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That Virgo Woman

A pretty spectacle. Pretty. Spectacle. Decidedly determined. All spine. Made of steel too. Not just that. Loyal to the core.

“Her eyes are cool pools of pure love, and when she smiles, she can light up a whole room with her radiance. Better keep her”, said Linda Goodman. “You may never get so lucky again.”


I know I got lucky. He got lucky too, when he met her. And they kept each other, in the hallowed house of matrimony. They were pretty young when they did make that house, but you see, that is what it is about that Virgo Woman – you had better get her, for you might not get so lucky again. And he knew that, did he not? 😉

She’s not the sort, like her Leo partner, who’d make that entry and crack the wisecracks there be, but you betcha you’d notice her, there’s a mysterious, quiet, waiting quality in this woman, and “passion of the spirit” , a romance with life, if you will – knowing what comes and what goes, and where one deals with the realities and dreams of life.

She’s known what she’s about. Ever since I have known here, that is the one thing that struck me about her – a quietness, but a waiting quietness; a knowing; a knowing about those she cares, and tends to, with that same fierceness of one who realizes it is on her. No compromises there. 🙂 Told ya. We got lucky 🙂 ❤

There is a world of love, this moment, that envelops her, reaching out, from a hemisphere and half a world, as she waits patiently for ME 😛 to get to her, in a week’s time, from all of us, here! It would have meant so much to us, and duh 😀 her, for only she be missing in the midst of this family, here in the N. Hemisphere, and she be in the S. Hemisphere 🙂 For she celebrates her birthday, as the clock strikes midnight, four hours ahead of us here, and we begin her celebrations, in earnest, sending out our prayers, blessings, wishes and much much much love from each of us, starting with the littlest… Ammini 😛 , Changaran, Kunju… Nainu, Arun, Archana, Paru, Arjun, Kuttan, Paru (4 legged 😛 ) , Appu, Kiru, Lakshmi, Abhi, N’ammai, G’amman, Chitta, Anu, Viju, Trips, Vinu, Mush, Ammumzzz… and of course, and Ash… and the awesome writer of this blog… to who she is her DIL 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 😛


Haapppieeeee Neeetiiiiii!!!!!


Happiieeeeee Neetikutty! It’s going to be a mindblowingly, jawdroppingly, amazing year. Has to be. It can’t not. 🙂 🙂 When the collective of the wishes are the sort we’re capable of generating, it WILL Danged BE 😛 😛 As it always has been 🙂 😀

And, by the way, I’ve actually succeeded in making the awesomest wish ever, in under 500 words!

God Bless, always, Neets 🙂 Love you soh soh soh much much much!

For 30 August, 2016

Missing you so much!



I run.
I’ve always run.

Why, you might wonder.
Then again, you might not.
If you knew me.

I’ve run, before I took a baby step.
You see, I needed to get ahead –

Of what?

Well, for one-
The dogs, of war-
Nipping at my heels
Aiming for my throat.

For food too.
You don’t run for it
You don’t eat-
You might not eat anyway;
For what you gather, claim…
You give your
Starving brothers and sisters.

But my legs, they grew
Carried me further.

Than I had ever been before.

I began to run
Because I could.
Because my legs
Became my voice.
Their voice too-
My peoples’.

I run, even now
Maybe slower, for age
Relentless age, has caught up.

But I run, all the same-

To showcase-
That step in the right direction.
That an urge, for justice.
That a need, for a soul
Crying out for redemption
May find an echo
In the billion, billion

Who watch me
Who breathe with me
For me…
Who cheer me on!

With love.

A love that unites us
A love that far surpasses
All the hate the rest can muster…

A love for life
For the spirit within
That will run
No matter what!

On the energy
of that love…

Of Sport!

6 August, 2016


Kipchoge Keino, 1st Olympic Laurel Award




Vanderlei De Lima, marathon runner




The Sun Sculpture by Antony Howe, Kinetic Wind Sculptor


#RioOlympics2016 #Inspired #KipchogeKeino #FirstOlympicLaurelAwardInstitutedByIOC #VanderleiDeLima #OlympicFlameLitByVdL

Watching the live telecast of the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016 was a goosebumps affair. Listening to Kipchoge Keino, dual Olympic Gold Medal winner in 1968 and 1972, for the 1500m and the 3000m steeplechase; watching that video where he spoke of how, at 8 years he would run all the way to his school, of how education is the one weapon that cannot cause destruction, only create peace; of how we come into the world with nothing and leave, with nothing, so we must live with peace, love and unity; who now, at 76, lives with the sole purpose of leaving the world a better place, where he is at – providing basic amenities like food, shelter and education, for, as he says,

Education supports and empowers our youth to mould them to bring positive change and humanity, so we much motivate them!

He provides that shelter, runs a private school, giving high school education, and has a training centre for the young people of his country, to develop and empower themselves. He hopes that through sports, peace will be brought about!

Watching him speak, with the fire of his measured gentlessness was a moment out of time!

May this spirit of sportsmanship guide and lead the rest of us, as we muddle though life!

The environment-friendly message of the small Olympic flame; the kinetic sculpture by Antony Howe in the background; the suspense that built up, wondering who would light the Olympic flame – and then came Vanderlei De Lima, the marathon runner, slowly ascending the steps to do the honours!




As that dream you’ve always had!
Amazing us all, 
Articulating your deepest desires… 🙂

Secured to the bonds that 
Scaffold, in certain faith
Serene knowing we’re your safety net!

High, as high as you want
Happy, hearty, in all good humour
Here… we’ll always be, for you, Just For You!

With confidence, knowing all the time, you’re a
Winner in life, 
Working to make what you love to do!

Into a love that holds you spellbound
Inspiring always, with your 
Innate goodness, and goofiness 😛

Navigating the skies of opportunities
Negotiating each twist, turn and tack
Nattily, neatly, and with elan, as you always do!!!

Dearest Ashwin

The above is an acrostic in tercets, just to show you how your still-nerdy-hatke mom will never learn the basics of simple things, like simply saying, Dearest Ashwin, Happy wala birthday, Kunjunni ❤ but she will the go whole hog and cook up a potpourri of crazy, wacky ideas, that actually come together in an insane but joyful way. Sounds just like your mad mom, no?

Well, this isn’t about her, but you, this day, when you are at this place in life when you’ve cleared the runway for the flight… on a different course in life! The nestling you had been is a sure and certain ace pilot of life, learning each day new skills and newer ways to make life as good as it gets! One thing I know you shall keep doing is this… learn, learn and learn some more 🙂 It’s in your DNA – no escape – not that you want to either 😛

So, my darling Lion, here goes… (yes, yes, yes, it has started… but there is something so compulsive about a cliché, that I keep going back to 😛 )


A prayer, a wish, a song in my heart for you-
To soar, as that joyful bird
To sing, in wild abandon of love
To laugh at life in silliness and gaiety
To stop a while, smell the grass,
To be thankful for all you have
To be inspired by who you are
To always be able to converse with your loved ones
To run, or sit, or lie down

in the sure and certain knowledge that we’ve got you, we’ve got your back, and are always, always there for you!

Soar, my dear one. Roar, with joy too! Have the best one ever ❤ ❤

Happy birthday, Ash 🙂 My bachcha! This song – it says a lot I’d love to! Well Coldplay is going to do it on my behalf! Imagine aaaa! 😛



Loads and loads of Love, always
Amma ❤

P.S. That latest black and white pic. challenge – Navmi says you look “quite a bit” like me 😀 😀 That makes my day, as it does yours too, I hope! 😛

For 3 August, 2016

Psst. Glossary – in case you’re too lazy to google 😛

tercet-a set or group of three lines of verse rhyming together or connected by rhyme with an adjacent triplet (mine does not rhyme 😛 )

acrostic-An acrostic is a poem (or other form of writing) in which the first letter (or syllable, or word) of each line (or paragraph, or other recurring feature in the text) spells out a word or a message. (Your name is the acrostic, dear Ashwin, in one short of  the seven colours of a rainbow, supposedly  😛 )

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