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Giving In

Day#1 of #Napowrimo, 2017 – National Poetry Writing Month 2017

#Napowrimo 2017, that’s National Poetry Writing Month. An attempt had been successfully made here, previously, in April 2015. This means one posts one poem, or what passes for one, here, each day of April 🙂 April also has another challenge called the A-Z Challenge. That is self explanatory. A lot of bloggers attempt both, some one or the other. This is an attempt to explore the possibility of a Muse in existence still, for this eccentric rambler 🙂 Who knows she might find it yet 😛

The rambler would also like to clarify that she isn’t following any site or link to do this, precisely because she does not know how to follow them guidelines. She beats her own path, and her words prance to their own drums. 🙂 They’re the ones who rule here 🙂

Giving In

It’s strange, how he holds sway

Isn’t it?

One call, and your
Knee jerk reflex
Of the heart
Beating that much quicker…

That’s a dead giveaway.


The irony of that idiom.

That’s what you live
Each day, he’s away, ain’t it, gurl?

You could always
Go back, you know…

That inner voice whispers

And you almost succumb

Till you realize,
As if sliced with a razor’s edge
How vulnerable
Your wrists are.

Tender, bruised, slim, blue.

Luscious veins tunnel
In exquisite patterns.

Rank, with blood,
To let.

Till that one day
You do go back.

And let that blood


1 April, 2017