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In Two lines

How fortunate; Illiterate, my heart is, in the ways of subterfuge

For that education shall cost me everything I have always treasured: love.

21 April, 2015

Day#21 of #NaPoWriMo



Upon the Futility of Expectations

Well, yes, she says
It’s only human
(And I’m just a person)
To have them expectations.

Yes, he agrees, yes.
(Human? I can’t even begin to tell you!)
I, of course, am NOT a person.

See? This is JUST what I mean.
She attempts to draw out,
Dramatically, why he SO is.

Typical, he snorted, just typical.

Can you not be but repetitive?

Ah. Now, that is what I am?

That’s not a question.
You just made a statement
With a parenthetical interrogative.

So, I am?

Are you?

I’m what you expect me to be
All the time, anyway.
So, is there any other way to be?

That conversation above
Is what I’m privy to.
As Creator, it’s hard, you know
(Parenthetical interrogative, in place
I’m learning, you see)
To block out these
Conversations you’re NOT having.

Your bodies talk too much.
You don’t.

And, them expectations?
If I told you what I had,
And where you’re at…

Ah. The wisdom of a Creator
Is always in question,

When the outcomes
Are as human as you.

20 April, 2015

Day#20 of #NaPoWriMo
I’m unhinged. I’d be the first to admit it. You’re permitted to, of course, join me. 😀


The Ballad of the One Who Stayed

I watched “The Lunchbox” recently and was reminded of this write here, called “The Nit Picker’s Ballad”, which I then shared on my Facebook Wall. That in turn brought me a couple of requests for a different ending… or the extrapolation of the narrative with a different ending. Here goes 🙂

On the shores, bereft, he stood
(Though it should be she
He having left at her honesty
At her gift of love)

Gazing long at the loyal waves
That came back again and again
Asking him, beseeching sometimes
To find his peace.

He was young, they seemed to say
Love will come around,
Their quiet murmur consoled
The soft splash had nothing to do
Really, with the twin trails of tears
That found their way down his eyes.

Oh no! Not love. Not forever.
He knew they did not exist.
It was a lesson he was taught.

A niggling doubt, a tiny seed sown
By her yearning eyes. Her silent plea.
By her unshed tears, and brave smile
As she watched him back away.
As she watched, and did not cling.
Did not pursue.

Was he wrong?
Must he unlearn?
He would try, he had to try
He knew.
Else there would be no way
To ease the agony of his heavy heart.

Back he went, his footprints
Erased by each happy wave
That egged him on, to seek, to love
Then hold on, and never give up
Or give in, to the
Traitorous thoughts that reneged
On faint promises made to himself!

He followed, swift, the trail of wet prints
In the soft moist sand, landwards
Till he came upon her, seated
Knees drawn up, chin on knee
A faraway sadness enveloping…
In the shadows of her thoughts,
And the small fishing boat!

May I sit? hesitant, he asked.
Mute, she nodded.
May I simply hold your hand?
His voice trembled as he asked.

I couldn’t stand for you to then leave, she said
I won’t, a soft whisper from him, if you’ll let me stay.

Let you stay? When did I ask you to leave?
You walked, away, away…
And will you, again? she did not look at him
As her pain reached out and pierced his heart.

I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t leave…
I went away, but couldn’t leave,
Hoarsely he repeated over and over…
There were loveless shores of such emptiness
He’d wandered, that he knew, unlearned,
And learned yet again…

Trust or not, Love or not,
Forever or not…
His survivor’s heart needed her saviour’s heart…

And as they simply held hands
Leaned into each others’ love,
A flash of insight struck his mind –
He who was doomed to wander ever
Would now find safe harbour

In his sails wafted promises of another day
Another moment, another soul
To love, to be loved.

How glad he was
He chose to stay!

Online, 29 June, 2014

Under 500 words. 😀


Settling into my skin

… is easier said than done!

When you know you
No matter that others don’t
Or perhaps can’t
And sometimes won’t!

Do you know you?

Do I know me?
Existential questions aside
I find I always surprise-
Sometimes the daylights 😛 –
Right out of me 😀

And then I find
I need to mould again
Moult too, at times
As monstrous as it seems

Exfoliate, perhaps, not just my skin
But my soul, and seek afresh
A cleaner, leaner self.

The quest, for me, I know
Shall go on…

The Holy Grail shall I find,
That too, is known 🙂
So, what of it?

That’s quite the least of it.

What matters, is just this.

To know, and love,
Each new me.

29 May, 2014
As always, absurd, and online with it 😛



When you would have me
Still, and restful, and serene
I cannot help but shift, drum fingers
And move to a rhythm in my head.

When you ask that I simply exist
Unleavened, and therefore, unpounded
How – How, I ask, can I be that
Which I can’t. Ever.

You may have left that fizz aside.
But boy, have I got enough, within!
That niggles, and nudges, and
Slowly, then steadily, and rapidly
Bubbles forth.

You wanted a model;
Perhaps a mendicant, of the soul;
That you could, then mould.
But- May I, myself, form into the
Shapes of my dreams?

Mould into them,
Lest I mold.

4 June, 2013
Online. In anticipation, of cross-currents, and cross-wiring.
Sigh. I know. I’m in need of some rest 😛