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Where would poetry fit in
In the platter I might serve,
In the Banquet here?

Poetry? I wince, then, at the tone of utter disdain
That persona within delivers it with
Poetry, in deed. Indeed!

Yet, I refrain, from that knee jerk response
I always make.
Usually in retreat, from such disdain
Even from the self
Though that self be the one
That sends it, arrow sharp!

So, to poetry then.
Or what passes for such like, here.

This here, plain fare
Is but seasoned with
Homely, wholesome, tangy wit
Peppered with self deprecation

But, served with an indefatigable hope
That it will resonate
As it did, when it served itself to me 🙂

Ambitious as it may seem
A scarce month after a challenge
I seek again, with renewed hope

A chance to find words again.

1 April, 2015

Written for a self administered challenge of #NaPoWriMo – an American Idea 🙂 National Poetry Writing Month 🙂