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Catch 22

To be verbose.

And be quite drowned

Flailing as the words consume.

But if I did not,

The silence would suffocate

The love we have.


So, I dare not.


To reach out, dying to hold

Your hand, and tell you things

That would so heal us both.

But if I did, and you turned away

It would do me in, and therefore us.

Rent, quite rent, the fabric of a cherished togetherness.


I dare not.


To read each word you never write

In the pages I’ve collected in the memories

We’ve gifted each other. Hoping to see it for real.

And if you did write, and I read the pain you shared…

Would it not quite be my undoing?


Don’t, please. Or should I say, please?


The twain might never meet.

Or meet it might, in vain.

Till it does, I’ll yearn.

And once it does, I’ll dissemble.


Catch 22.


28 April, 2017

Day#28 of #NaPoWriMo 2017, National Poetry Writing Month, 2017



Breaking Free

A determined spider

Has been at work…

Since when.


Spinning that web.

Anchoring it to

Infallible intent.


Infallible it is.

So steadfast, so much, that even if

Disloyal, it would still be. Infallible.


Right? Maybe.

For, who’s to examine fallacy?

Being dispensable themselves?


Therein lies the conundrum.

Webs woven, prey sought.

But, at some point, intent – it crumbles.


That’s the only loophole.

Target intent; attack indefatigability.

Then. Then you break free.


27 April, 2017

Day#27 of #NaPoWriMo 2017, National Poetry Writing Month, 2017