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The Loneliness of a Thought

From emotion
From a word
Or perhaps
Just a fleeting
Glance of a razor-sharp look

The raw suddenness
Of an unguarded
Moment of pain
Refracting, unknowingly

The single colour
Of white-hot pain.

A twitch of a
Muscle in the cheek
Lips bared
In the semblance of a smile?
Fingers nervously
To a rhythm in the head
Averted eyes-
Stealing glances
Desperation writ large
In indifference.

All this, to that
Lonely Thought.

And sometimes
From it.

That single thought

To populate a vacuum.

15 December, 2014

Written as part of #RamblingsInFebruary, Day#18
Disclaimer: 😀 😀 This blog is likely to feature multiple blogs over the next few days… to get to the magic #28, in just another four days 😀 Please bear with the rambler 🙂

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