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So you thought you could pull
Them strings, and be unnoticed?

Ah me! How I wished I could see you.
Even when the much longed for
Grey-ness quite overcame
Both you and I.

Secretly, secretively
You drew that grey-ness in
Stealthy as you please
When it then shimmered down

Quite quite cooling me.
And then, when you could not quite
Keep up the Act,

You let those veils loose.
Wispy, tendril-soft,
They curled around, then

For you to shine in all your glory.

Quite undone, was I.
For, your beauty, it sneaked up on me.

And your envy, of me cherishing the grey-
Quite did you in, didn’t it?

Undone, to each other, are we.

3 April, 2015

The muse, this day, is a longed for shower of rain, and the full moon that played dead, till the shower was done 😀