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(/deɪˈnuːmɒ̃/- /day-nu-ma/)

There was this gurl
This wee dainty pearl
Her Poppa’s delight
Her Momma’s bright light!

And, her Grammie’s beautiful enchantress!

Who loved them wee pigs;
Such wonders, though at them, others digs 😛

Peppa be the star piggy’s name –
Who by now has acquired much, much fame ❤

She loved them so, this wee lass, this gal,
That she brought them home, as the best pal,

A child could ever have, to play, to learn, to grow
No matter that others, in gale strong force, wanted upon them blow!

But like the wee piggys and the big bad wolf at their door
This wee gal, and her parents dear, with Grammie’s fount of lore


She learnt from them, played with them, and showed that lot
It’s not always what they say, but what you do with what you got

That makes a difference, and not quite make her wicked different
For, with her Please and Sorry and Thank you, Everyone, she be more coherent

All well beloved phrases, she was taught, by none other than Peppa Pig’s family
And this, my dearest readers and friends, is what we need to accept as a homily 🙂

Stories far and wide do spread, in fact and much more we dare…
But know we must, what we do join and share, must have meaning to spare

Else we be just as foolish, as them that make mad claims
For in doing so, we ourselves do shames!


This rhyme is in honour of my Grandottie and her fondness for Peppa Pig, which was the theme for her birthday, recently concluded. Sadly, there is a link that is doing the rounds on the internet of how this particular show, Peppa Pig is said to cause disobedience in children, and more horrifically, autism. That it is baseless and poorly researched is to be mentioned here! So here is my two cents, in verse, with love, for my dearest sweetie pie, Naina, and her sweetie pie, Peppa Pig ❤


4 April, 2017

Day#4 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017

Here’s a link to a few episodes! I assure you that you shall be charmed by Peppa, George, Mama and Daddy Pig 🙂