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february ramblings

Ever so often, these days quite the norm I think, this is part of my life. Take, for example, this morning, while on exam duty for the Model Exams going on in school, this word popped into my head. That’s a pretty dangerous thing, jumping into my head, and that too, at moments when my head needed to be clear and all, watching pens scratching furiously on paper. Let me also admit that I had a sudden blanking out as to the exact meaning. 😀 Duh. That is a confession, coming from me, ain’t it? Go on, boo me a little. However, and this part is important, imagine how the meaning caught up with the words, and the words I had to write once it popped into me head. So there I was again, doodling words, while watching them kids 😀



An intriguing word, wouldn’t you say?
A word, perhaps to happen to pass by?

In pages full of fun,
Or maybe sore and grevious pain…

But there, then
Just then

Out pops that word
Taking mark

Holding stance
Happening to chance

Or chancing to happen?
Oh, whatever!

My eyes, they scour possibilities
And my childlike mind claps in glee!

What if I put a batsman’s gear
On Happen, and let him take stance?

Such glee! Such mirth spills out
At such a nonsensical thought 😛

Else, perhaps, there stands Happen
Netaji cap and all, muffler wound about thehead 😛

Taking a stance, and stands triumphant
Happen stands victorious, shout his fans, uproarious 😀

On a more curious note
Were it to populate

A modern day Alice in Wonderland?
No! No! Murder! Fire! would shout England!!!

Or maybe America
Yeah. Maybe. D’ya think? Sorta! 😛

However, whatever-
I must say, my morning’s brighter

Having chanced upon
The word Happenstance! 😛 😛

6 February, 2015.

Day#6 of Ramblings In February. I am so loving this nonsense.

Incidentally, I checked the word, and discovered what I have always believe in, there is no, NO, NO coincidence! 😀 😀