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The Buoy that Anchors

It’s that time of the year
When this blog comes alive
When loved ones, Oh so dear
Are wished, when them words, here, jive 😀

Blog Tradition holds them threaded
A tradition honoured these special days
Another joins this wishful garland
This one for the Lion on a new trail to blaze ❤

He’s the buoy that floats and grounds
One on high seas, that guides
He’s the one who sometimes senselessly pounds
Madly, in laughter,  then rolls in the tides…

He’s told me, aeons ago, I’m the Right Age
Even though he’s my little one!
Confusion still reigns as to who’s parent and Sage
(Not for him, though, this lion-hearted Sun!)

So, what I’d tell him, if I could, this day
(So why can’t I, you ponder, all awry)
(It’s ‘coz to parent, IT IS hard to say 😛 )
Still, to talk, to write, I must try!

It’s just this – no matter what, or where
I’m good, and fine, because you’re here
Deep in me heart; I know how much you care ❤
So though miles away in footsteps; in heatbeats you ARE NEAR! ❤

(Song LINK, if it does not load 😛 )

A parent (you  😀  ) shall always worry I know
Which is why that bundle you carry
Of concern, anxiety that sometimes gets you low
Shall always, I pray be light and aery 😀

Fleeting concerns, but more on love
Let your life lean into, as you grow in strength
With many a blessing from family and those Above ❤
As you traverse the many paths through Life’s Length. 🙂

May these be what hound you always
Joy, to keep your smile intact
Success, trailing a golden blaze
Love, always, with whom you shall have a forever pact 🙂 ❤

(Song LINK)

Your worry about me, I need you to quell 😀
(Each and every tiny thing you ponder on and nurse 😛 )
Because this mother in your heart does dwell
As you do, in the palm of the hands that reach out from hers! ❤

To hold you close, never your hope to lose
As you, each day, walk the paths you choose ❤

God Bless ya, my dearest Ashwin! ❤
Happy happy happy birthday! Jee le apna zindagi 😛 😀

And Yes! This song too! Soar as this butterfly and roll in the grass like the … 🙂 You are both, sky and ocean, to me ❤ ❤

(Song LINK)

2 August 2015 for 3 August, 2015

Birthday Blog Tradition posts for Ashwin, over the years from 2009 :






Some words are like that, you love to say them, use them every which way you can, and they mean more than their meaning 🙂 Sometimes you need just that word, that sounds so good, and means so much to be able to say just what you really want to. It took me a while but yeah, I found this one 🙂 ❤

Enchanté, in French, has lovely sound, and a lovelier meaning. As is obvious, it being close to the English word too, it speaks of delight and enchantment, it speaks of a special person who delights, always has and who is enchanting, is living an enchanted time of her life right now 🙂 ❤

I’ve spoken too, of the connection we’ve had, her and me (LINK) (That link kind of takes off to a whole lot of other links too 😛 )

She has to be one of the most passionate writers I know, an awesome teacher too, with the subjects she chooses to write on ranging from animals, her pet, children, teaching, the Services, her being part of that family, first-borns and friends, freedom and fun writes, poetry and politics…

Sample this from a post of hers… (LINK)

“Just a request, please if you can , if you have a conscience , fight for OROP, fight for the benefits that are a soldier’s due. Fight for something concrete. The soldier is tired of these intangibles like izzat and aan.
Give him tangibles. His pay, his pension which should match the magnitude of service that he does for a thankless country.

Make the armed forces a votebank and see how miraculously, almost as if overnight, all their demands will be listened to.

I had the same lament years back. I have the same lament now


Pssst… when you have the time, you’ll certainly want to meet her through her words, each and every passionate one she writes 🙂 (HERE)

This year is special for her, special in a way that can be the specialest in a person’s life, when they look forward to welcoming more love into their lives 🙂 In this case, Love came wrapped in gurgles, milky burps, giggles, more coos and smiles that she could count 🙂 ❤ So, it’s kind of like, I’m celebrating her first birthday, this femme enchanté 🙂 (Anybody who knows French, who is currently reading this, and knows -for sure, ‘coz I ain’t in the know 😛 – is to read, and move on EVEN if they find it awful 😀 😀 )

Meggie, Indyeah, Abby, Abhilasha, as I call her, at varying times, celebrates her first birthday, as a mother, a new identity to wear, which in any case will only add to the warmth, the love and passion she has, which is going to be way way stronger with the young ‘un 🙂 His shall be the feet that guide, as his heart is the one that will be held in the palms of his dadda and momma, as they all journey onward through the beauteous paths of life 🙂

I love this picture of her little one, her darling boy, a simple yet telling one ❤ ❤



Happy birthday Meggie dearest! I know this will be the best yet 🙂 May you have so many many more with your loved ones, with all the love, laughter and happiness a heart can hold. And then some. ❤

2 August, 2015