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Vishu- വിഷു

Sols and Deeps, this is just for you. I know how much you two love this sort of a thing 🙂 🙂

This is also for my MOM 🙂

Today is special. It is Vishu. It is also my EB’s birthday 🙂 (Elder Brother). Happy birthday to another special Arien, and also to a year, reborn again, bringing with it hope for a better tomorrow.

കൈ നിറയെ കൊന്ന പൂവും, നിറപറയും, നിലവിളക്കും, മനസ്സുനിറയെ സ്നേഹഹവുമായി വിഷുവിനെ വരവേല്‍ക്കാം … 🙂

If you are seeing the above in “????” or a whole lot of little squares, you probably do not have the malayalam font! I’ll just transliterate for you, in English.. “Kai niraye konna poovum, niraparayum, nilavilakkum, manassuniraye snehavumaayi vishuvine varavelkkam ”

Meaning to say:

“With our hands and hearts full of the beauty, and the golden sheen of the konna flowers (cassia fistula, or indian laburnum), the fullness of a nirapara ( a measure of paddy, in golden grain), and the light of a lamp lit on the morning of Vishu, let us welcome it with our hearts full of love…”

A nirapara looks like this 🙂

(Have taken the image from a search engine, and it belongs to flickr.com )


The Kani Konna (- Cassia Fistula, a lot like the laburnum) is the flower of Vishu. Gorgeous chandelier like flowers in the sunshiniest yellow golden, filling the tree, our eyes and our hearts, come Vishu 🙂 It is the key to the Vishu Kani (what you ought to see- kani- the first thing when you open your eyes on Vishu day 🙂 )Here is the tree, at my parents, taken about a week ago… a beautiful sight!

The Vishu Kani, mom’s

The lamp at the nearest end, is called a Maadambi (മാടമ്പി)- It is pretty ancient, a family heirloom,  has a wooden stand, on which is placed the brass lamp. Mom uses it only on special occasions. The nilavilakku is at the far end, on the other side of the uruli (ഉരുളി), the brass basin in which the kani is arranged. The pic above is when she arranged it, and below, when it was time for the kani, at 4 am 🙂

Incidentally, I was tweeted as to why a mirror is placed in the vishukani. I have been told it is because we need to see ouselves, the best in ourselves, to appreciate the Godhead in us, as we prepare to start a new year, with this auspicious sight! It figures then, I think that you need to love yourself, and respect yourself, to be able to see in oneself the Godhead, isn’t it? I like that viewpoint, immensely 🙂 🙂

The chakka (ചക്ക)… jackfruit, is then taken out, after the kani (കണി), and facing eastwards, it is cut 🙂 That is mom doing it the naadan (നാടന്‍), the traditional way with a mazhu (മഴു).. or axe 🙂 And below, the halves arranged, for a few seconds left as it is 🙂 🙂

I am also told, that Vishu begins the cycle of rain patterns, the njattuvela (ഞാറ്റുവേല)… 🙂 Today marks the ashwathy njattuvela (അശ്വതി ഞാറ്റുവേല), and it is likely to rain soon 🙂 Each of the 27 stars has its own pattern, with the rohini, makayiryam, thiruvathira, (രോഹിണി, മകീരം, തിരുവാതിര) bringing in the most amount of rain, which is so essential for the farmers.

Today is also the day when it is most auspicious to sow a few seeds, being the ashwathy njattuvel 🙂 ((അശ്വതി ഞാറ്റുവേല))

*Whew! Wipes sweat off her brow* This has been satisfying, but hard work. Finding a transliteration page to work with, and finally opening the google transliteration malayalam page, to write there, and copy paste the malayalam here. But it seems to be worth it!

Have a wonderful year ahead, everyone!

സര്‍വ ഐശ്വര്യങ്ങള്‍ കൂടിയ വിഷുദിനാശംസകള്‍

സ്നേഹപൂര്‍വ്വം …

Wishing the best of the season, for Vishu, greetings and blessings…

With love

Ushus 🙂

15 April, 2010

Edited to add on 18th April, 2010:

Found this video, of a favourite song , in Malayalam, Kani Kaanum neram (കണി കാണും നേരം കമല നേത്രന്ടെ) on Sindhu’s FB wall 🙂 Thanks Sindhu 🙂 Just to share, because I know those who love this song will certain find it in the right post 🙂



*This one is for the SB… 🙂 who makes me realize each day, how much more I have to learn, appreciate, and love 🙂 Thanks a zillion, sweetheart 🙂

Now that I am officially twenty-five years old, the X-files option to disclose is finally here!

By the way, why does to reveal have a word like “disclose”, to express it? Strange are the ways of the English Language! This will further get me into rambling about the vagaries of a favourite language of mine, so I had better stop before I start! 😛

Ah! You’re still here, and reading? Maybe you’re wondering what on earth I am going to disclose… 😉 Just a status message on Facebook, by the SB wishing his brother a Happy Birthday, that goes like this 🙂

Happy b’day Arjun Muralidharan on ur 25th 🙂 It was nice growing up with someone like you, – someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on! 🙂 😛 😀 Hav a great yeah ahead!!

And his response?

Thanks bro.. wat do i say.. cudn hav done it without you. All those years, those games, those rides.. seems like it was yesterday and i sure do wish like hell it will remain like that forever. Though i shud say, i hate it wen u keep growing up.. i always wish ud remain “chotu” Love u loads.. BRO

I am reminded of the song, from Ram Lakhan, “Mere Do Anmol Ratan”, that I love so much.

That’s them… 🙂

And what I feel most blessed is that the SB has found words, to express so beautifully his feelings! Prouder yet again, am I, of him :), for he has borne the brunt of many a dark day I have gone through, being there for me, always, but always… 🙂 And though we fight the hardest, 😛 :P, I know he will be the one who will pull me through the fires I burn in 🙂 🙂

Ash 🙂 You’re the coolest, most happening person, ever 🙂 Thank you, for you 🙂

And though I don’t need to say it… Love you… 🙂

13 April, 2010


I am twenty-five… :D!

What a liar! How can she go public with such a blatant untruth?!

Pssst… well, when you think of it, do you think…? Naah! How the heck?

Lol! The moment those familiar with this space read this blog post title, these must have been the thoughts that flitted through their minds? I’m just double-guessing, but I guess I probably would too… :D!

Well truth be told, this is true, you know. Maa kasam! (Pun intended :P- you’ll figure out the pun soon enough! 😆 ) I wrote about the first of the twenty-five birthdays on this very space, about a year ago. In fact that post still holds the record of the highest number of hits for a post, ever, on Overdrive :). I loved writing it, and also, this one, on A Quest, the other blog I am at 🙂

By now, hopefully, the truth of the title will have been accepted without doubt! I wanted to share this here, and today, because the FB has gone public on Facebook about this very event! (FB as in First Born, please note 🙂 )

The Sun Child write is very special one, for it worked magic 🙂 It was written years before the FB was born, and at that time, even the thought of marriage was far from my mind :P! The magic is that he turned out exactly the way I describe My Sun Child… not at all fussy, gregarious, pet lover, still dreamy… 🙂 Each time I read it, I am amazed at the way things turned out! He is an Arien, a Sun Child too!

He celebrated the occasion with his friends on Marine Drive, cake cutting and smashin and sploshing on his face… why they do this is beyond me, still! :o!

We, ie the SB and I celebrated too. We baked chocolate cakes and made it into a Black Forest (or so I like to call it… 😛 )… complete with whipped cream and cherries.. though we forgot the chocolate shavings… 🙂 Here’s how it happened:

Two chocolate cakes baked in a pressure cooker 🙂

Layered over each other, and slathered with whipped cream, on an overturned steel plate 🙂

Piping around the edges with Mehendi cone like apparatus made out of plastic covers, for lack of the real things :P!

More decorations… and finally…..


Now you will perhaps agree the blog post is not lying 🙂 🙂

12 April, 2010


For the Love of Music- Part II

For the Love of Music- Part I

This is a music oriented post 🙂 But, [a nice term I picked up at OG’s space :P] Mallu-centric :P!

This is part II, of Nimmy’s Tag. To share with you 10 songs from two languages, that are personal favourites. I have already shared the English Songs, HERE 🙂

This is Part II- a few Malayalam Favourites 🙂 There will be many who may not follow the language, but then they say, don’t they, that the language of Music is Universal?

For those who do listen to Malayalam songs, I do hope you will find favourites here as well… 🙂 As said earlier, this is only a list of a few that came to my mind, and I know that I shall find more to add. However, Nimmy has very clearly said, on 10!
1. Manushyan Mathangale Srishtichu, by Yesudas

This has to be one of the simplest, most profound, and most telling songs on the times we now pass through. This evergreen, priceless song, as treasured for its music as for its lyrics, and not to mention the gorgeous voice of Yesudas, speaks of how man created religions which then created Gods, and together, the three entities divided the land and hearts of men! The famous trinity of Devarajan Master [music composer], Vayalar  [lyricist] and singer, Yesudas have come together to create this historical song, so filled with a worldly and universal wisdom. This has to be all time Song No. 1!!! 🙂

2. Kannadi Koodum, from the film, Pranayavarnangal [starring Manju Warrier, Divya Unni, Suresh Gopi], a sweet romantic film, with some great songs.

The ever so slight, graceful and beautifully rhythmic bobbing of the head, Manju’s, is believed to have been her own addition to the choreography, because the music, the rhythm , the beat of the song simply made her do that while dancing. It is one of the most entrancing performances, and that too impromptu, that I have seen 🙂 KS Chitra’s voice is superb as always, but this one song it becomes so very charming too!

3. Ethrayo Janmammayi, from the film, “Summer in Bethlehelm”

This video does not show the song itself, but clippings from the film, which was a superhit, several years ago 🙂 The humming by Sujatha, and her singing, along with Yesudas is simply melodious. And the lyrics are a romantic’s dream 🙂 🙂 [Translated to mean: I have been looking for you in so many lifetimes… I have so much of love -ishtam- for you… :P!]

4. Enthu paranjaalum nee endethalle vaave 🙂 from “Achuvinte Amma”. Meera Jasmine and Urvashi come together is this lovely family story 🙂

Simply translated the song is a sort of lullaby, a gentle rumination of lovely memories of a mother about her daughter, who is upset with her, and has left home… 🙂 She sings, “No matter what you say, you will always be my baby 🙂 ”

5. Yesudas’s “Arayanname” from Vasanthageethangal [Evergreen Songs], which is not from any film, but a collection of non film songs 🙂

This celebrates the Swan, believed to have been the messenger between the lovers Nala and Damayanti, in the story of Nalacharitam 🙂

6. The Bucket Rap… howlarious song put together by the students of CET, Trivandrum [Oye, OG, ariyaathirikillallo :P!]

7. From “Chitram“, a Mohanlal starrer, this beautiful classical song 🙂

8. Sukhamaanee nilaavu, from “Nammal”, sung by Jyotsna, a young lady, who just passed out of our school about 4 years back 🙂 She won the state award for the song 🙂

How lovely is this moonlight and the light breeze, and when you are beside me, the evening becomes magical… 🙂

9. From “Mazhathullikkilukkam” [the tinkling sound of falling rain drops :)], this absolutely gentle melody 🙂 “Therirangum Mukile

The lyrics again here, are just lovely, as is the mellifluous voice of Jayachandran.

10. The trinity [Vayalar-Devarajan-Yesudas] again, with “Aayiram Paadaswarangal Kilukki” from “Nadhi” an old film, that was a hit 🙂

This has been a landmark film that Prem Nazir acted in 🙂

So that is it, for now, with this tag! Now, Nimmy has asked only for two languages, but this is getting to be so very interesting, that I am going to do part III later, with Hindi songs… Till then au revoir; pinne kaanam [will see you later :)]

Enjoy the music, for it is, as the Bard said, the food of love 🙂

27 May, 2009

Edited to Add:

A few favourites from Ajit, OG 🙂

Nee manimukilaadagal, from Vellithira, starring Prithviraj and Navya Nair 🙂

Ariyaathe ariyaathe, from Ravanaprabhu, starring Mohanlal and Vasundhra Das 🙂

Swayamvara chandrike, from Chronic Bachelor 🙂 Rather funny, this song :P!