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Driving… Part 2

february ramblings

Nothing ever comes easy here. Not even for you readers. Thought you had enough of the ride yesterday? Wait, there is plenty more on the journey, on that particular road 😀 The earlier part of my ramblings on driving (LINK) ended with the hint of my promotion to a moped.

A Luna, that was, and it gave me the darkest scar on my knee, the left knee to be precise. Thank God my parents hadn’t wanted me to participate in any Beauty Pageants 😆 ; so there I was, acquiring scars by the dozen, till Daddy finally got a driver to instruct me in driving a car. Wow. WowWowWowWow. We, my brother and I, in the meantime were allowed to take the car out of the garage and put it back in, apart from being responsible for washing it 😀 So when one of the drivers from his office came to teach me and Mummy, at the Army Transport Depot nearby, it was heaven.

I knew right away, this was my thing. The Luna and the cycle too, of course, but I belonged more than ever behind the wheel 😀 And so, for more than thirty years I have been driving with that same sort of energy and sense of adventure I do believe 😀 I’ve been certified too (yeah yeah, I heard what you muttered under your breath insane, wasn’t it? 😛 ) as being the maniac safest driver in the family 😛 Oh you might consider me self-proclaimed, but till the younger son took over the wheel, my mother used to tell me this. I do believe a certain bias for the grandson worked in his favour, though they will never admit it.

But some things never change. Other drivers on the road for instance. Like those whose ego was hurt by the school girl on her cycle overtook them, they were manifest in those who saw her drive too! No matter the city, no matter that the joke is always on women who drive 😀 What pleases me more is the hashtag wewillgiveitback attitude, and I have the greatest fun when I look for the expression of some of those drivers that I whizz past in my AK47 😀 That’s the nickname for my rather (im)modest Maruti 800 😀

At Traffic Lights it’s a pain to wait for bigger, meaner, faster SUVs and XUVs to take off, lumbering off the block –  I learnt from the second born, that the Maruti has the fastest take off- so I would zip off,  though in a bit those mean machines would sail past! But, I tell you, the JOY, the absolute joy in whizzing past those cars, at the lights, and seeing those startled expressions is worth it all when they zoom past their offended egos trailing in their exhaust smoke 😛 😛

But perhaps the part I have enjoyed the most is driving with my babies, the four legged kind. I’ve been privileged to initiate the boys in driving, after which we mutually decided they were safer, physically, in a driving school, else they’d have turned deaf 😀 😀 But my babies, be it Chinnu, Kuttan, Appu, Paru, or earlier, Ammini and Kunji, (LINK – read of them here 🙂 ) have been delightful passengers, with Chinnu being the most dramatic of them all (LINK – read about it here 😀 )

Before the AK47 of my Maruti, I used to drive my dad’s Ambassador, in Kerala 🙂 This, way back in the late nineties, when there weren’t many women drivers in Kerala, and that too, in small towns and villages 😀 This Ambassador had a lady driver, so the kids on the roadsides, when they spied us, would shout –dhey penn odikkyunu *there!!!! a Woman is driving* – and a couple of years later, when Ammini arrived, later yet with Chinnu and Appu, all of whom loved to hang their heads out, the wind in their faces, ecstasy written all over their excited selves, the kids would shout – dhye penn odikkyunu, dhey carille patti …pattiiiii  *there!!! a woman is driving.. THERE!!!! dog in the CAR – DOGGGGGG!!!!!!*  – each time we’d crack up when this happened, the kids and I!!!  I loved that Ambassador, that we christened Cherplassery Gopalakrishnan 😛 😛 No particular reason why, except that it was a baby elephant of sorts, and elephants hereabouts have names such as this 😀 😀

These days when we drive, the AC is usually on, as I don’t have anyone to mind the dog or cat, and now they are used to it! However something I am SO SO SO not fond of is the way young boys/men on the roadside unfailingly (this, closer to my parents’ home as I drive there ) begin to mimic barking like uncouth dogs. They don’t do it so much these days, because by the time they realize there is a dog in the car, I’d have passed by, windows up 😀 Booooo to them!

Now, my driving companion is Kuttan, who rides shotgun. At the mention of C-A-R, he’s there beside it, and when you say, Cherplassery? he’s trembling with excitement, making cute doggie noises, running up and down after you, as you pick up sheets to put on the seat… you know!!!

And so we drive away, an excited doggie, and his adventurous Momma 🙂 🙂

5 February, 2015

Day#5 of #RamblingsInFebruary 🙂