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Microblog Mondays 7 – Flying High

The slump in the number of posts here, and the blogger’s visit to her own site notwithstanding, she is here today to tell you of Flight, and the magic it has lent to a certain young man, with whom she remembers, she visited, (he a schoolboy, she being a college going girl) an Aircraft Display/Exhibition at the Jalahalli Airport way back, maybe thirty plus years ago! 🙂


(Click on the picture to read the full article at The Hindu website – Tamil Nadu edition)

That young lad is my younger brother, now Captain Vinod Kumar Pisharody, who has been featured on this blog too, here (LINK) and here (LINK), before The Hindu paper caught up with him 😀 😀 . He has to be one of the most upright and generous souls on Earth I know of. As  idealistic and principled as he is, which makes him a sort of revered figure ( a terror too, which kind of runs in the family, with his elder brother and sister purported to be so too 😛 😛 ), he’s just as playful and audaciously witty, quite apart from being the best amateur professional baker I know; the pictures he sends of croissants, dinner rolls, glazed buns, cupcakes, all with awesome frosting, and the bread pizza… good gawd… he is rather well… AWESOME!

He’s a pilot, who takes you on his flight, in word pictures he creates, simplifying the thermodynamics, telling you of constellations (I shall never forget the Orion 🙂 the hunter, the points, the belt!), cloud patterns and contours, and oh so very very much! This recognition as was his taking charge of his earlier squadron, in my very personal opinion, and that of my father 😀 , nothing to do with the red tape and bureaucracy please note, has been long in its arrival!

As the CO of the INS Rajali, he continues to take the Air Station to greater heights, while he trims, tacks, rolls, and soars with the grace only he is capable of. The words that come from him are worth their weight in gold, and I don’t think we do them that honour enough; I hope more will now 🙂 🙂

Godspeed Vinu; You’re simply the best!

26 January, 2015

Another 26 January brought this, to my elder brother 🙂 (LINK)

Written for Microblog Mondays 🙂 Click on the picture to see what it is about 🙂



A Toast

I’m lucky.
I cannot tell you how much.

It’s not the car.
Or clothes.
Those lovely earrings.
Even the hand blender.

It’s that skin I wear.
Tear-drop soft. Goosebumpy.
(Mostly around you.)

Yet the pachyderm
Sticks, stones, and all that jazz.

It’s not for the science of the volcanoes.
Or the beauty of the seething, molten magma.
Both hurt, in inexplicable ways.

That tough hide helps.
As it filters, absorbs.
Osmosizes. You.
So much.

So that, even in your absence,
In finite and in definitive terms

I still own you.
Because I wear you.

18 January, 2015.

Don’t mind me. I just finished reading “The Fault in our Stars” by John Greene; so. This mushy gooey stuff would not let me be 😀 Most especially this line:

My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.
Augustus Waters.


Two to Tango

yes 🙂 … but definitely balter their life through. 😀


This is the first real post of this blog for this year, and it makes this eccentric rambler real happy to know that two lovely things are part of this blog. A precious anniversay, and the word 😀 .

Balter? Ahan. That is MY word for the year. Found it doing the rounds on FB, and promptly made it my USP for the rest of me life, when I too shall balter the year, to begin with. Sigh. Talk of wishes, dreams and hopes 😛

Dance, certainly the metaphor for the year, and I too hope to be dancing more, to my own rhythm 🙂 Right now, though, I’m dancing to others’ tunes, dancing my way, nimble-footed, books in hand, questions in my head, pens and pencils to write with, dancing away from people and things, and usually bumping into just them as I do so 😛 😛 Sounds familiar? I’m also dancing to the tune of “Old MacDonald”, and “Hickory Dickory Dock”… and baby talk and gurgles. Sigh. *longingly*

*Shakes head, herself out of the blues* But then, this tango that I wish, the waltz that should last for ever, and a day more, this baltering, is what I wish to an awesome twosome who dance to the music of their love for each other. One that I know embraces them, allowing each to lead the other, match steps, sometimes twirl each other artlessly and artfully, never ever let the other fall or slip or slide away, but curl their arms around the waist and bend the other over, lovingly, in exhilaration, flipping back immediately to breathless laughter! Don’t you just love that picture? I do. I so so so do. ❤ ❤

Here they are ❤

Neeti and Ashwin may you always laugh and love each other with the same wonder!

Neeti and Ashwin may you always laugh and love each other with the same wonder!

As they tango their way to completing two years together, they are wished all the love in the world, all the happiness, good health, much laughter, and wonder, always the wonder of knowing and learning more of each other, and rejoicing in it, being the best of themselves to each other!

Happy anniversary Neeti Kutty and Ashwin ❤ , my Chotuttan ❤ May the moves  take you to new level of joy, togetherness and a whole lot of fun! God bless, always, my darlings 🙂

And *drum roll*  songs for you two… to each other 😀 Couple of my personal mushy gooey favourites. Ya know!

11 Jan, 2015, for the 14th of Jan, 2014, their second anniversary 🙂


Last year this day – LINK 🙂