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If your pet could talk what would it say about you? Part 1

february ramblings

Alert: Long, long post 😀 After all, I’m going to talk, and so are my pets! Brace thyselves, if you intend to read on! 😀

I talk a lot to my pets. In fact they aren’t “pets” at all; they’re my kids, and if you don’t talk to your kids, well, you aren’t any good at all!! 😛

I’ve subjected them to endless diatribes on all and sundry issues, problems, rants, and coochikooed them too, all the time. When I go “Tuuuuuutttssss.. chinnnnsssss… ” in a long breathy, happily pitched tone, all hunkered down to get them to tuck their heads under my chin, and wrap ourselves around each other, I know it’s pure bliss! The kind of unconditional, unquestioning, infinite and consistent love you get from them is like nothing else 🙂 Ok, so you get the drift. I talk, as in TALK, a LOT to them.

When I came across this prompt, of a long ago, from Plinky weekly prompts, it caught my eye. It brought me to the other side of the whole thing. In our genteel perception of our own selves, how often we pride on the “knowing”, that we are so nice, so good, so different from others in the way we treat people and animals around us :D! Well most of the time it is true, believe it or not! Still, I wondered. What would my family say? My kids, well, I already know!!! 😛 And we’ll go in that another day perhaps! This one’s for my babies: all of them who’ve been part of my family 🙂 Let’s give them a chance each!

Please also note the arrogance here. That I assume this is what they would say :D! Since they will never get to the comment box, I shall fearlessly advance a level beyond 😆 !

I’ll stick to the chronology of my legion… errrm… my family. Please bear with me, because I am tripping down memory lane, and revisiting all of those members who are now in Pets Paradise too. (If you desert the post at this point, I shall understand, given the imbecility of the rambler who is going to do maybe a mushy ventriloquist act 😛 😛)

Judy was our first dog, a mixed breed, and we adored her! She travelled with us, by car to my grandparents’ place during the vacation, and we left her there, since they wanted her. Sadly, one day she took off all of a sudden, and met with an untimely end in a hit and run.

Judy: Oh! That little girl, rather chubby you know, with long hair, always oiled? Oh! She understood a lot of things. She was sweet (I swear, says Usha, I am not condesplaining… Lol.. pl. refer to Shail’s post on FB, using that word.. She had shared this “…the term is “condesplaining”. This occurs when people tell you what you feel and think because what you actually feel or think is inconvenient for them. It happens more to women than to men. Go figure.” (Christine Reece) I’m not, I swear!!!)
Ok, she had this habit of singing, (yes, singing), that was rather painful, because she was loud, and rather unmusical, and she thought she could sing Vicky Leandros, the Bee Gees and the Abba songs howsoever she wished. Well, that was the only problem really 🙂 She hugged real nice, but her younger brother was way better! He really understood me, and was my constant companion! (That does it! Thanks Judy, you see we got a lot of your siblings to get a byte from, so we’ll talk later, ok?? )

Brownie, the cat, was special. He materialized one day at our home, and stayed on. I must have been in the 7th or 8th, when we shifted our house about 4 km away, near Mekhri Circle, to a place called Rajmahal Extension. We took him, but in a couple of days, he went missing. A day later, he was discovered at our old house! It is probably true what they say of cats, and their comfort zones being places, not persons! He spent the rest of his days there.

Brownie: Her? she was alright. Great petter and under the chin scratcher. Nice lap. She was rather plump you see? Chubby and nice. (God! not again! Thanks Brownie!!)

Bunny was a Black Labrador, and the Apple of our collected eye 🙂 He came as a sprightly energetic pup, and remained the same, right through his almost 7 years! He and my younger brother were inseparable, they grew together, more or less. He’d travelled with us too, by car, to Kerala on more than one occasion. Once as a pup, his tail had been cut, and there he was black, with a white bandage around his short tail 😀 Folks at our native place, where my parents are, right now, used to call him ‘aatinkutty’ – a kid (goat’s 😀 ) Bunny was special. Really special, and when he was about 6 ish, we got another pup, Dusty, a German Sheperd, light brown gifted to us by a family friend 🙂 Dusty sadly left rather suddenly due to a stomach infection 😦 He was such a baby!

So, what would Bunny have said? Her? Very warm, cuddly, and a talker. Gosh! The things she’d tell me about college; I ought to have told her parents! Though she couldn’t be as much with me, as her brother, it was the best, being with her, driving too! She wasn’t told, when I had to go to the Rainbow bridge, for a whole three months you know, ’cause she’d feel so sad, and she was going to have a baby too! But when she knew …. even I couldn’t bear the tears that came! I’m glad that she got someone just like me, later in life 🙂 

Bunny left us about a month after I got married, and went to Delhi. On his most favourite person’s birthday, my brother’s birthday. I wasn’t told till a couple of months later, about four months, almost – no internet, skype, only letters and telephone and no one wanted me to worry, knowing I’d break down. Bunny’s in a happy place I know 🙂

This post has been drawn up from the drafts of three years ago, 8 January, 2012, to be exact 😀 Part 2 will follow 🙂


DAy#22 of RamblingsInFebruary – not really a cheat post, because I am rambling here too 😀


Will O’ Wisp

Frizzy haired
She meandered into their midst.

will o wisp

Did she feel lonely
As she blew in the wind?
Did she miss her many brethren so?

Was she, perhaps,
Taking the road less travelled?

Or perchance-

Did she simply want to fit in?

I simply cannot
Imagine why
That little feather-soft
Fairy-winged willy
Flitted about,
On a hot, burning afternoon.

Alone, all alone.

For the fact
That she saw row upon row
Sprightly young
White-uniformed kids
Goggling at her.

The delight
The utter delight
Was when she
Homed right in,
Into loving, gentle hands

Which caressed her
To music of oooohhs and aaahhhs
Letting her go!

Such a beautiful lesson
The teacher learnt
That hot afternoon!

25 February 2015

At the gallery, with 6B kids, watching them chase and hold and let go a will o’the wisp 🙂 Wednesdays are white-uniformed days 😀

february ramblings

DAy#21 of #RamblingsInFebruary