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Driving …

… me crazy. While I do the same. The hashtag wewillgiveitback is me, on the road. Quite the maniac sometimes, wearing her driver’s ego on her side mirror. Peace. I jest 😀 You think? This post has been a long time in the writing. It was ambitiously set aside for some “P” work. You know, publishing and all? In, like, a paper/journal/whachumacallit? Good thing I saved it as a draft. Came to mind instantly, as the ideal rambling post for today.

Before driving, was the riding. Riding, to start with, a bicycle, on the bylanes of Jayamahal Extension,in Bangalore,  in the early 70s, learning; falling, picking myself up again. Repeat. I carry, most honourably, scars on my ankles, knees, elbows and even over my right eye. That one is particularly clearly etched, not just on my face, but branded in my memory. A quiet Sunday afternoon, with everyone at home resting after lunch, and me on the road, with my bicycle, trying a new manouevre- to make a U turn on the road without putting my foot down. Try as I might, I couldn’t, till I hit upon the idea of doing it on a gentle slope, a slight distance away from home. So up I went, tried, tried, till I almost got it. Only the cycle was on a slab over a dry gutter, at the final turn, in front of a house. Hoping to cut in close on the corner and get back on the road, I quite forgot to clutch the brakes. Flew straight off the slab, the cycle, and me off it, crashing face down into the (fortunately 😛 ) dry gutter, hitting my right eyebrow, and saving my right eye by millimetres 😀 I remember too, I wore a light pleated skirt, and a light green cotton top, which, by the time I scrambled up, dazed, had turned a brownish colour with blood drizzling down my face. Sigh. Kind hands helped me up; where they came from I’m not sure, but they got me home, and Daddy drove me across town to the Air Force Hospital where I got 5 stitches put in, a swollen face and eye, four days off from school, and a scar to put down as my identity mark on all my documents 😀

Interestingly, my elder son picked up a  eyebrow scar as well, in Bangalore, though not cycling. Another story there 🙂

So, yes, the thrill of riding the road. It has always been with me, something that I know I will savour for the time that I can, possibly can. The mastery of cycling came easy, then riding to school. That’s when I started getting the treatment. Duh. If you’re female, and on the road, bike, or car, or bus, or auto, you know what I’m talking of. Even a schoolgirl cycling would throw some other cyclists, men, off. And for most of the journey, of almost 5 km, the other guy would slow down, allow me to pass, then pick up speed. Harassment? Definitely. Luckily, the joy of riding the cycle was far greater than these hiccups. 😀 😀

The next step was of course getting onto the moped. But let’s leave that for another day. What I always remember is the fact that even way back then, I refused to take nonsense, and lived that hashtag Iwillgiveitback 😀 😀

What is now, was already then. Savvy? 😛

4 February, 2015

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P.S. Shall drop by and read your ramblings too. A few more days please 🙂  🙂