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A Thousand Full Moons

… is believed to be what one is blessed to have lived through by the time one reaches the ripe and wise age of 84. You now celebrate a Shathabhishekam. So goes the folklore. 🙂 Mathematical calculations et al with tell you something different, as my father is fond of saying… he says before you reach your 82nd birthday, you ought to have completed the 1000 full moons wala anniversary 🙂 However it may be, for the purpose of revering our elders and perhaps for celebrating their being with us the 84th birthday is considered to be the culmination of having been blessed to live through a thousand beautiful full moons. I love that thought actually – more than calling it what it is, I rather like the full moon analogy 🙂 There is magic in it… 🙂

Magic that was seen at work today, 29August, 2014 when we came together to celebrate my father, whose birthday it was this day, according to our Lunar Calendar, the ‘nakshatras’ and raashis of the Malayalam Calendar. Daddy has a blessed birthday each year, when the entire Mallu Land, everywhere celebrates the occasion – it falls on the Aththam nakshatram, in the month of Chingam – the day that marks the onset of the Onam Celebrations each year – we say “Atham pathth, Onam” – meaning, ten days from Aththam, is Onam 🙂

For a change, the blog tradition comes with news of the celebration, instead of the anticipation 🙂 There wasn’t much by way of doings but more by way of being together. It is always a rare occasion when my parents’ three children are able to be with them, at the SAME time, and happily we made it happen this time. What would have been awesomer yet was having all the grandkids too, and the great granddaughter too – another occasion for that, as my FB and family, and SB and family were badly missed. More to look forward to, when we do get together, ALL of us 🙂

It was a real celebration more so because it was quiet, intimate and cosy 🙂 Just under 80 people, but it seemed like a lot more – probably because each one was quite filled with affection and respect for my father, and a whole lot of it spread and added cheer to the occasion. Joy share is always, always, joy doubled, and likewise, sorrow shared is most certainly sorrow halved 🙂 The occasion is testimony to it all 🙂


So, to the Birthday Boy 🙂 And that he is. A boy, I know, still at heart, who enjoys the good laugh, the mischief in his eyes when he gently, subtly sometimes pulls a leg or two 🙂 Simple enjoyment in things even now. But it most certainly wasn’t always this way! The responsibilities of life and living, taken on very early in life, did not leave much room for simple pleasures of life – there was much to do, much to study, ladders to climb, a family and an extended family to take care of – in the course of it all be committed and dedicated in the service of the nation – having been in the Indian Navy, since a young lad of seventeen. 1942 – a “Boy” in the Navy, slowly working his way up, by dint of self propulsion of hard work and focus, all the time spreading the knowledge he himself acquired to others as well 🙂 That sense of giving, if at all any of us, his children, have is because of our parents – Daddy and Mummy – who live that ideal of humility.

As young children, we were a bit scared of Daddy, and an awe too – he had a serious mein,  – a perfectionist he was, and still is 🙂 And expectations of us were high- almost always never achieved by me, though my brothers are of a different breed altogether when it comes to achievements 😛 Remember me? The HAM of the sandwich 😛 😛 So it was easier, I guess for me, as it seemed okay to perform under par, most times 🙂 🙂 But then, this is typical, na? Daddies of the before before days were more or less like this 🙂

However, after his first grandchild, my FB, arrived, well there was a SEA change 🙂 And now, when one thinks of how much more he has opened up, there is a sense of wonder in way it happened. Arjun, my first born, has single-minedly gone about shattering facades of stoic, serious people – my father-in-law too… who never would speak much, became so very talkative, after Arjun arrived 🙂 So too with Daddy 🙂 Ah! The wonder of a grandchild to undo even the most taciturn of grandparents 😀 😀 Saw THAT happening right before my eyes 🙂

From then there has been no looking back! Daddy, the person now, is such a talkative soul 🙂 we say that no one is spared – workers who come to our home, auto/car drivers – anyone 🙂 I think it has to do with finally being okay with removal of masks as well 🙂 🙂 You need to have on sometimes, and then when you finally understand you did not need it al all… well, what a revelation that is!

Daddy has been an inspiration throughout – whether as a role model, an instigator of better practices in living, in being organized, and the sheer ability to do so many things – from sewing, to wiring, to carpentry, and now at this age, working on excel sheets on the computer! And of course, how NOT to be a CID episodes TV addict 😀 😀 Well, each of us has our undoing, don’t we? 😛 😛

Daddy you are the best though! To rehash the Bard’s words on Cleo

Age cannot wither you, nor custom stale
Your infinite variety: other men pale
When seen beside what you have achieved
Become shadows, true, of what you are, and wish perhaps
To beyou when they be this wise, and this blessed in years 🙂

Birthday Wishes, Daddy, from all of us, in this picture, and the ones who should have been here too – Arjun, Pratibha, Naina, Ashwin, Neeti, Appu, Paru, Kuttan, Mia, and the ones before, Bunny, Ammini, Kunhi, Chinnu ❤ ❤

The Family Wishes You, Daddy :)

The Family Wishes You, Daddy 🙂



Daddy’s Eightieth Birthday, here 🙂

My Parents’ Golden Anniversary, the same year, here and here 🙂


29 August, 2014, for 30 August, 2014


And today is yet another Happie Happie DAY 🙂 My precious DIL ❤ ❤ celebrates HER birthday! Happy Day, Neetikutty!

Hers, here and here 🙂

Birthday wishes, dearest Neetikutty!

Birthday wishes, dearest Neetikutty!


When my eyes close

… at the end of each day, I resist. And force them open. I remember that song from Aerosmith, part of the OST of “Armageddon” that I have always loved, “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.

I know you’ll love this song too. I know we have the mushy forever, that Stephanie Meyer glorified, and Edward and Bella played out. I know we have no reason to repeat those quiet and soulful sweet nothings we always do. I know. You know too.

Yet we do, don’t we? When our eyes close at the end of the day, literally, we still do. And hold those moments a bit longer. Let it linger on our lashes, as they intertwine. I can see you, as you read this you tilting your head, and wondering at that picture. Like, lashes intertwining? Ours? The Physics of it. You’ll ask. I’ll show you, I tell you. When. When? You’ll prompt. Ahan. When. I’ll murmur.

How I love these conversations. Especially when you go on one of your you-only road trips. The ones that you say you want me along too. But I do understand how much you want to do that in your space, in your time, in your heart – which of course carries mine, while staying here with me! You’re going to smile that smile now, aren’t you? And discuss more Physics, with the next call? I love physics, especially our kind, the times we discuss the how of things, ultimately deciding, yes. Yes. Anything’s possible, so long as we two are in on it! I’m going to hit send now. 🙂 Without saying the obvious.


When my eyes open

… it is your message in the inbox I find, after groping for and putting on my glasses. I simply lie back and taste you in words; feel those lashes too. I’ll take your Magic over any Physics, any day love. Don’t you know it too? I’ll look up that song, and even though I don’t know it, I shall save it as your ringtone. Your forever is mine too. Duh. So who’s Stephanie Meyer? Someone who borrowed ours? And took all the money for it? I can hear you laugh, I can! I wish I could touch it too.

This space, this world, this me, dear one, is you too. Because you give it to me. And your world of your music and stories is just as much mine, when you tell them to me; when you sing them in those heartbeats of yours, and in the passion of your eyes. That is education enough for me, in case you wondered. I remember you quoting a line from some poem you loved; strange, or is it really?, that I remember only this much- Give to me the life I love and let the lave, or love?, go by me… then something to do with wealth and stuff, and finally, the Heaven above and the road below me. It stirs something within me, as I remember. Suddenly I want to simply sit with you, and listen to you reciting it to me. Explaining. Your hands thrown up, this way and that, as you emphasize your ideas. The way you poke me when you think I’m not paying attention. You know I’m there don’t you?


The only sound at that moment was quiet laughter, along with happy sighs. She calls him as day had begun for each. When suddenly she opened her ears too. A tap on her door. A familiar song. Not really!


Hi! he says. I’ve come to test the physics of the Theory of the Eyelashes. I’ve also brought you tea.

The Day dissolves into more magical Physics. 🙂

10 August, 2013


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

… that you can’t scale. You know that don’t you?

There ain’t no river wide enough, or no valley deep enough, as that famous song goes; except that this has to do with you believing, and reaching for the diamonds in the sky, and holding them triumphantly aloft!

Dearest Chots

We’re here, once again, at another threshold 🙂 Another birthday – a doorway, a window. Never a dead-end, ever. And never a milestone, for that is for those who measure notches on girdles of deeds 🙂 We’re a class apart. Zany, ain’t we? Knowing that this day is but a liminal (more here – link) – one that happily, gently, lifts you with such an expression of utmost joy onto a greater, deeper, inter-connectedness with oneself and the love of others!

More than stepping from a number to the next, it is the flowing from a moment to momentuousness. I love birthdays – I love the love that is spread thick; the joy that flavours it; the elation frosted over, sometimes tiny explosions of sheer euphoria that sparkle and then waft in thin wisps before they descend into the ordinariness of a celebration 🙂

I realize that such a threshold, a liminal, is where you are at, this day, my dearest Chots 🙂 As you look back, and gather strength from all of us, our love and fierce unadulterated support in ALL that you do, you need to look forward and up, and fly into the wonder of opportunity; to remember how strong you really are; how gifted; how focussed 🙂

So, at this doorway to a new year, I can just imagine you standing, (posing? With shades? 😛 😛 ), looking out, one hand in your pocket, perhaps your Jacket pushed back, leaning against the door jamb, surveying, probably the undulations ahead 😀 😀 *private joke* 😀 😀 Lol! I can never ever traverse the length of NH47, esp. the Kodagara flyover without recalling you telling me why the curve is slanting upward, and ofcourse, the level of the road 😛 😛 So, the doorway. We are there, now 😀 Looking out. Counting days. Living light. Till when you get to carry more love into the year, spend it freely and lavishly, and thereby acquire more, as you move onto that Road of Next Year!

Couldn't have said it better, these two! I wish I could photoshop Kutts saying this :D

Couldn’t have said it better, these two! I wish I could photoshop Kutts saying this 😀

Typical Amma talk-blog na? There she goes again, with her pep talk, and Kuttus you-can-do-it-wala-stuff 😛 Can’t help it! Missing you so very much, this year. Dunno why, but there it is!

This inspiring song says it best 🙂 I wonder if you know that is my ringtone for your call 🙂

You’re the littlest of the four, but somehow the go-getter of the lot 🙂 The dreams you cherish, and the aspirations you hold, they quite set you apart! May all of them dreams, and them aspirations be but a blip on the vast canvas of your achievements, dear Chottukutta 🙂
I pray and hope that each tiny wish you make is what you live.
That nothing ever dares to cross your path, when you’re driven, or driving 😀
May Sunny Skies, and Smiling Clouds by the skyscape of your life
May it rain too, loads and loads of love, and joy and giggles and chuckles, and tickles, and spellings…! *private joke* 😛 And I’m already guffawing! I know Arjun will be, too 😀

Happy Birthday my dearest Ashwin ❤
Miss you ever so much – and love you all the more ❤

I’m stealing Neeti’s pic to you, this night 😀 I love the love and laughter in this photo; the two of you ❤


God bless!

Love, ever and always


2 August, 2014, for 3 August, 2013

Birthday Blog Tradition posts for Ashwin, over the years from 2009 :

Also, the momentous 500 th post on this blog! Saved that one for you Ashwin 🙂 ❤


500 th post on A Quest on Overdrive... :)

500 th post on A Quest on Overdrive… 🙂


Commemoration of Kargil Vijay Divas

… at my school, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir was a deeply moving experience this year. It is the fifteenth anniversary of that conflict, fought on the snow covered, harsh terrains of the mountainous regions of the Kargil, Drass and Batalik sectors of Kashmir. A period of time when we sat at home, glued to our TV sets, following what perhaps later came to be known as the the pioneering “live coverage” of such an event – a war to be precise. It was a time when we watched, hearts in our mouths, and experienced first hand, almost, the despair, the sorrow, and even the hardiest cynic doffed his hat in respect to our soldiers who lived that line of daring to go where the brave fear. A memory that is an unhealed sore, even though we have declared victory, especially if you had lost someone dear, or knew of someone who did.

July 26, 1999, when the conflict was done with, and victory was ours, unfolded even more horrors when the stories of battles and hardships began to pour in. What followed too has lifted our morale and our belief in our country and its defence services! In the next few years, there were greater numbers of young people, both boys and girls, wanting to recruit in the Armed Forces, in whatever capacity they could. Ten years after, on the tenth anniversary, the NDTV took families of the martyrs to spend some time at the spots of conflict; Capt Vikram Batra, PVC (Posthumous)- whose answer to a question put to him just before he died, taking down about five of the enemy “Yeh Dil Mange More”- had a twin brother, Vishal, who was one among those who did go, describes his brother, and his visit thus (click on link to read). This is only ONE story. What about the hundreds of others’ stories – soldier, or Officer, who perhaps were not as widely known?

At school, the planning of the Commemoration began a few weeks ago, and the idea of sharing a soldier’s life, his dreams, the family he leaves behind when he attains martyrdom, were some of the themes considered. Finally the Hindi Department, led by Smt. Vrinda Pradeep, conceptualized a short programme detailing it. The key to the success of reaching out to the young learner group in school lay in some hard work that the chosen students would have to undertake. Learn Drill. The Military Way. As luck would have it, in drops a former student at the right time – a young lady who was an exemplary NCC Cadet while in college too! The Act was coming together. Krishnaja, the young lady afore-mentioned- Senior Under Office Krishnaja K, to be precise was equally enthusiastic about working with the young students! She began her training, with her friend in tow, and within the hour of starting, the body language of the group had visibly and energetically improved! They looked up to her with the kind of respect that we teachers, who were present, envied. She coached them in the different steps and methods of drill, literally drilling posture, movement, leg and hand co-ordination into them! Also helping with the Slow March was Shri Prakash, of the 148 BN, BSF. He spent a couple of days with them too. At the end of about 5 days, they were a fine bunch of soldiers indeed! And dancers, and fighters, and actors! Having observed them, from the moment they were selected, to the moment of their performance, I am proud to have known them and learnt with them.  You readers also need to know that most of the boys selected were what a lot of “teachers” would call as the mischievous ones in class. They changed. In a week. At least for the performance. That was a lesson for me – the potential is there, and we need to tap into it, by inspiring them, not degrading and insulting and pushing them down!

A group of students from Class 10 were inspired to present a mime on the same theme.

Shri Prakash, 148BN, BSF, Thrissur, addressing the audience

Shri Prakash, 148BN, BSF, Thrissur, addressing the audience

As the day, Friday, 25th July approached, the skies grew darker, and the rain incessant. This was a problem as the whole programme needed to be done in the Assembly Ground, the quadrangle, which was spacious enough to accommodate the performers and the entire school, of more than 2500 students. Prayers were breathed, fingers crossed, but no one, not a single person spoke of Plan B. There simply wasn’t any. The words of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho worked that day. The deep deep wish, and prayer was granted, and it stopped raining about half an hour before the programme. The sun came OUT. Shone and blessed the show. And after the last command was done, simply let loose heavy heavy sudden rain. A Miracle. Duh. What else? 🙂

The Sun Shone. And on the ground the Stars of the Day shone in the brilliance of their dedication in their performance. It was one of the most moving performances ever, and the audience, gathered around the quadrangle, were one, in the way they responded, muting their usual over-the-top inappropriate cheering , and going on to give us a lesson on how to watch with absorption of the spirit. Truly a moment to cherish.

As the heavens poured, at the end of the performance, the Guests shifted to the corridor, and a special occasion followed, with the distribution of the letters of Appreciation, sent by the HRD Minister, Smriti Irani to the Children With Special Needs (CWSN), applauding their efforts and reminding them that they should continue to show their committment to their learning. Three students of Class 10 last year, received the letters.

At last the programme was done, but the appreciation for the participants and the teachers who worked behind scenes continued to pour.

Later in the day, I collected pictures, and three videos – one by our school photographer Mr. Bastian, one taken by a student who was instructed to do so, with his own handycam – Neeraj Namboodirippad, of Class 10, and the third taken by our School’s Man Friday, Mr. Kuppuswamy. Armed with this collection, I set out, on Saturday to make it into a movie, using Windows Movie Maker, which refused to work on my system 😀

Plan B (yes, here I did have one!) – to call on my nephew Kiran’s cousin, Abhay Krishnan (also in Class 10 there), who is rather fantastic in photography and makes tasteful videos, all in sync, to help out. So, on Sunday, between about 12 noon and 10.30 at night, we worked, with appropriate meal breaks, and power cut breaks :P, to produce this film, shared herewith. This here is an awesome picture of us hard at work, taken by Kiran 😀

Abhay and I, at his house, working on the video


Many many thanks to the Hindi Dept. for their creativity, the Principal and Vice Principal for their support to the teachers and students who were involved in it, and the most of all to each of those thirty odd students who help us to constantly learn and understand – life really is simple, provided you make it so 🙂

I would like to acknowledge at this point, very sincere thanks, to even my nephew and niece Kiran,and  his sister, Lakshmi, for their valuable inputs. It was great fun learning and working on the video – my contribution to the actual structuring is the captions mainly – apart from the PJs and the stories and anecdotes on the side while working. But Abhay sat through the whole thing, despite his cold and cough, to enable me to wrap it up asap 🙂 Here’s a huge round of thanks, with applause to you, young man. You do have great talent, one I hope will find more expression and reach a wider audience 🙂 No more pictures are being shared, for the obvious reason that the entire video is here! It runs to about 26 minutes, and well worth each second it contains! And no, I am NOT biased! Please remember it is the effort of a young lad, an old teacher, and a heart full of enthusiasm and deep respect to all those who guard our borders!

For those who simply want the link, here it is:

I know for sure that it will be a great motivation to not just Abhay, but other students with such talents too, to have your words, and comments here at the blog, or at the video link that is going to be shared. It is a heartfelt attempt, amateur maybe, but presented here with our hearts and head held high – in regard for the brave soldiers who have, time and again, shown us the way in not hesitating to go beyond the call of duty.

Jai Hind

27 July – 28 July, 2014
Post No. 499 🙂

Links from last year:




The Chronicles of a Class

… or how we got our Nine days of Fame, thanks to Deccan Chronicle 😀

I know. Sigh. Trust me to get all cheesy, even about something as wonderful as getting appreciation, state-wide, well actually Nationally and Internationally when you think of the number of readers we reached out to, via shares on Facebook. That’s why I laud the social networking sites, while I still fight the engaging way they never let you go.

Cris, the awesome writer of this article, made such succinct beautiful sense of a rather long and garbled out-of-focus rambling, in answer to some wonderful questions she asked, during our ‘interview’. I must thank her for her patience and for her ability to sift through all of the rambling and come up with the required 250 words. And what do I say of Harish R Varma, the instigator of the interview, and therefore the write? Certainly creating and taking forward the creating of Happy Days for as many people as he could 🙂

(Click on pictures to enlarge and see in full resolution – as full as can be 🙂 )


harishrvarma1 harishrvarma









(The above was written in here, on 11 July, just before the World Cup came to its fantastic close 🙂 – and here I am, on 19 July, catching up with the many things that have happened since )

The Article, published in The Deccan Chronicle, on 3 July, 2014, in their Classroom Page, which is a space for news on/of/ from campuses across the nation featured my class and me! All thanks to Cris and Harish 🙂 A shoutout to both of you wonderful people. You have brought joy and sense of achievement not only to the famous 47+1 but also to their families and the school! God Bless y’all 🙂

You’ll find that the content is self explanatory. And for those who do wonder at my having played the WC anthem of 2010, I have shared a picture, a screenshot, I think, taken by one of those kids who did remember, Vaisakh, where he has highlighted the relevant part 😀 I cannot tell you what joy that brought! The comments that followed are soul food. Thank you to each of you. (Click on the picture to enlarge, and read)

The Article – highlighting done by Vaisakh

The poster competition, referred to, in the article also brought good news for the class. We received the First Prize, a shield, which proudly adorns our wall 🙂



The First Prize for the Poster Competition, on FIFA World Cup 2014, rests proudly in our Class!

So, what brought us this fame? It was these expressions of creativity, mainly, that I had shared, along with my crazy football updates, most regularly on Facebook! When I asked my class, and the other classes I go, if we could update our Black board, or any other space in class with information and pictures, the immediate response was a resounding yes, from X’D’ – MY class. However, the next Monday, when I saw the uninspired writing of JUST the highlights, my face fell, and I certainly did mope 😀 I did sound disappointed too, and told them that it was OK, and we’d stick to whatever they could 😀 By the afternoon, when I was invited back to the class, there was a sea change, a transformation of the wallscape, where collage was taking shape, and the greenboard assumed festive colours. We were in Samba Land 😛 There was no turning back! And since the publication of that charming write up by Cris, the rest as they say, is History 😀

We did Rock the Samba, all the way down in our Class!

We did Rock the Samba, all the way down in our Class!


The Collage slowing taking shape












Completed! The Collage!


sheild The Architects of the Poster  poster1  After the reading of the Article at Assembly!


The 48!                                    The Poster Posers!             The Creativity!                 And the Joy! Oh! The Joy!

But, it does not stop there. No Sireeee! X ‘D’ does not believe in doing things by half-measures, and they certainly measured up in performances in the Cultural Fest which just concluded, but most especially, they are Masters of the Cliffhanger 😀 How? Ah! Therein lies the tale!

Gurupoornima was observed in school, on 11 July, 2014 – to mark the day for oblation to our own Guru; both, teachers and students, paid their respects in whichever way they could to their own Gurus. That day, more than Teachers’ Day was  a revelation! We had ‘paada puja’, led by our own Principal, Dr. Manoranjini, who honoured her Guru, the Chief Guest for the occasion, in the morning session, followed by students’ performances of both dance and music, tastefully done. It must be mentioned here, that this session where the paada puja, the washing of the Guru’s feet, and then paying obeisance with a ‘namaskaram’ at the feet, does not come easy to anyone, these days. Especially in public! So, it was truly inspiring to have the School Principal lead the way for all of us, teachers, and students to do the same, only if one wished to. This was done in full view of the entire gathering in the Auditorium, so that it transferred the sense of humility one felt in the presence of something far greater than ourselves. Respect.  No compulsion there – but we did, to those whom we considered as our Guru! It was a liberating experience too, to have been able to set aside one’s ego, and prostrate at the feet of those we did consider as our Guru.

So, what does this have to do with my class? Ah! The absolutely creative and mischievous lot they are, they did not wish me AT ALL, but looked suitably dumb in the first period when children from other classes came in, wished me, and even shared cards and sweets 😀 ! My class? Not a quiver of emotion. Deadpan. Puzzled I was, but did not say a WORD. Except at the end of the first period when I told them accusingly, that they did not even WISH me 😀 They smiled. Serenely 🙂 🙂 That was clue enough. The cliffhanger. I was there, but did not have time to wonder what exactly they were upto, for much work awaited, in planning duties for the upcoming Cultural Fest, due to start immediately after the weekend 😀

Last period. Lots of work. And two of my students come, terrified expressions, to tell me another girl in class has injured her leg when the desk fell on her leg – possibly a fracture! I dropped whatever I was doing, and rushed, heart in my mouth, directing one of the two to rush and get the PT Teacher. I reached the Class door, which was shut!

The penny dropped. I stopped. Looked at this other girl with me, who, incidentally, was trying hard to maintain the terrified expression. The smile, the mischief had started leaking through the frown 😛

Gingerly, I pushed open the door, and what do I see, hear, but an electric guitar strumming (our own George Mathew, ace guitarist at it 😀 ), along with Vivek on the Triple Drums, belting out, with the class, WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU! Oooooh! Ooooh! I did a Susmita Sen expression, (when she received her Miss Universe Title) – the jaw dropped, round eyed, happy, overwhelmed expression! And my heart started beating at normal pace once again 😛 Well as normal as can be, when you’re overjoyed! And then it raced again, my heart 😀 I was sure that the class and its Class Teacher were going to be hauled up for the racket emanating from the class! Shushing them down (duh! What a task! ) I went on to thank them – but no, it was not done yet – the Smart Class was switched on with a lovely message 🙂 Cards awaited 🙂 Shared below 🙂 And a lovely gift too! Sheepishly they said they wanted to surprise me, that is why they stayed mum all day 🙂 And boy oh BOY! did they ever!!!

I promised them a blog, to attempt to capture the sense of gratitude I have for them, for their affection, the sense of conspiracy I feel most times, with them, in all our endeavours 🙂 X “D”, you are the rock, not me 🙂 So, as the cliche goes, Rock ON! 😀

Shared here is their creativity, and that of the students of other classes, particularly Class 8’B’, 7″D” and 6″B”, along with cards from a certain lovely young lady in Class 12, and others from classes I do not go to, this year 🙂 All, all of them very very precious souls 🙂 Thank you, each and everyone of you. Stay Blessed!


The Cover


XD card

Awesomeness from X D



Collections of pure blessings from the kids!

Meanwhile, The Chronicles with this class will most certainly continue, you can bet on that!

Earlier, they have featured here,  🙂
And yet another awesome X D made a farewell memorable, here
Last years’ X D, when they were in Class 8, featured here 😀 (I bet you people did not even know, right? )

Comments are welcome, dear kids 🙂 If you cannot see the comment space below, click on the title of this write up, and it will follow. All you need to sign in with are your name, email id 🙂 The email will NOT be shared.

20 July, 2014
*Phew* Under 1600 words. Just. 😀

Lol! I just learned something. When you write X and D, without a space you get this XD ! Oh my!