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An eccentric rambler on life's lessons and mercies, found and lost… :)



… in a rut (you think, doncha? Like I do? 😛 )
Except that I’d agree with you
Therefore, without much ado
Let me warble lines, a few.

february ramblings

This February’s ramblings are getting mindless
You agree, I know, that today’s so far is really pointless 😛
Words sashay, meandering, stumbling, it’s hilarious
How the rambler isn’t able to hold up, regardless 😛 😛

So you say, c’mon, let’s hear some sense
And puh-lease, we AREN’T quite so dense
We realize too, I hear you say, you are quite tense
But, well, we cannot simply sit on the fence 😀 😀

Ah, then, I decide, that really there isn’t any point to chase
In pretending this ramble is suggesting any in the first place 😛
I was stuck, you see, and needed that push, needed to face
That there I was, frozen for words, and in a daze

So here stops the pretence
No more utterances in my defense 😀
I promise, tomorrow, better clearance
Of ideas; and till then, I shall do penance 😀 😀

8 February, 2015

Day#8 of #RamblingsInFebruary ; like, for real, I’m not responsible for that post up there 😀 
But I did enjoy having it written 😀