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… is what we are thought to be. Going by the dinning that has been done over aeons, perfection is the unattainable pinnacle of existence. However we strive we shall not be. But, contrary to this belief, we should try. Isn’t that quite the conundrum? To try and be that which you will never be. And therein lies the way the dream shatters in sharp splinters for many. The imperfectly perfect possibility of existence.

That said, do you not still revisit moments, words written before, words read in that moment of angst that pretty much sum up a perfection? Yours? All on the possibility that this is never going to be perfect. And yet it has been. It is. You are. And the best part? You do NOT need anyone to tell you that you are. You know;  that is quite enough.

If you have reache
d that point, there really isn’t any need for seeking perfection. It already is part of you. Just that fact that it will never mark you, lead you or trail you is enough.

Imperfect, I am. A perfect possibility. To you? Ah, there I go again, like you, always wanting to know 🙂

Imperfect, are you?

1 February, 2015

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