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All the more stubborn
And yet more adamant

Recalcitrant, she sits
Well, if you could call

Lying back on over-sized pillows
Pursed lips, feigning indifference
Expressionless eyes, that
Hinted at molten emotion
Ready to spew from the
Volcano of suppressed feeling

The rumble within
(oh not of hunger)
Indicated the shifting
The steadying
Of deeply etched
Fault lines.

Lines, deepened over the years
From accusatory attacks
That range from the
“How could you!”s to the
“I never!”

Fault lines stay safe
When laved with empathy
Appreciative kindnessess
In the slow, slow spin
Through life.

And we all know
What happens,
When molten emotion
Is cooled-

Upheavals cease
Heat becomes warmth
Serenity pools, clear and sweet
From what once was
Foggy mists of feelings
Quite enveloping-
Sometimes confounding.

The warmth quite
Clears those mists of unreason
And fault lines quieten down

The rumbling ceases.

How can she be

7 March to 13 March (one of those *Class Writes 😛 )

Day#6 of #NaPoWriMo 🙂