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I’ve always wanted to be like those
Two friends, neighbours, women?
Who visited Kashi, together, spent time
Returned, only to stop and complete
Their never ending conversation.

I have these conversations though.
Inside me head. Endless.
Scintillating. Effervescent.
And I wait, each day
So that I can tell you all about it!

The repartee, the quaint lingering pauses
The intrigues of words,
Playing each other off.

Conversations. Oh my.
Such conversations.
And then you’re there, asking me
How my day was…

I’ve waited all day to tell you
And suddenly, it seems too private
Too sacred, too personal.

Too real.
Too frighteningly real.

So it remains, there
Where I can always get to it.
Inside me. Cocooned.

My day? I respond.
Just another Daisy Dee day!

But the unsaid. It shifts within.
Waiting. Biding its time.

18 April, 2015

Day#18 of #NaPoWriMo – as absurd as it gets 😀