links:
The Mathrubhumi, 26th Feb, digital paper, front page
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A mention in the Kochi Edition of The Hindu, page 3



And when the last show has been done
And the curtain falls, one last time, on the night
And the stage, abandoned, except for those who
Lurk on the edges, undoing the glorious garb it wore

When, the people slowly pour out, in the
First great wave, than a trickle, as the flow
Is damned, in loud, then hushed riposte
If ever you could, hushed…

When only your other self, that wowed remains
Ethereal, formless on the emptied stage
You sigh.
The high, of having been that form
The regret of now leaving it behind

And always, the yearning.

Why did it have to end?

11 February, 2012