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Microblog Mondays 4: Creativity




Creativity is the most sought after skill these days, by employers, organizations, governments, teachers ( 😀 ), parents (???) – in short everyone. It wasn’t so always, since there was a different set of beliefs, way back: of how it is innate, inborn, instinctual, yada yada; for creativity was thought to be THERE, or not at all, in the NATURE of the individual.

The difference in perception is that now creativity is known to part of everyone, and has to be honed as a skill, not worn to the bone, and be made non-existent, as some school standardized syllabi, and “dinning principles” into the head by grown-ups to children have shown; and this skill can be a weapon or a tool, depending on the situation one finds oneself in.

So, if it is a skill, it is something to be developed- out of the box thinking, lateral thinking, divergent thinking, all these are buzzwords now, thanks to Edward de Bono, Dr. Ken Robinson and other crusaders of this skill, who would have been deeply impressed by my class 😛

My personal perception has been that  creativity is a set of skills, which seem to detonate within, to produce a kaliedoscope of…. well, whatever you will produce- notions, entirely disparate, gelling together in a new and never-tried-before-way 🙂

We had such an excellent example of a chalk holder, in the form of a Styrofoam cup, decorated with pen sketches of smiley faces, which got damaged by a certain young man, accidentally, let me add. So he was told to contribute another one, just as artistic in nature 😛 , and he did.



Hand crafted!



The Joker! Now that is bringing another dimension, ain't it, into the class?

The Joker! Now that is bringing another dimension, ain’t it, into the class?


For the teacher to read, when she takes the chalk, I was told!




Wise? Or is it Wise? 😛



Love this side of the box too!


Enchanting, is it not?

There is however, a fallout (as I have experienced personally too 😀 ) – the detonation has a tendency to disintegrate “discipline” – in whatever way one might take it 😛 😛 The same class has these extreme taglines right now – creative and all – yes yes yes – but the kids!!!! Shyoooo!!! As their (proud??? ) class teacher (who you all know to be the model of everything discipline is NOT 😀 ) what else could one expect! The upside of this experientially-derived deduction was another colleague’s observation that this is a natural by-product of creativity 😛 Needless to say, SHE does not “take” class for this lot! 😀 😀

What, by your own assessment (don’t you give a dayymn for others’ thinking 😀 ) has to be the most creative things you’ve done, recently?

17 November, 2014
P.S. (In school, after accepting that lovely chalk-box, spiriting it off to the Staff Room, for pictures, and an assurance to the class that it would feature in my blog, with the said young man featuring the second time 😛 , the first time being with this one – LINK

Other links: Sir Ken Robinson and Creativity – (LINK)

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Author: Usha Pisharody

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9 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays 4: Creativity

  1. Hugs to the proud teacher 🙂
    I think if there are restrictions in thinking using the “discipline” as the keyword, then creativity tends to take a backseat. If we keep thinking what will others think of this, there ends the creativity process. Right Usha ??
    I love the chalk box and the peanut butter quote 😀
    Also the all the sides of the box too….great work student…WTG !!

    I love your classroom stories…awaiting many more 😀


  2. I can’t stop laughing at what’s inside the box, ‘for teacher to read when she the chalk’ Of course you don’t need that kind of negativity. Heap on the peanut butter, I say 😀 😀 But really, what a wonderful chalk-box is that. You lucky, teacher, you!


  3. Wow, Ma’am…that chalkbox is one of a kind. I love it!
    I wonder who was that ‘wonderful young man’ who made it? (I have my suspicions…)

    And talking about creativity. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a bright new idea (well, except for a few people of the rare species), but when you come across the right idea, you feel it in your heart. (I seriously do not know why I am saying this.)


  4. I’m pretty sure the wonderful individual you’re talking about is Vivek.
    Thanks to your hint 😛
    Your class is creative and I’m pretty sure you know it too….
    Looking forward to the next Monday 😀


  5. Creative things… making up recipes. Writing. Coming up with good explanations for difficult topics.

    I think everyone is born with creativity, and some people have it nurtured and some people have it stamped out.


  6. New recipes..experiments really, new ways to decorate… searching for words to express all that I want to. when I am away from writing for too long, i feel lost for words. as if it is a new language I will have to learn all over again. Wrapping my head around new ideas and defending them. with logic and passion.


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  8. I like the idea of that “detonate within”
    Which itself is a creative spin
    The said chalk box
    True-blue out-of-the-box
    Am sure it evoked many a grin!


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