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If rushes were horses

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Very very insightful and pertinent read by that one voice of reason, Bharadwaj Rangan.
An important part of it being how it ought to be discussed in classrooms, and analysed as we do literary pieces. If only.
But in most cases, one would simply slap a ban, or maybe cry taboo!

Baradwaj Rangan

The ‘Udta Punjab’ verdict fills me with enough hope to draw up a laundry list of wishes for our cinema.
The next time a demand for a ban comes up, I wish we’d remember the Udta Punjab verdict. I wish we’d stop being blackmailed by cultural policemen about the content in cinema. Most of us are fully capable of making the distinction that this is fiction, and while it may be based on life, it’s not real. And what about the others? That is not the film’s problem. You cannot ban a film because one madman could potentially pick up a gun after watching an assassination scene.

I wish we’d populate our Censor Boards with people who know and love cinema.

For the thousandth time, I wish we’d make subtitles mandatory, so that movies can cut loose from the “region” they are made in. It’s not just a question…

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One thought on “If rushes were horses

  1. Totally agree .. why is the govt against this.. makes ones wonder..

    Looking forward t this one.. what a shame PUNJAB has become…


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