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What If…









If that moment had been
Delayed, by just that
Infinitesimal second;
I know, I would have seen you.

If that plea had been
Received, just that bit
More openly, all that unspoken
Pain, and questions…

You know, I would have been
A better human.

If my hand had reached out
And held on to yours-
Perhaps you’d have regained
Your footing; and then, for sure
I know, we’d have been blessed.

Sadly, all I can say now is-

What If…

7 Febraury, 2008

For Day#18 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017 – another re post of an old write 🙂



a wise yogi’s timeless wisdom
is so easy to read, appreciate
and quote, in advice, to others!

and what have you done with it?

an audacious query from my little one
makes me splutter in chagrin
more, I must add, at myself!

how easy it is to mouth advice-
after reading rich experiences of another!-
yet how much more wondrous
it would be, if only one could
simply do, not parrot it!

if only! I sigh!

27 June, 2008

A re-post, since I’ve missed two days of the #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017 🙂 This one is for Day#17