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Eyes Wide Shut

I zone in, zone out
In the singular hope
That someday, I shall fly.

Ha! The reader here, goes.
The eccentric rambler,
You must understand,
Hears expressions eyes make.

Particularly, the rolling of the eyes.

It tingles, and this rambler knows
Just which word will send you off…
Crinkle your nose, sometimes,
Yet other times, twitch your eyebrow,
In disdain, or utter confusion 😛

She does not need to see you
To know all about that grin you’re hiding
A snigger or a snort sometimes too!

This blog writes, errr… rambler.
And it sees, more than you know 🙂
Even if there is no passing reader 🙂

And yes, one day, I shall fly.
Believe you me.
For now, suspend your willing disbelief…

And join me, as we weave wings
With words, waiting close…

And soar, as only a word can send you.

In flights of fancy.

11 April, 2017

Day#11 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017

Online, silly, surreal and absurd. Do excuse this rambler. She is on a quest for  inner peace, and till such time she finds it, this is going to happen here 😛


First Day, First Show

Disclaimer 1.: All titles on this blog are misleading. 😛 😀

Disclaimer 2. / Apology/ Dedication : To Oliver Goldsmith, for stealing his notions, from one of his verses, a personal favourite: The Village Schoolmaster. 🙂 (LINK)
To Gulshan Gev Bamboat too, who is the resident Limerick Queen, of the comments section 🙂  🙂 (LINK)

This one is in the limerick form, or pretends to be. A hatke one at that. Rather silly and all 🙂

Here goes…


They gazed and gazed…

(As thoughts, in words expressed, From her stormy, passionate eyes, raced)

Held them awed…

(Or perhaps, jaw-droppingly bored? 😀 )

All two hours spent, they exit, English Class, first day, Class ten, looking tazed 😛

10 April, 2017

Day#10 of #NaPoWriMo, 2017; National Poetry Writing Month, 2017