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For Hope

He said.
It’s hopeless.
The determined lines of
Reality etched on his face
The furrows of an
Unploughed fallow land.

Listing, ticking off on his fingers,
He mentioned why.
She listened.
Smiled, when he pursed his lips

And disagreed.

The Class sat up.
Ah! Now begins the Circus-
Interest suddenly puckered brows
And stretched lax lips into smirks.

She’s going to get it!
She’s asking for it!
They thought in glee.
(For there is nothing that
Compares to comeuppance
Delivered deftly, through a defiant, errant,
Articulate learner
To a nerdy teacher! 😀 )

Face off time.

He spoke; argued, intelligible
Passionate, persistent.

She held up her hands.
Now, he smiled.

Not in surrender, she explained.
The smile became a grin
Echoing hers and
Forty six other grins!

Hopeless? She enquired.
My two cents?
Not hopeless.

Confusion reigned.
The grins asked – can we vote?
And a young voice piped up-
Teacher, a debate?
A thumbs-up, mentally, to that,
She asked for other voices.

A perfect brainstormed map
Bloomed on the green board.

Gazing at faces, now not bored-
Till  suddenly- a thought nudged-
She had an ace up her sleeve-

For the pessimist- albeit realist.
She had a perfect salvo.


(Please watch! –LINK!)

She asked.
And smiled as she left.
Looking rather smug 😀 😀

Sometimes, it’s such fun
To take the wind out of another’s sails 😀

29 October, 2014
(6th period 😛 )
Based on real time Class Stuff 😀 😀