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Vishukaineettam (വിഷുക്കൈനീട്ടം )


is what each Malayalee waits for, each year : D It is money one receives from each elder in the family – starting from the grand-parents, to elder siblings/cousins if they are earning members and family friends (Uncles and Auntys)- with of course, one’s parents, and the extended family thrown in for good measure.

When we were kids, receiving even a Rs. 5/- was a big thing! It slowly increased in denomination, coins, sometimes, or crisp new notes. Most of us collected every bit we could, and made visits to relatives’ places gleefully (when at other times we’d have hesitated 😀 ) anticipating the expected 😛

Not surprisingly, my kids are no different, were not as much younger kids as well! In Thrissur, where we used to be, in case we weren’t visiting their maternal grandparents (errr mine 😛 parents 😛 ) , it would be a time when they, my two and their beloved cousins, the ‘fantastic foursome’ as I call them (LINK) would gather as much moolah as possible and then proceed to spend it at the Exhibition, that would be going on, in connection with the Thrissur Pooram 😀

Having graduated to being grandparent now, I totally get the excitement – and while the denominations are now growing, in the Kaineettams (literally meaning to extend one’s hand), there is this pleasure in giving as well – even though mine, at Two, is rather indifferent to it, except that it would be something more to play with!

This year the blog too has received its Vishukkaineetam, a few hours in advance, for as I look at the stats, I’m told that on 13 April, 2016, the blog has received the highest number of hits /day. 947! The previous high was 829, in 2011. Well. 🙂 As mentioned earlier, the Thrissur Pooram is also in the month of Medam, Medam 1 st being Vishu 🙂 and the blogs here on Vishu and Thrissur Pooram remain the highest grossers in terms of views 🙂 If that isn’t Kainneettam, I ask you, then what is, for this blog? 😛 🙂 ❤

Screenshot 2016-04-14 00.51.38

947 says the Stats page, a few minutes into 14 April, 2016

Also another thing about Vishu I’d like to add, having recently known of this , is why the Kani Konna or the Cassia Fistula, or the Golden Chandelier, or Golden Laburnum is used in the Kani (your first sight in the morning 🙂 – apparently the Konna was blessed with being adorned by Lord Krishna’s girdle, which he flung upon the tree, as he played with his friends as a boy. The flattened bells on that girdle, are the image upon which the florets of the Kani Konna are shaped 🙂 Divine, is it not? And gorgeous golden yellow with it! Legend it may be, but a lovely one I must say 🙂

So, as you peruse these Vishu posts, if and when you get time, and the Thrissur Pooram one – let me wish you and your loved ones the best the year has to offer 🙂 Good health, luck, success, love and laughter 🙂

Our Kani is ready. The post will be edited by afternoon hopefully with pictures of it 🙂

Vishuaashamsagal! 🙂

14 April, 2016

Links to explore further if/when you have the time 🙂

Vishu (THE post – 2010) – LINK

In 2011 (LINK)

The Thrissur Pooram (LINK)



Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

5 thoughts on “Vishukaineettam (വിഷുക്കൈനീട്ടം )

  1. Hridayamniranja vishuaamasakal, Ushus, to you and yours <3.

    One of the things that I look forward to reading every year is your vishu posts, old and new alike. I leave your page so much more enlightened, so much more overawed :). Didn't know about the story behind the konna. Always thought it signified because of its colour to associate with spring.

    Thanks to you, I know now 🙂

    Have a wonderful year ahead, Ushus. Loads of love n hugs specially being sent for Naina 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wowowow 947 hits.. I barely get 10 .. brilliant. . I need some training lessons from you..

    Happy vishu to you and family. .and thank you for the little story I had no idea. ..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Giving is often happier than getting
    Blog-hits per day are record-setting
    Cassia Fistula
    Girdle of Lord Krishna
    Vishu’s blessing you are begetting!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Happy Vishu! Belated. I would do anything to collect Sona (tree leaves) on Sankrant. So cute that Naina doesn’t know about money yet. Maybe her Kani is just a visit from you (or to you) 😀


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