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Hi, I murmur.

Hmmmm, you softly groan.

Had a good day? I ask.

It’s better now, you assure me.

Ahan? I tease, Why is that?

You know! He chuckles.

Not really! I prevaricate, Tell me, na!

Mmmm, just that quiet note, smilingly.

Well? I persist, childlike.

For this is no less a game
A Hide-and-seek of utterance!

You’re there, I’m here.
But today, I’m e e cummings
And I carry your heart in me!

Purr-feckt, I say.

And yet, I add

And yet, he picks it up
The day can get better
If you’ll just open the door!

What else is left to say?



5 April, 2015

Day#5 of #NaPoWriMo 🙂
Touché is a favourite word that I don’t use enough 🙂

e.e.cummings is poet extraordinaire, and one of my personal favourites is his “i carry your heart with me…” poem