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Burning burning
In the daylight!

No forests, but green pleasant grass
Willows, balls and a whole lot of class

mauka to hit a chakka
And bellow #wewontgiveitback pakka

The Men In Blue
Iced shots right Through

The Spartan three hundred
Equalled their strength as they plundered

The SA bowling, running, hitting
And them doing awesome fielding…

My Oh My! Was there ever a match
When my heart I wore on my sleeve, on a patch?

No sireee! Hot and burning, as they were
As they played, and they simply could not err

Cool Blue
Got the Greens Blue

And us in a fever pitch
But never feeling so rich!!!

22 February 2014

Day#16 of #RamblingsInFebruary, after a deeply satisfying day at MCG, watching India vs. South Africa, which, duh, we won 😀

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