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In Comfort

If only I could

Tuck in cosiness

Those troubles you carry

Frozen by trauma.


If I could, perchance

Borrow the travails,

Fraying, threadbare…

Your rug, by the

Hearth of your passions…


If I could, then,

Add my love

As that blanket,

Shielding you from

The stray demons that

Lurk, in the dark,

Cover cobwebby corners of your

Hurting soul…


You know, don’t you?

I really am.

You’re long gone

In the distant realms

Of a far away

Thought galaxy.


But your heart beats

In sync with mine.

And that is how

Across the vastness of

This short distance

Across this table

Where we sit –

I shall lend my comfort.


In each beat

Wherein I love, live.

So that you may.

21 March, 2017

Online, blogged via app on mobile, after writing in long hand.

For the love of poetry (not that this qualifies 😛 ) on World Poetry Day 2017.

Also, Happy Nawroz, Gulshan Gev Bamboat, dear friend and constant, here on this blog too! ❤