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(Disclaimer: I’m yet to walk into May, on the blog 😛 I gotta finish that danged challenge I set up (indeed I set myself up. Duh, you see how much I love myself! 😛 ) for me to complete. 

So, it ain’t May here till it gets done. Which, hopefully will be today 😀 ) 



Would that the orange sun

Is really sweet.

(Pun intended)


And the cheesecake moon

be sinful.

(Bad enough for the heart!)


Sun and Moon

As we are;

Meeting ever so briefly

Over impossible distances,

Simply sharing the light

Of our love…


Giving, receiving, sharing…


Seemingly, everywhere.


And with each other?


But never meeting. Never.

The fates, have they decided?


Is that all our story shall be?


1 May, 2017

Day#29 of the #NaPoWriMo 2017, the National Poetry Writing Challenge, 2017

(I must admit that this is the weirdest here on the blog. The rambler takes full responsibility for any sense of annoyance the reader feels 😀 and thanks them profusely for being here at all 🙂 )