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The Number Forty-Seven

I guess it’s a pretty special number for those who love guns, for who hasn’t heard of the (in)famous AK47 guns that got a popular film star into trouble with the law, and that too in a case associated with terrorism. The AK47 is synonymous almost with lawlessness too isn’t it? But it fair adds a punch in your life, without owning one too 😀

A little over eight years ago, we got our steadfast steed, a humble Maruti 800, which still serves in the same steadfast manner. The middle two digits of the registration number is – no guesses – 47 😀 And the letters of the registration read … *drumroll*… AK 😀 😀 😀 Can you even imagine the extent of my glee?? So, as is predictable, this steed has been christened the AK47, ever since, and believe you me, it has amazing speeds off the start, even though other cars do get past, in a bit! (more on it, here –LINK)

It was only yesterday that it dawned on me, the number 47, when it should have ages ago. It has to do with the things happening, the surge of implosion, sometimes explosion, the atmosphere of absolute emotion in extreme- it had to do with the number 47, along with two fascinating adjectives that go with it! It zapped me suddenly, those adjectives, in tandem with the 47, making this yet another amazing AK47. So who / what am I referring to, you think? That 47, who I refer to, will now get the idea, if they are here and reading 😀

I refer to my class, the inimitable Awesome Kinesthetic 47 (or Amazingly Kool 47 ). If you have read this (LINK) and this (LINK)you’ll understand the way I feel, a combination of such love, trepidation and anxiety, along with a tendency to grin and frown side by side, laugh crazily with them, tell tales and give them a sudden hug, on demand. Does that behaviour seem familiar? Especially if you’re a mother to lively kids. So, the AK47 analogy suddenly hit me, last night, as I was making them cards and putting CDs into them, of pictures that I had taken of them, over the past two years when I was their class teacher. It was to be a surprise gift- the card and the CD, on their last day, in school before their boards 🙂 Nostalgia wafted in the air, a sense of suppressed excitement too – no exam tension just smiles and free spirited conversations! They conducted themselves beautifully during the small prayer and blessings function we had, after which we headed back to the class, to dispense hall tickets. It was then I carried my bag of stuff in. Murmurs arose… but I paid no heed 😀 Gave instructions, small pep talk, and finally told them I had this for them. The collective gasp that went out was reward enough. No thank yous were needed after that 🙂 So each one received their little card and CD, with strict instructions not to put anything on FB till the end of the exams 😀 Much laughter greeted that instruction.


The Cards they received 🙂


My goody bag 🙂






And then a voice piped up from the back of the class, teacher we’ve also got something for you- 47 love letters 🙂 There appeared a red satin sack, much like Santa Claus’ , which was ceremoniously handed over to me 😀 Was I overwhelmed? Well. I have been receiving receiving so much much from them, through the two years that what I feel at this point is inadequately expressed in the utter and absolute love I felt then. Feel now. Each child had written in his/her own unique manner, and one went like this- “I don’t know to express myself – so I shall let this quote say it…. ” Very clever, but articulate too!

I read them, letter by letter, when I got home, and I cannot name only a few, though there were these slices of emotion, love, laughter and energy so beautifully beautifully arrayed and displayed. Awesome does not cover it. No word does. Just the ehsaas, the feel, a warm cosy comforter, tucked around you, with delightful little delights popping up now and then, making you squeal, with delight 😀 😀 This is me now. 🙂

So, to the 47, the wondrous 47, I had to write this for the world to know, you ARE special, and no matter what anybody tells you, know this, you are the nicest AK47 I’ve ever known 🙂 Apart from my steed of course. May you always have this specialness about you, with the crazy energy levels, suitably directed, and ably used. Stay blessed 🙂

25 February, 2015

For Day#20 of #RamblingsInFebruary, a happy soul posting this crazily 😀 😀

february ramblings


Survival Instincts

The theory of evolution states that those who are the fittest get to survive. We’ve kind of pretty much messed up evolution, so we’ve really done the same to the perceived results/causes/consequences of it too. Therefore, survival of the fittest no longer holds true. Not if you’re just the fittest, if you aren’t the meanest.

It has been a few decades now, or should I say centuries, when you see the pattern of who finally has survived, you know it really isn’t Darwinesque anymore. You might have the talent, the ability, the initiative and the motivation; but when one isn’t sharp, knowing where to spar, seize and slight, you might not survive in the environment. It isn’t about being ‘fit’ anymore. That’s probably why we have so many ‘survival’ courses sprouting out of nowhere, on “How to…” a lot of things.

The thing is, what those courses can tell you, you already know (Darwin said this too 😛 ) – you just need to re-discover yourself 🙂 For example, these 😀
Self confidence. Uh oh, for that you’ll need to believe in yourself, which is kinda hard, ain’t it? I mean we’re so busy believing in everything but ourselves, that you’ll end up believing anything, but yourself 😀 (You, one, we, our… same difference 😛 )
And to believe in oneself, one needs to know something of oneself? Do we? Enough? Except for doing things as told, and not asking why?
So, if you do not know yourself well enough, it would mean the effort of introspecting, and digging deep, as to what your strong points are, and where there is scope for improvement? Ah. Way too much work. It’s better to listen to others pulling you down, or setting you up.
When you get to the nitty gritty and know that there is work that needs to be done, on yourself, how often would you find yourself up to it?
When finally even that is addressed, do you sometimes get a whiff of cold air, from around you? LIke, traitor, how could you change/how could you do this to us?/what shall I tell the FAMILY?/RELATIVES?/COLLEAGUES at work… yada yada yada.

Indeed, it’s way easier to stay stuck in the rut, and go on the same thought-tramlines as your go about your way in life, as those blobs of humans/humans? did in “WALL-E”, than to actually take charge of your life.

However, when you do, you display survival instincts of the highest order. If you have, wow! Great? Want to start a course, online if possible, for me? I have to be the most messed up, crazy-scheduled, time-mismanager I know. The fact that this is DAy#19 for #RamblingsInFebruary, written on 25th, speaks volumes. I rest my case.

Don’t forget to let me know of that course, when you begin 😀

25 February, 2015

february ramblings