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Of Quests and Crusades…

The Holy Grail of Love
Is what we’re told
To seek.

For absolution.

The ultimate
Back to completeness.
Love having filled
Empty spaces.

Well, you know
What they say
Of Holy Grails.

Of Quests,
That lead to Crusades.

Is it Holy?
Is it Love?
If you need to
Launch a Crusade?

You also begin to wonder…
How much is myth.
What is real!

At Life’s knee,
I heard this fable-
Read of it through
Words from those besotted.
Heard the whispered
Agonies and pleasures;
Tasted the flavours
From scented lips of lust.

And since then, have sought.
Have yearned. Longed.

Threw words to wind
Which might, in passing,
Fall on heeding ears;
Find a resonance
In some beating heart.

To have that word
Come back, with that heart. ❤

That’s how I knew
How I learnt.
My Holy Grail of Love.

Was I

Was I

To you.

Who caught that word
On the wind.

Caught it
Scented with
My yearning…

That fragrance
Behind my ear…

You say.

This moment.
As you hold me close
And we sip

From that sacred chalice.

Of each other’s soul.

25 to 27 July, 2017

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The sailboat silhouette

Against the sunset.

Seen from a silent shore.



The burnt orange sun

At the horizon paling

Fuschia, then ash

Put out in the distant sea.


Till the stars come out.

And I watch, longingly,

For the North Star…

Silent Pool to Stormy Pools

I wait, in anticipation…

Knowing the wind shall pick up

And the voyage shall go on. 

Can’t not. 🙂

23 July, 2017

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Still waters run deep.

You’ve got to be so, you know.

Else they might cotton on

To the utter turmoil within.

You grope for a soul’s solace

In the depth of your being

Thoughts lost in a murky whirlpool

Far far below.


So you attempt to tackle it

One emotion, one person, one moment at a time.

Never realizing, ever,

Or perhaps, a moment too late,

The silence at the surface, has quite sunken

And shielded all that you need.


Shielded, muted, buried…

All that you needed

To be you again.


And however you may scream

Flail, Urge, Cry….

Simply speak….


You shall never be heard.


11 July, 2017