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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)



So there was this Mama bear
Who’d, each day, tear her hair 😀

Why, you may wonder…
But Ah. She be a Mama bear, remember? 😎

And them bears, particular the Mama sort
Do nothing, but cuddle, and then sneakily snort 🙂

She be nice, and all that jazz
Coolest Mama, her cubs, they say, they has 😛


Now Mama bear’s little cub
He be bherry fond of de pub 😉

Not the honey, as her bigger one
The golu molu rolu polu, nearly one tonne! 😛

The Cubs now know who they be
And are likely to get real tetchy. 😆

Mama bear has none but thems
To weave a write, for they be her precious gems 😛


(Reading the above lines, they be sure to blow kisses
Instead of brickbats that could be near misses
) 😀

But seriously, tetchy is she
When she don’t get her morning tea! :mrgreen:

When there be those who sit and Judges
As if they be Solomon’s courtiers, or their smudges 😡

When Mama bear, she thinks of these
She be liverish, she be wanting, them, to seize 👿

And box their ears, perhaps, looking grumpy
Sometimes, pinch their arms, seeming crabby 😈

But all to naught
For she know, she not ought 🙄

She be Mama bear, not just to her cubs
But to all, for Mama bears, they all, do much much lubbs 😛

So if you do think her Cross, Fractious, irascible
Remember, it could be thee, not her that’s just irritable! 😈

Tetchy? 🙄

Nyet. Non. Nevah.
She’s so goddamned clevah! ❤

You wouldn’t spot her so!
You’d just be caught out, being a Bozo! 😆

1 April, 2017, for 2 April, 2017

Day#2 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017
This one creams it, it terms of sheer nonsense, fun and wicked wicked references. You all know who you be 😛 😛 Yenjaaiii! ~ Mama Bear 😛