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Two Good


it is, I tell ya! She is, rather. The day is. Now. (Well yesterday too 😛 ) But the best, yet? Today. ❤ Read on. (Statutory Long Post Alert* 😛 )

When N=2, the probability of the combination of Love, Fun, Frolic, Energy, Enthusiasm, spikes in direct proportion two the availability of N, not two mention the proximity, and the actual date on which the value of T, which is Time, equals exactly two. How do you prove that?, asks L. L being Life. That master Teacher, problem solver (problem creator 😛 ), who is Love itself. No conundrum that, I’d say, given that the answer lies in all that the statement asks me two prove.

The magical two has arrived. And if there is one thing that does not deplete, however much you use it, it is Love. In multiplies manifold, in ways that one reads of, in fairy tales, and fictionalized slices of narratives (so they say! I know different!) So it is, most certainly, Two Good that I’m here, where the best part of my life is Two.

Two years ago, I was waiting for school two be done on 7 April, a Class 9 class teacher then, then, who later became “my” Forty-Seven  ❤ And this day, dawned with the usual pranaams and unconscious prayer I wake two, each day, two Mother Earth, a wish for goodness all around, most especially two all children, everywhere.. A moment stamped in the virtual world too, one I inhabit almost as much as I do, the real! Little did I know (they knew, but did not update me 😛 ) that the morning was momentous as well!

Screenshot 2016-03-28 04.52.33

Fast forward two about two hours, and the melee  of the school environs – the gaggle of teachers flooding the “godown” as I like two call it – the Photostat room in the lower level of the school, a part of the queue, sometimes troubleshooter for a nagging excel file detail; it’s end of term and marklists, grade sheets were being printed, the gaggle was noisy, nudging each other, waiting impatiently in line, but doing the right thing – waiting 😛 – when my mobile rang. I picked it up, seeing it was Arjun, who I presumed, would tell me that Pratibha was home, after the false alarm the night before!

Hi, all good?

Amma, a girl!

Whaaaaattttt? Already? Just a sec, let me get out of this room! Helloooo, helloooo…

Amma, amma… yes, it is a girl!


There we were, connected by that wireless loop over the optic fibres, me hanging on two each vibration that told me, She’s here, already!!! Connected by this new beautiful feeling that comes when life takes you gently, wraps your soul in Love’s whispers, and lends you this miracle, and lets you feel you had a role two play in it. Life begets life, as does Love…

Oh my! Eeeeeeeeeee!!! Reallyyyyy??? Yes, I was jumping madly, spinning, throwing my one free arm in the air, pumping my fist… you get the dotty grandmom routine I did. And Arjun sagely waited it out, told me the time, till I realized he had so many more calls two make as did I!!!

I had two be there! The one overwhelming thought that came two me was dampened just as suddenly! Well, she was here, there actually, and I’d get there, soon enough. Soon soon soon… the mantra! It lent such impetus two stuff I was able two accomplish, so that I could just BE with her, hold her, wrap ourselves in that special love that comes two grandotties and their grandmoms ❤

And it all feels like it played out yesterday!

Two much no? I guess I cannot be more obvious as two where write is headed! Two years two that day, (when I made a sort of decision, two be with her on 28th March, each year, somehow, anyhow), I can tell you the answer two the statement that opens this blog for her.  Everything has spiked – heart beats, the fun, the drama, the verbal and non verbal ways we communicate, she and I, and Love, all around, two everyone!

There may be a whole host of manuals on how two parent, or even grandparent – but if you are meant two be either parent or grandparent, and want two be one, heck! No manual is necessary! Some things there are, within, that lead you onwards – and a lot of advice, outside, perhaps unwarranted, mostly from co-parents, co-grandparents 😛 – and if ever these leads come from the fount of Love, in its unconditional and pure form, you’ll never go wrong.

Amongst them this:

  • The Grandottie/grandchild shall always hold your heart in her/his palm. Carefully ❤ . Playfully
  • You shall do the same. Maybe not so playfully
  • The Grandparent at all times shall resist the urge two keep telling the grandottie’s parents what two do (this comes from the heart 😛 ) – but sometimes, the urge gets better
  • The grandmother shall always wonder at the granddottie – and wonder and wonder how the heck your kid got it right 😛 – and thank the kid and partner – and congratulate herself, of course 😛
  • The granddottie shall evermore be the best.
  • The grandmother shall never recover from being smitten. That’s for life.

So, what is this all about. If the simple fact that the grammar nazi grandmom has thrown, gleefully, two the winds, her grammar rules, and let a certain word rule this blog, you know what’s coming. You do? Et two? 😛

Let me give you that applause now, for being patient, for being here,still, if you are, and let you go in a hundred words more, or so 🙂

She’s two. I’m two twoo. She be Naina, and I be the grandmom. Last year the Family got together with friends for her – she’s hands down our Numero Uno, (LINK) who, on this day, stays there, with double the love, the charm, the loveliness, the innocence, the fun, the child-like wisdom of knowing what she wants, and how she wants it – she keeps life simple, for us too! Grows us up in ways that are as old as they are new – for we learn them with her.


Oh yes, my darling, the universe is indeed YOURS 🙂 

  • The value of sleeping on your tummy, bottom up in the air 😛
  • The need two simply run and hug when love overwhelms
  • Two share in another’s food, and share yours as well 😀
  • Two not have two discriminate who belongs two your jaat, dharm, whatever, before you smile, reach out and sometimes hug too…
  • Two know each person who is there with you is important two you
  • Two wake each day for just this – be there, play, eat, laugh, run, smile, sleep, give those big sloppy kisses, for no reason at all, sometimes cry when you have two
  • Two live, just that, without pretence

My dearest darling Nainu, you bring such wondrous love, life and laughter two this dotty woman, this rambler, and the lives of all you touch!

May you be blessed two have this kind of Midas touch – that love seeps from the fingers, from your glance, leaks from your laughter, tingles from your tears too…

May the love of life, the love of your loved ones be the guiding star

May you always find fun lurking in every corner, behind those doors, under the chairs and tables, and may it always give you joy!

May life bless you with good health, happy moments, much glee, and an endless supply of energy (your parents too 😀 )

May you always be this lovely, inside and out ❤

I love you more each moment, my dearest Kunjikutty!

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy …. *birthday* and again…

Happppyyyyyyyyyyyy….. ❤ Nainu ❤

Here’s a Hi5, a knuckle punch and a thumbs-up-A-ok Thumb touch too!


Wise and wonderful – but don’t let that fool you 😀

Hugsy wugsy, love and loads of Kissessss from

Ammmooooommmaaaaaaa ❤

Author: Usha Pisharody

A rambler, pretends to be a teacher, loves to dream, and go on Quixotic Quests in the Realm of Romance With Life...

14 thoughts on “Two Good

  1. God bless Nainu with all the happiness in the world!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh here comes the terrible twos. What fun grandma and grandotty are gonna have, the mommy-daddy dup too. *wicked grin*
    Just kidding. Take a look at that angelic face. 😀
    A very happy birthday to Nainu!


  3. A very happiiieee Birthdddaaayyyy TWO you Nainu.


  4. Happy Birthday…..
    Have the best Bday ever……………and be Happy always…… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday…………..
    Have the best Bday ever…………and be Happy always…………… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  6. I am overwhelmed by this post
    But first, to Nainu, a toast
    Happy Birthday, Sweetheart
    Of your Grandma, a part,
    And Usha, your love encompasses — coast-to-coast!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy Birthday Nainuuuuu….. 🙂 🙂 Can’t believe you’re two! It seems *two* soon! Hehe.
    Hope you’ll have a wonderful year ahead, growing and learning and playing, and of course, making mischief 😉


  8. Happy bday Nainu darling ❤

    Usha…this post is so so cute
    Filled with twos
    My heart beats in two now
    For grandmom
    And granddotta
    Wishing you both the best of times too !

    Love love the pics…the one looking upto the sky is awesome !

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Happy Birthday Nainu..!!! Your “two” long anecdotes(includes all other articles, videos, poems, rambles, stories and…..Oh! You get the flow) of her is more than enough to make us all fall in love with the two (here to be pronounced like duo :P)….And such awesome pics, too….three cheers to….whoever the photographer(s) was(were)…. :P…..And the look on The Future Nainu’s face once she sees all this….After “two” log later, of course..:P

    Liked by 1 person

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