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Season of mellow joy :) അത്തം പത്ത് ഓണം

Saturday, 14 August is അത്തം … Aththam Nakshathram, the day that begins the joyous celebration of Onam… As we say, in Malayalam,  അത്തം പത്ത് ഓണം (ten days after the day of Atham, is Onam 🙂 ) The Aththappokkalam (flower carpet – പൂക്കളം) is put in the front courtyard of houses from this day onwards. In some places, it begins way before, on the Thiruvonam Nakshatram (തിരുവോണം) in the month of Karkkitakam, the Ramayana Maasam! Onam, itself, falls on 23 August, this year! Traditionally, the Atham nakshatram, that comes before Onam, is usually in the month of Chingam (ചിങ്ങം), but this year, due to the Thiruvonam nakshatram being in the beginning of the month, the Atham nakshatram comes in the month of Karkkitakam 🙂 More on why Atham is special to me, a post later. Very very very special, this year 🙂 🙂 !

This year, as with the other years, brings the self same joy, and a little more, as I hope the elder offspring will be able to make it for the festivities. Schools close here, during the Onam season, for about 10 days, so the days are going to be filled with much activity and fun, at home!

And so, the header changes. With the mood 🙂 It’s a combination of rural festivities, of temple festivals, my favourite temple, an age old stone lamp, and a pookkalam we laid out last year 🙂

May the season’s best be with each of you during this wonderful time. God Bless!

11 August, 2010

P S. The post earlier published with more on Onam, was in December, I think 🙂 Here 🙂