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… in utterances, and actions.

Suddenly, no one is sure of anything

Consult enough experts
Confirm any opinions

And stumble on,
Leaning on another’s shoulder
Led by a blind man’s hand.

Only, let me tell you
That it’s better being blind

Than being so lame.

14 February, 2015

Day#11 of #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂february ramblings



february ramblings

Ever so often, these days quite the norm I think, this is part of my life. Take, for example, this morning, while on exam duty for the Model Exams going on in school, this word popped into my head. That’s a pretty dangerous thing, jumping into my head, and that too, at moments when my head needed to be clear and all, watching pens scratching furiously on paper. Let me also admit that I had a sudden blanking out as to the exact meaning. 😀 Duh. That is a confession, coming from me, ain’t it? Go on, boo me a little. However, and this part is important, imagine how the meaning caught up with the words, and the words I had to write once it popped into me head. So there I was again, doodling words, while watching them kids 😀



An intriguing word, wouldn’t you say?
A word, perhaps to happen to pass by?

In pages full of fun,
Or maybe sore and grevious pain…

But there, then
Just then

Out pops that word
Taking mark

Holding stance
Happening to chance

Or chancing to happen?
Oh, whatever!

My eyes, they scour possibilities
And my childlike mind claps in glee!

What if I put a batsman’s gear
On Happen, and let him take stance?

Such glee! Such mirth spills out
At such a nonsensical thought 😛

Else, perhaps, there stands Happen
Netaji cap and all, muffler wound about thehead 😛

Taking a stance, and stands triumphant
Happen stands victorious, shout his fans, uproarious 😀

On a more curious note
Were it to populate

A modern day Alice in Wonderland?
No! No! Murder! Fire! would shout England!!!

Or maybe America
Yeah. Maybe. D’ya think? Sorta! 😛

However, whatever-
I must say, my morning’s brighter

Having chanced upon
The word Happenstance! 😛 😛

6 February, 2015.

Day#6 of Ramblings In February. I am so loving this nonsense.

Incidentally, I checked the word, and discovered what I have always believe in, there is no, NO, NO coincidence! 😀 😀


Microblog Mondays 8: Keeping the Night at Bay

… was Buttercup; and that finally, in a brilliant series for the Young Adult, and even me, picky-icky (questionable, you might say), was the undoing. I never knew when the tears crept out, and my breath caught. There were many adjectives that I have been going through to describe that experience, of having read those books: searing, singeing, hurting, all the while knowing myself to be strangely vulnerable to an assault of emotions.

It’s the thing about getting back to reading after an absolute aeon. 🙂 Don’t ask me why I picked that, that story to read, but soon enough (a few tiny pages on the mobile reading app really 😛 ) I was hooked by the fantasy, the easy reading, the characters, and a connect; a strange connect indeed, at the end of the third book of the trilogy. It has been the fastest I’ve devoured  books, and that too in the middle of endless scripting and practising and sheer exhaustion due to the annual day functions at school. My reading app on the mobile (yes yes yes, I read on a darned mobile- now you know how starved for reading I was and how intrigued this story kept me!! 😀 ) kept motivating by endless stats and awards! 😀

The books as always, beat the movies hands down; even so, I’m looking forward to how the third part is conceptualized. I suppose you’ve realized which trilogy by now, if you’re the kind of reader who notices the categories and tags. If not, I’m sure you’ll tell me 😀

2 February, 2015

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Shail’s “February of ramblings” 🙂 (click on the picture to read more 🙂 )

february ramblings


Edited to add (which wasn’t earlier, because it slipped my mind 🙂 ):

The epub files, and the reading app were recommended by a former student 🙂 Rasheen, thank you so very much! I’m now on ‘Northern Lights’, to be followed by the GoT. 😀 😀





Microblog Mondays 7 – Flying High

The slump in the number of posts here, and the blogger’s visit to her own site notwithstanding, she is here today to tell you of Flight, and the magic it has lent to a certain young man, with whom she remembers, she visited, (he a schoolboy, she being a college going girl) an Aircraft Display/Exhibition at the Jalahalli Airport way back, maybe thirty plus years ago! 🙂


(Click on the picture to read the full article at The Hindu website – Tamil Nadu edition)

That young lad is my younger brother, now Captain Vinod Kumar Pisharody, who has been featured on this blog too, here (LINK) and here (LINK), before The Hindu paper caught up with him 😀 😀 . He has to be one of the most upright and generous souls on Earth I know of. As  idealistic and principled as he is, which makes him a sort of revered figure ( a terror too, which kind of runs in the family, with his elder brother and sister purported to be so too 😛 😛 ), he’s just as playful and audaciously witty, quite apart from being the best amateur professional baker I know; the pictures he sends of croissants, dinner rolls, glazed buns, cupcakes, all with awesome frosting, and the bread pizza… good gawd… he is rather well… AWESOME!

He’s a pilot, who takes you on his flight, in word pictures he creates, simplifying the thermodynamics, telling you of constellations (I shall never forget the Orion 🙂 the hunter, the points, the belt!), cloud patterns and contours, and oh so very very much! This recognition as was his taking charge of his earlier squadron, in my very personal opinion, and that of my father 😀 , nothing to do with the red tape and bureaucracy please note, has been long in its arrival!

As the CO of the INS Rajali, he continues to take the Air Station to greater heights, while he trims, tacks, rolls, and soars with the grace only he is capable of. The words that come from him are worth their weight in gold, and I don’t think we do them that honour enough; I hope more will now 🙂 🙂

Godspeed Vinu; You’re simply the best!

26 January, 2015

Another 26 January brought this, to my elder brother 🙂 (LINK)

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Microblog Mondays 6: The Gift of Memories

This is one impromptu post; but one that has been prodding relentlessly; urging fingers to take charge of the words that linger, lean and push one to let them free from captive thoughts.

Over the past couple of months memories have surfaced more than usual, with the personal loss of a dear dear friend, guide, colleague; and two beloved father-figures. Even when one believes that it is time to let go of someone, something, some very strong tie, most times, prevents one from doing just that. There are, one believes, things left undone, still more to be done, people to meet, things to say, things to undo… it never is the time to let go. And this, with people who, some say, “have lived a full life” – I myself am guilty of using that cliche once too often, at least thinking that, in consolation to myself.

So to the memories that visit – and often- I welcome them, I really do; some visits are so real, I wonder if I’m in a time-warp, so much so that at times I’ve pinched myself just to be sure. That, probably, was the reason I really loved “Inception”, and wrote this (LINK).

Loss is personal; it is private; it sharpens the moments you have framed within, a sliver of thought, sometimes, and a lot of affection surges within, without, with the torrent of tears, maybe, laughter- the gift that this is, if you accept them moments, relived, is something else.

Remember, memories can be gifts too.

8 December, 2014

Written for Microblog Mondays 🙂

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